edgar allan poe

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  1. edgar allan poe

    i have liked edgar allan poe since elementary school, when my teacher read us his story "the tell-tail heart" no i liek almost everything he wrote. who else likes him? he is very a very good writer
  2. A few years ago

    I went through a poetry phase back in high school and I read quite a bit of his poetry. It was a bit dark for me but I do appreciate it.

    My favorite was The Raven, which was another one of his more popular ones.

    A poet that I absolutely loved was Emily Dickinson.
  3. ive never heard of emily dickenson
  4. really...

    If you ever get some spare time google her and read some of her stuff. It is very good, at least I think so.

    Also, Walt Whitman who is more well known was another one of my favorite poets.
  5. I love Poe's Fall Of The House Of Usher. I read alot of things he wrote. I've almost memorized The Raven haha.
  6. Maya Angelou was a fairly good poet in my opinion as well.

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