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  2. How can you be so sure?

    Since some survive it, there could be many unknown hosts ;).
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  3. If you are out driving and you come to roadblocks with the army turning you back
    then probably EBola is out of control.
    however your more likely to die in a car accident then get ebola even if multiple cases occur in the US...er...maybe,
    unless its a pandemic in which case the entire American nation will come to a grinding halt.
  4. ''Three American aid workers were separately flown back to the US for treatment and they are all recovering''. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-29470443

    There is no cure for the ebola virus. HOW IS IT that these Americans are recovering? :confused::confused:
  5. After seeing this video, I worried, a little.

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  6. I"m pretty worried about it. The clean-up efforts have been ridiculous (the patient vomited outside the apartment complex. It stayed there for days and then the maintenance man power washed it, splattering it everywhere, which residents walking through the puddles. A health official said he walked through the actual vomit, but isn't worried about it). The patient was allowed to expose many people and those people have not all been quarantined. People have been allowed into the contaminated apartment without and protective gear on and then went home to their families (one man said he is wearing the clothing he wore into the apartment and going around other people). The child who was around the man while he was sick went to school even though he was supposed to stay home (which is why they had to get a court order - but then the people who served the order went into the apartment and had contact while not wearing protective clothing). His relatives were forced to stay in the apartment that had not been cleaned, which ups their risk even more. Very, very concerning.
  7. lol
  8. http://afkinsider.com/72256/ebola-spreading-rapidly-west-africa/
    "The results have signaled a major epidemic with exponential consequences. If the virus were to continue at the current transmission rate of 1.4 to 1.7 people for each newly person infected, West Africa could gain an additional 77,181 to 277,124 cases by the end of 2014, Chowell-Puente said in an email. - See more at: http://afkinsider.com/72256/ebola-spreading-rapidly-west-africa/#sthash.xBYbMICm.dpuf

    IF that was the case then the potential number of infected people coming into the USA
    would naturally increase and up to a hundred people will enter the US with the disease by the end of 2014, IF such a scenario were true,
    of course lets say half of those hundred infected people on arrival in the USA then infected other people etc etc....
    The US government would rigorously pursue containment
    including shutting down ALL travel to and from Africa or VIA Africa, and domestically that containment would increase with
    infected States borders closed to Air, Rail, bus, car traffic.
    Don't worry there's bean counters crunching the numbers now and a secret government committee meeting to
    discuss worst case responses....unless there isn't and your on your own.
  9. I live in South Africa. We haven't had a single case and by grace I pray it stays that way. Even though we are way ahead of the rest of Africa, I doubt our medical centres and hospitals are as advanced as yours. There have been reported cases in Zimbabwe which is about what Mexico would be to the US. Same type of borders. It does worry me slightly, but they've done a great job of keeping it out so far.

    Sweetpea, I think this link might make you feel a bit better. Basically all you need to know about how it is contracted etc.

  10. i live in Australia,
    we had one suspected false alarm in cairns,
    but really I don't think ebola is more than a storm in a media tea cup.
  11. Honestly, I think if people were properly educated about it in most parts of Africa, the disease could of been contained a couple of months ago. Unfortunately the majority of those living in dense rural areas of Africa are not. An example would be the outbreak in Sierra Leone. That entire outbreak was traced back to a single traditional healer who claimed to have the cure. Naturally victims flocked there. The healer ended up contracting the virus herself and died. Carrying out traditional burial customs in turn caused another 14 people contracting the virus. From there it just keeps going around in a vicious cycle.

    IMO, simple proper education and basic precautionary methods will go a very long way in beating this.
  12. Memo for Zoe....

    As a favor to CFS members and staff, since you are fairly close to the region that has been affected the greatest, please post any news details and press links from reputable sources in your area that may not be carried as quickly in international media. Thank you for your assistance.
  13. Thank you for posting that. It did help with quite a few of my questions.

    I did read some information that the CDC says it's not spread besides direct contact with bodily fluids, but the WHO says it can be spread through coughing, and is similar to the flu (as far as how it is spread). Hoping that is not the case.
  14. No problem. Will do.
  15. Thank you, Zoe !! :)
  16. There is a second case in Dallas... a nurse who was wearing protective gear.
  17. I sneezed today.

    Does that mean I have Ebola?

  18. I will remember all Ebola sufferers in my prayers.
  19. I wonder if Ebola is God's way of punishing the world for its sinful nature.

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