Eat your meat

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Boanerges(Inactive), Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Eat your meat

    To see a new animal rights poster scroll down!

  2. :eek::eek:

    but we humans are animals too! mammals? so we gotta be tasty? :p
  3. We are not animals but human beings made in God's image and given dominion over all other creatures. If you get hungry enough to eat someone let me know how you like it!
    Unlike eating animals cultures who are cannibalistic are subject to some rather nasty diseases.


  4. I’m on my way to the annual alumni picnic for the treatment center I went through.
    It’s suppose to be a western theme.
    When I think of “western”… I think “steak and baked beans”
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… I hope I’m right. :)

    We need a smiley licking his chops. :D

  5. HOHOHO.
    Great peeeeektures :p

    Hmmmm I dont think I'll be a cannibal anytime soon,I don't even eat beef, lols.

    >whoamI; are you the smiley?:)
  6. Hey ,that's in Canada..... Saskatoon , Saskatewan. at a Shell gasoline station. Cool :cool::cool::cool::cool:

  7. Yum..... LAst night went to a gospel concert and they had BBQ steak and baked pototoes. It was sure yummy. Oh and home made apple pie.
  8. You are making me drool on myself mom!:)
  9. i want to make an ark burger.... 2 beef patties, 2 chicken patties, two turkey patties, 2 strips of bacon and ham... (i know both are pork but they are different kinds... lol) i think that would be good....
  10. :):p:eek::D:cool:
    I want an ark burger!
  11. or a turduckin (i think thats how it is spelt) wrap a sausage in stuffing shove it in a bonless cvhicken wrapp that in stuffing shove it in a boneless duck wrap that in stuffing and shove it in a boneless turkey...
  12. the funniest board I have seen in a very long time! Well done, Boanerdes - I'm still grinning...
  13. :)

    I posted a funny picture but it had a web site address that I found very distasteful so I removed the picture.

    However the picture said...

    "For every animal you don't eat...
    I'm going to eat three!"
  14. Stop it! Stop it!



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