Eat your hearts out ...... he he

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Dusty, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Eat your hearts out ...... he he

    Two days ago , I bought a cappucino maker and have been hooked on cappucino..... MMMM good with cinnimon on top of the foam. Yum

  2. HHHEEEEEEEHHH that simply is not fair- LOL!:p
  3. What ever happened to good old fashioned black coffee that tastes bad? :(
  4. I guess you haven't heard brother, even bad coffee is good coffee!

  5. Come on over and get a cuppa. Actually this can be adicting . I have to restrict myself to one cup a day.

    Try it Dean..... You might like it ..... he he
  6. Bad coffee? That is a contradiction in terms, my friend! :) As a student, I am powered by coffee. I drink maybe 2-3 cups a day. I take it with cream and sugar. Sometimes I will do a capaccino, but it depends. The flavored kind you get at the 7-11 is almost not even coffee, it's so sweet. More like multi-flavored hot chocolate. But it's still good- I'll drink it! A "real" capaccino or Americano (my fave) from a coffee house? Those are great, but expensive. So, yes to all, but most days I use my own Mr. Coffee machine and Folgers. Add some sweetener, half n' half and cinnamon. Yum. :)
  7. OK, I take that back. I just remembered the dreaded "coffee" machine in the break room at my job. Stale instant coffee, the chemical-y taste at odds with the metallic aftertaste. Wouldn't wish that stuff on my worst enemy.

  8. But like you said , Coffee with cinnimon.... yum......:D:D now that 's good and I also have a grinder of white, brown sugar chunks with vanilla bean and I grind that into my coffee ..... that is good as well
  9. Ugh!

    I want a cup!

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