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  1. Happy Easter my dear friends. As we know , Jesus was sent from heaven by God the Father. The creator of EVERYTHING. Jesus was sent here to sacrifice Himself as the pure Lamb of God. He died for our sins. We were bought by His blood "literally" What kind of LOVE is that!? The best you will ever find or know.

    On this day I have a tear in my eye or many because I owe Him my life, my heart, what ever love I can muster up.
    Because HE died for us, I am set free of my sins. Mind you these are not tears of sadness, but tears of joy and gratitude and thanks.

    Can you FEEL the LOVE that flows through you? So comforting, secure, SAFE.
    That's my Lord.

    Perfect, confident, LOVING, understanding, compassionate, humorous, happy, caring, a FRIEND. HE is waiting for you to come home. Please join me in this very special day to embrace the Lord Jesus as Lord and savior. I love you all and especially so does Jesus Christ.

    Thank YOU Jesus for going to the cross for me/us. Thank YOU Poppy, Father, Papa. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!
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  2. Happy Easter brother Chili... He has rizen indeed and we celebrate because of that. He is alive and well :)))))))))

    Been a while since I've posted on the forums and decided that I must keep in touch as often as I can :)

    God Bless
  3. It's good to have you back ;)
  4. I have only been gone a short while dear sister...........TY 4 the welcome back :)
  5. You are all ways welcome her bro. Your my little bro in Christ. God Bless you my friend from down under hehehehe
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  6. Oh! :)

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