Easily Share The Gospel With Turks

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Craig Dressler, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Turkish World Outreach has a great way to share the Gospel with Turks in Turkey. Simply contact them, and they will send you Turkish addresses and Gospel booklets. All you need to do is address and stuff the envelopes, pay the postage and mail them. Contact Steve Hagerman of Turkish World Outreach at the following email address if you are interested: steve@two-fot.org
  2. No offense my friend but this is a very effectual way to address Muslims. It will take no time for the local post masters to shut this down if they have enough complaints.

    How would you feel if you got Muslim pamphlets in the mail?....Right! You'd toss them.
  3. You might be surprised, but when you are dealing with millions of people with multitudes of letters coming from various points in the West, I seriously doubt if it can be stopped. In addition, churches have already been started in Turkey, and some of those people who have responded to these Gospel tracts like Help From Above have been added to those churches. Lastly, it almost sounds as if you are not interested in obeying Jesus' last command of going into all the world and making disciples.
  4. This is a bad assumption on your part,my friend: I am a not sitting at home, I AM in foreign lands going about my Father's business. I have worked with Muslim peoples for decades, so it is not a theory, but practical fact. My brother works among Moroccans as well.

    I have found the easy way of mail-evangelism not very effective. I also know only of backslidden Christians responding, and very very few non-christians appreciate a tract.

    But if you are utterly convinced it works in Turkey, so be it.

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