Earthquake - 5.4 Magnitude, Southern California

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Pastor Gary, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Did I quote you? Which quote?
  2. Oh, it must have been by accident...?:eek:
  3. Anyway - I've been in two earthquakes in my life. One right here in my home town...and the other one in Vancouver, WA (if I remember right, they named that one the Spring Break Quake).

    I was standing in the kitchen, doing dishes, and singing Harry Connick's "It Had to Be You" when I noticed the sliding glass door warbling on its own, in and out, "wah-wah-wah-wah!"

    Then I heard the rumble, like a train passing by even though there's no tracks. It dawned on me.

    I had old women staying on each side of my apartment...I bolted for the door. "WE'RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE!!!" I screamed. Loud.

    Outside, in the street, all the trees and telephone wires were moving, cars were rocking. And it was over. Just like that.

    My neighbor from across the street and me were the only ones who ran out of our homes. He was from Eastern Oregon. LOL

    The old ladies told me never to scream like that again. What could they do, they said, run?


    Let's see...out here now in the desert what do we have to worry about? Earthquakes? Nope. Flood? Nope. Oh! Wildfires! They get baaaaaaad! I've already lost one house to those. *shivers me timbers*
  4. :eek::eek:

  5. Whirlwind - how about rattlesnakes and scorpions ? Those always get my attention. :(
  6. ..........Could it beeeeeee,............. SATAN!! :D
    (church lady) :D

    I just couldn't resist that one.
  7. Depends on what kind of desert Whirly lives in. High or low. You know not all deserts are the same, right?

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