Earthquake - 5.4 Magnitude, Southern California

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  1. Earthquake - 5.4 Magnitude, Southern California

    At approximately 11:40 AM local Pacific Daylight Time, a 5.4 magnatude earthquake was felt throughout southern California. The quake was centered near Chino Hills, California, and was felt as far north as Bakersfield, south to San Diego, west to the coastline and east as far as Las Vegas. The epicenter event duration was approximately 30 seconds with a sharp jolt and then many seconds of rolling motion. There have been many aftershocks up to 3.6 magnatude since the quake took place.

    Authorities throughout southern California are mobilized and checks on water and gas mains as well as freeways and bridges are underway. There have been reports of several minor fires and some injuries.

    Please tune to your broadcast or cable news stations for additional southern California earthquake details.
  2. It was actually 5.8 not 5.4

    I beat you to it. :p
  3. Whatever the was strong enough to make Judge Judy bolt from her bench!:p


    Good to hear nobody was seriously hurt.:)
  4. Was sure felt. I think I was looking at my computer screen when it started shacking. lol Yikes.
  5. I felt an aftershock last night. Lol, that was the sharpest aftershock I've felt in years...literally.
  6. I have a friend in southern California. More times than I can count I have told her that I think she's crazy to live out there with all those earthquakes.

    She says the same about me living here with the tornados, but hey. I can go down in the cellar.

    Where do you go in an earthquake???

    My prayers are with you all. :)
  7. That will teach them to okay gay marriages!!~!b
  8. We are taught from an early age what to do during earthquakes. If your in a building, get up under tables and cover your heads, or stand in doorways (?), so on and so forth.

    Some people [not anyone in particular, BTW] say Californians are pretty stupid for living on fault lines. It really can't be helped. I could say Floridians (is that even a word?! :p) are stupid for living out in the middle of the ocean like that...but I don't.

    After a while, you get used to it. Most of the time, they're just little trembles. It's only the ones past 5.0 that worry us. Los Angeles has made a lot of their buildings shock-absorbent to prevent the buildings from collapsing. It's not that absorbent in, I think, 7.0 and up earthquakes but it is pretty absorbent.


  9. As CSchultz mentioned concerning tornadoes, some persons also ask me why I spend a part of the year on the Gulf Coast where hurricanes can rearrange the scenery. I just tell them that a hurricane gives a 7 to 10 day window of warning. Tornadoes - zero to 20 minutes. Earthquakes - No warning at all in most instances.

    Hurricane Ivan moved bits and pieces of our beachfront prayer venue inland by nearly a half mile. However, our equipment and files had been transported to a storage facility 60 miles inland 8 days before Ivan hit on September 14-15, 2004.


  10. Same thing for earthquakes. There are safety precautions. We stand outside until it's over. But I never do that since I haven't felt a big earthquake. Little earthquakes, I stand on the doorway to keep things from falling on me.
  11. I used to live in so cal for 15 years. I felt many a quake. The 1 that I missed inI think in 92-93 was the north ridge quake. I just moved here to WA and missed it. I grew up in Cali San Jose to be exact. Well the whole west coast is riddled with faults. Even up here in WA I experienced several quakes. The Nisqually quake was the biggest commin in at I think 6.o +- . I would rather have a quake instead of a tornado or hurricane. But I would welcome the difference just to experience....yeah sounds crazy but it's like a rollercoaster ride, I love it, as long as I dont get hurt. That is where Jesus has my back. TY Jesus for all the excitement in my life. Amen

    I know all this can be devastating to some and I pray for them, God help them please Amen.
    That's why we need to be spiritually prepared just incase Jesus comes for us. We got to be ready period.
    Ya got to accept Jesus as your Lord n saviour n believe it. Confess Jesus in public n He will confess you to the Father. It's so easy a cave man can do it:cool::D
    So I wont drag this on
    God Bless you all @ CFS
    chili out.
  12. Yes, thank you for pointing that out Chili!
    The West coast is full of fault lines - NOT just California.
    Personally, earthquakes are no less dangerous than hurricanes or tornadoes. So, anyone who says that earthquakes are worse than hurricanes may want to look twice...:D

    Oh, BTW, my grandmother was in the Northridge Earthquake. Even though she wasn't that close to the area she felt it all the way out here near Anaheim/Yorba Linda.

    Said that was the worst earthquake she's ever been in. :eek:
  13. My Mom survived the March 10, 1933, Long Beach earthquake - just barely. She had severe injuries and was sidelined for nearly a year. However, with inner strength, she trained for the swimming team for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. She didn't 'medal' but the fact that she made it there at all is a testament to perseverence and prayer.
  14. Maybe you need a good experience so that you will not think that way.
  15. It seems every region has something to deal with.
    While I prefer peace and quite I would take a hurricane over an earthquake any day. You can see them coming and get out of the way. The aftermath is still quite nasty though.
  16. I think its best he thinks that way. We should never have a negative outlook on things or you'll be the first ones to panic and get yourself hurt.

    Earthquakes are devasting, yes. But so are other natural disasters. The best thing anyone can have in a natural disaster is a level, calm, sane head. I dislike being around people who panic when the earth shakes a tweeny-tiny bit.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether a earthquake/tornado/flood/hurricane are better or worse than another we are all going to have different opinions about either one. It's not a right or wrong answer. Depending on where you live you'll have a different view on things.

    Its just a matter of experience. People who've never experienced tornadoes have different opinions on them and people who've never experienced earthquakes have different opinions on them.

    So you see? Discussing which is better or worse is just a round-about discussion that goes on and on and on.......:D

    Peace ;)
  17. Well Pastor Gary's mom berly survived a earthquake. Something to consider.
  18. So what does that have to do with the post you quoted by me?:confused:

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