Ears and Thumbs

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  1. Ears and Thumbs

    My dad and my friend Preston were always arguing like Spock and Bones in the Star Trek movies...

    My dad would tell Preston: I can stand on my thumbs.

    Preston: No you can't!

    Dad: Wanna bet?

    They'd bet.

    My dad would stand up, lean down, and put his thumbs under his foot.

    Dad: See? I'm standing on my thumbs.

    Me: "Oh, brother!"


    Then later on, Preston would tell my dad. "Did you know I can write with my left ear?"

    Dad: You're pulling my leg.

    They'd bet.

    Preston would get a piece of paper while everybody watched. And then, with the tension so thick in the room that you could cut it with a knife, he'd scribble down onto the paper: "With My Left Ear."

  2. :D Those guys sound like they were a riot to hang out with!:cool:
  3. Yah but I'll bet Whirlwind contibutes as well. I just can't see him standing on the sidelines..... LOL.

  4. ;) Wisecracks...
  5. [​IMG]

  6. I'm usually cooking. :eek:

    ...then sometimes when my dad was driving, Preston would say in a high voice, soft, with the side of his mouth: "Raaaaaaaaaay!"

    Dad would pull over to the side of the road to see who was screaming his name. Preston would help him look, too.

    Dad never knew it was Preston. LOL I'd be riding along way in the back of the van working on my laptop, rolling my eyes.

    ...funny thing is, Dad would pull the same trick on Preston. When Preston was driving, Dad would "yell": "Preeeeeeeeston!"

    They never suspect each other, that's the crazy part.

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