Dust off the shot guns!

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  1. Dust off the shot guns!

    I can't believe it's getting to this time of year alwready.

    This..GREAT!..news, just in.

    Here's a classic pic of my girls in our old house...

  2. Awwwwwww all those poor widdle birdies :crying_anim::crying_anim::crying_anim:

    Cute kids though .
  3. That is a huge bird and amazingly, the girls are not afraid of it. I would have been petrified. You have beautiful girls.
  4. Nothing to fear...

    I blanched it, (and one other that day)
    Plucked it's little feathers...

    As I recall, I baked it in a nice butter sauce with orange marmalade and made a nice, syrupy white wine sauce with long stemmed asparagus and wild rice.

    Notice how much taller that 10 gauge is than my oldest girl! :cool:

    To this day, she can out shoot me with open sights.

    (Not with a pistol though. I can still out shoot her at close range.) :D
  5. That picture brought flashbacks from my childhood. Daddy hunted and fished. We practically never bought meat when I was coming up.

    If it's something you grow up with and you know that it's to put food on the table, it's not scary at all. It's food...and with Daddy cooking it, yummy food too!

    Beautiful girls!

    Blessings, Cheri
  6. You know as a teenager in the country, I use to be able to use a shot gun. But now the way they make them, if I attempted to use one, I believe the power of those would throw me back into a wall.:D:D:D

    I remember my grandmother sent us out to snap the neck off a chicken as we was having fried chicken that night. I ran behind my uncle because one of the chickens was my pet. I wanted him to get the rooster; that was a mean one. Well, of course it was my pet chicken sitting on my plate fried:sad01_anim::sad01_anim:. I just could not eat it. :sick:My grandmother kept telling me that "you'll eat it before it eats you." I sat and sat there. Then in the morning, guess what I had for breakfast? Yep, my pet chicken sitting on my plate. I cried and cried:crying_anim::crying_anim:. Once my grandmother found out that it was my pet chicken and my uncle killed it boy did he get a country whippin. Although I love chicken, it took me a very long time to start eating it again. But I do not do whole chickens; just the parts. I know it's strange:confused:
  7. Hey, Chris -

    In the autumn of the year at our Chapel venue in northern Wisconsin, we can hear the flocks of migrating geese and ducks from 15 miles away.

    With a 30 degree F. chill in the air and some gently falling snowflakes, the only sounds that we hear are the winds whispering in the tops of the 120 foot White Pines, the occasional chain saw 25 miles away, the chattering sounds of the Red and Gray Squirrels, the wing drumming of the Ruffed Grouse, the splashing and grunting of the Moose as they forage along the shore, the yearling Black Bears playing in the river and catching Trout, and the White Tail Deer coming down to the lake to drink.

    We have seen flocks of migrating waterfowl land on the lake to overnight during bad weather and the approximate counts are in the thousands. With Wisconsin being famous for Cheddar, Colby and Swiss - that gives us an opportunity to truly enjoy 'cheese and quackers'...;)
  8. That was beautifully described Pastor Gary, have you considered writing a book? I think you have a gift there. "Cheese and quackers"... lol :D
  9. Thanks for the kind words, Cheri - But I was just painting a mental picture of the area... God had the creative talent in making that area as beautiful as it is. God's Gift to us is all around us - all we have to do is to slow down in our busy, earthly lives, make time for Him and LOOK at His works...
  10. Yes Pastor Gary, I think we all need to be reminded to do that.

    Blessings, Cheri
  11. !!!
    Those poor birdies!!! :(:(:(


    Fight back wee birdie friends!!!


    Let the revolution begin! :D

    But really I hope you all have fun and shoot straight. Bag the big one! and all that jazz. :)

  12. I just call it payback for what they did to my car. LOL
  13. Oh I absolutle love Alfred Hitchcocks stuff..nothing today can compare with his works.

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