Dumb Question for Computer People.....

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  1. Dumb Question for Computer People.....

    For the past several days, the virus software on this computer has been blocking an "intrusion attempt" with the "risk name" of "MS ASN 1 Integer Overflow TCP."

    I found this on the web about it: MS ASN1 Integer Overflow TCP

    And none of it makes sense to me except for the part at the bottom which says something about contacting someone for a patch.

    So...is that what I need to do? This isn't even my computer, and this thing has only been happening the past several days. The computer is years old. Is this something that someone is trying to send me? I just got this new dial up internet connection about a week ago. Could it be something to do with that?

    Maybe someone can dumb it all down for me to understand.
  2. It's probably just an add on for software you already have
  3. Dial up internet is "generally" pretty safe, but it's always best to have some type of firewall in place. What version of Windows are you running? The patches are based on the version. If it's XP, then you could just download and install the patch listed at the bottom of that link you sent.
  4. I think it is XP. I hate installing patches on a computer that isn't mine. :p If something goes wrong I will be blamed. Of course....if this intrusion thingy does something bad then I will be blamed anyhow.

    There is a firewall.... that is what keep blocking this thing. Normally this thing only happens maybe twice a day, but tonight it is going crazy.
  5. There are lots of links for patches at the bottom.... how do I figure out exactly which type of XP this computer has so that I know which patch is needed?
  6. START > Control Panel > Performance and Maintentance > System

    Top right should show you the exact version of windows you are running. For example....

    Microsoft Windows XP
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 2
  7. I don't see a link for mine. :(

    I have issues. :p
  8. Go to this address and Windows will scan your pc for needed updates and will know what sytem you are on automatically:
    Microsoft Windows Update
  9. Dang, you're lucky.
    I have Vista!!

  10. Thanks, I will try that.
  11. Ad-aware is a wonderful tool. Pandascan offers a free online virus scanner as well if you don't have a proper one.
  12. I have ad aware and a million other things on my computer..... but this computer is not mine, so I don't want to install anything. If anything gets changed on this computer then I get "in trouble". I even get blamed and in trouble if something goes wrong after I return it-- even if it has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I did. Once the owner had trouble getting it to reconnect to her wireless connection, and I got blamed for reconfiguring her internet access in the computer.... when I had not touched it at all. So, I do not install or do anything on here. I normally do not even allow it to do the updates because I don't want something going wrong and then I am in trouble. I do allow it to run its virus scan when it wants to automatically.

    If I did not need to borrow this computer, I wouldn't. But my soon-to-be-ex took mine and put it in the pawn shop on loan so that he would have money. :( I am hoping to get it back with income tax money. Since all my schooling is on-line, I have no other option other than to borrow a computer, because I need internet access. Going to the library and using theirs is not an option for me, because it takes me about 2 hours a day (or more) on schoolwork, and taking 3 little ones to the library, while trying to do school, doesn't work.
  13. I understand and I am praying for you my sister.
  14. And by the way- there are no dumb questions.:)
  15. Uh, I hope you meant MALware.
  16. Oops and yes!:eek:

    I have to say this also- I have discovered that adaware no longer updates or supports it's freeware program. You can indeed download a new Adaware freeware but it is only a scanner and does not remove anything.

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