Dubstep: Is it acceptable?

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  1. I'm not the wiser as to what dubstep is from that but the bit's I've heard don't seem to be causing me any problems.

    I think you will find that opinions on the suitability of types music do vary.

    My own viewpoint is largely see how it works for you. If something you're listening to does trouble you or give you thoughts you believe are wrong, I'd suggest you leave it alone. It can be (I think more on my one time watching of horror films on this than music but...) that one day you feel something you once enjoyed is sort of wrong and perhaps you ought to leave it alone. Again, I'd suggest you follow your "conscience" if it happens.

    What I personally can not do and believe would be wrong of me to try to do is to try to neatly divide music in to what may or may be "good" or "bad" or what may be "right" or "wrong" for another person.
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  2. I listened to a short bit. I liked the beat. I couldn't understand any words. (But there where some ).

    A godly preacher I heard once said that there are no bad music styles, only demon inspired lyrics.

    There is a CD I use to listen to because I liked the beat, I did not pay attention to the words. Only when I stopped to listen to the words did I know that it was calling God a mean sadist, blaming Him for unpleasant things in life!

    All that was going in past my conscious and into my subconscious! Got rid of that CD.

    As for the track you posted, I don't know what is being said ( there are several highly modified messages along with the music).
    If you like the beat, and there are no ungodly messages below the surface, go for it!
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  3. I don't think that he's actually saying words. I tried to understand what he was saying as well, but I couldn't.
  4. could there be a reason you can not understand ? Juk I know you like to use google - so google the song and I am sure some place out there you can find the lyrics to this song in question.
  5. Why you asking? I have no idea who they are..but is that a picture of a wolf on that image?
  6. I tried to search up the lyrics but nothing came up.
  7. Well, the song is called Acid Wolfpack. I don't think that wolves are evil. It would be different if it were a goat, with a human body. Now, that's a satanic symbol.
  8. Did a google on acid wolfpack always comes to this
    Acid Wolfpack - By Coyote Kisses
    Seems acid wolfpack is a group not a song. Even if you use dubstep.
    Did not look all that good Juk.
  9. From what I googled ....this is widely associated with gaming? On your soundcloud link, the comments are raunchy. I googled for dubstep lyrics and clicked Danny Brown. These lyrics were raunchy and spoke about selling drugs. Wikipedia indicates it is largely instrumental but describes the music as dark in several places. I gather the lyrics are often meant to be unclear/babble. Like any music genre, I imagine there is a range? When I was young (13?) there was a song by the Kingsman called "Louie,Louie" which had raunchy lyrics (unknown to parents) but was unclear unless you really listened to the lyrics. What do you like about this music? I'm curious. (and not being sarcastic).
  10. Well, I don't usually like music with people speaking in it, but it went nicely with that song. Anyway, I like how all the music goes well together and how it is unique from all other genres. And then I like that there are usually no lyrics to the songs.
  11. Acid Wolfpack is a song by Coyote Kisses, not the group. Coyote Kisses is the group, and they make other songs.
  12. OK...I wondered. I'm the opposite. I like to write poetry and have always valued lyrics with music (combined) that moves me and causes me to imagine/make up stories. Since I was your age, I valued lyrics over instrumental. For dancing, I was happy with either.
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  13. I also like to write poetry sometimes, but I think I like it more when the poems are without music.
  14. Not something im interested in to be honest.
    Are we meant to be vetting everything you listen to now Juk?

    Use your discernment. Sometimes beat music, specially backbeat rhythms can mean that even if they singing a hymn with christian lyrics for example, having a really loud beat just overrides it all making it of no effect.

    Im no music expert though, I just know heavenly music when I hear it.
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  15. Juk, its like anything else in your choices. If it makes you stumble in your walk, don't do it. If it sounds good and doesn't get between you and God, it's okay.
    I will say that the edm culture is very lost, they do a lot of parties, drugs and stuff of the sorts, but you can still listen to dub step while not becoming a part of that group.
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  16. I don't like parties or drugs, so I think I'm fine.
  17. I've seen Christian lyrics fit into many genres of music. I think what we need to be careful with is the lyrics in any genre, including, "Christian music." I've heard songs that are called "Christian music," but the message of the song seemed to be the opposite.
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    Hey Brother you are talken to the wrong person here. See like it's the key board, it has a mind of it's own. Not to mention it was a copy and paste. rofl
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  19. @Juk the very fact you are asking is trying to gain permission for something God's already laid in YOUR heart not to do. That's sin. God loves you and when He says not to do something, don't let the flesh (or Christians) tempt you. Be obedient. You've got to stand on your own decisions or you'll be miserable. Whatever you do, do in faith.
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