Driver's License Search - NOT FUNNY!!!

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Whirlwind, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Driver's License Search - NOT FUNNY!!!

    This is scary. I did a search and found my own driver's license online! It's free for anybody to look at!:mad: Sensitive information is all there!

    I was outraged! There's a link you can follow on the page to have your own driver's license removed from the records of this website, if you don't want to have other people viewing it.

    Who did this? Do the people have a say anymore?

    Check to see if your ID is posted on the internet! Better safe than sorry...

    Drivers License Search - National Motor Vehicle License Bureau
  2. I wonder if the very act of searching it may have posted it?
  3. Even so, this is an outrage! An outrage, I tell you!

  4. WHELLL........I've never been so angry in my whole life! I too am absolutely OUTRAGED!
    Calling my Senator RIGHT now!
  5. Being Canadian I am not listed...but I thought Bill Gates license was a very interesting likeness bwah hahahahahahah!:rolleyes:

  6. Ditto..... Do you think we have something like this here as well ?

    Hey seeking , I am going to Victoria in March to visit a friend. Hope you guys don't have snow . I do not want to see any more snow.
  7. Nah..we run all our crappy weather through Vancouver first so it's all nice and wimpy by the time it hits Victoria :D

    We have a saying here..."Weather in Victoria? We don't DO weather".
  8. Ha, it's not even a recent copy. The picture was taken when I had hair.
  9. :funnypost:
  10. Why do I have this strange craving for bananas all of a sudden?
  11. Sorry WW, but this web site is not up to date............ I dye my hair Sangria color now:blink:,
  12. I like it… I look younger. :D
  13. I'll take your word for it. They just told us that up to date report that we have had a record amount of snow for this winter.... 168 centimeters. I have never seen so much snow in Ontario and I am born here. In Feb which is just starting they told us we have had a total if 62.2 centimeters so if I see snow in Victoria, I will be upset.

  14. He he :D:D:D:D
  15. This department has really made monkies of us all!

    Reminds me of an ispirational quote I once read:

    "Don't think of yourself as an ugly person...think of yourself as a beautiful monkey!"

  16. Lol Lol Lol :d

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