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  1. Dream Interpretation

    For as long as I can remember, I've had three recurring dreams - an old house, a hill, and a city. These dreams are always separate. I wake up feeling troubled, and I can practically draw a map of the city now when I'm awake.

    Here's my question: I don't believe in psychics or mystics or astrology or palm reading. I believe we're all endowed with the ability to find the truth through Christ. Not through Sylvia Browne.

    Anyway...am I breaking any commandments by going to a dream interpreting site? I did it last week, had my dreams interpreted back to me, and I feel completely at rest and at ease now. All the answers were right there, the dreams are so obvious!

    I know in the bible (was it Joseph?) interpreted dreams, it was his gift from God. Pharaoh hired him on at high status because of his abilities.

    Should I liken dream interpreters to psychics? Or is this something that's okay.

    It really did relieve my anxiety about these dreams. They all snapped together and made perfect sense.
  2. No, you weren't breaking any commandments...It just may not be wise to go to a secular source for dream interpretations. Many of the "interpretors" are schooled in the workd of people like Freud. If a dream is from God, He will send you an interpretation.

    Yes, this is true. But this is an instance of God given ability. The story of his ability starts when he was a child, and had dreams of his own.

    I would be wary of anyone advertising themselves as dream interpreter...one can't know where they get their abilities.
  3. I agree 100% with this answer. Do not go outside of Christendom for answers on things like this as some of these sites are extremely demonic. Remember the lure looks good to the fish until he bites down and finds the hook.
  4. Thanks, guys.

    It sure did look good! Oh, man! It was a forum, and many people were able to respond to my dream. One in particular, a gal, seemed to hit the nails right on the head. I told her that she had a gift, and she told me that she was just glad to help me out.

    The old house dream - I'm wandering around in my new house, and then I open a door. There's a horror room on the other side, spiderwebs, old rotton wood floors, I can see through the cracks in the walls. There's a wheelchair in the corner, plaster and dust on the floor. The old antique furniture is covered with sheets. I close the door and think "I wonder how I'm going to hide this when people come to visit?"

    This gal told me that I've gone through a huge change in my life. I've moved on to something new...represented in my dream by the new house. My old, past behaviour is represented by the horror rooms or the old house. It's a bad place where I don't want to go back to, where I don't want people to know. She said I've changed, and can now open the door to look back on my old life.

    It's true! I've stopped drinking, I've given my life over to Christ! Before I talked about it, I had no idea what this dream meant. I'd have the dream as often as once every two weeks...and they were vivid! I could smell the rotten wood. I could feel the dust and plaster gritting under my shoes. I could see the bright colors of grass and trees outside of the house between the separating planks in the walls. I could sometimes even hear a clock ticking on a nightstand still in the room.

    The city and the hill dreams were frequent, too. This gal helped me to understand their meaning. She didn't ask for payment, and she was glad that I had given my life over to the Lord.

    I just had a guilty feeling, though, as if I was going to a psychic for advice.

    Thanks for the replies!:D
  5. Dream Interpretation is NOT a science. I speak as one who has spent over quarter of a century as both a Psychologist and a lecturer in Psychology. Therefore any accurate interpretation is either a guess or based on knowing lots about the person or it has a spiritual dimension.
    I suspect this forum you visited may well have people who would claim to have a gift of interpretation but if they are not Christians then you need to ask where that gift came from.
    I suggest it is dangerous ground.
  6. That guilty feeling is called conviction- I speak from expereince.
  7. Our minds take our problems and troubles and sort them all out through dreams~

    I don't believe it is wrong to figure out what they mean.
    I used to dream I was always in a flooded city or town.
    It was so real.
    I discovered dreaming such a thing means you are overwhelmed with troubles.
    Your mind plays it out as drowning in your sorrows~
    the water and flooding~

  8. I used to dream about natural disasters.

    I'd be in the Columbia River Gorge when all the dams broke and I'd be one of the people screaming and running for higher ground while a wall of water rushed down the canyon towards me.

    Then I'd dream that I was standing outside of Madras, OR, watching a wall of molten rock and smoke and fire roar towards me in the bare seconds after Mt. Jefferson blew up in my dreams.

    In another dream, there were fantastic earthquakes. Great chasms were opened in the earth and I was hugging my baby sister and praying while we fell and fell and fell.

    Then I learned that having dreams of natural disasters was your mind's way of dealing with the fear of losing control over your life. At the time, that was exactly my fear.

    I haven't had those dreams for a while now. Thank our Lord!:dance:
  9. Might aswell use this topic for my question, seeing as its very similar. What are peoples views on Lucid Dreaming?

    Now, Lucid Dreaming is a process where you become aware that you're dreaming, and have complete control. Its also one of the first things people learning "witch craft" start with. Is it wrong?

    ...I've been doing this since I was a child...it's how I have no bad dreams anymore. Once I realise in the dream that it's a dream, I correct the situation for a good ending. I remember doing this when I was VERY young...I'd throw a toy at the monster and he'd die...that sort of thing.

    I'd never considered that it might be wrong. I had no teacher, I just realised it on my own while dreaming.

    I'll be anxiously watching this thread for answers.
  11. i had another nightmare,my brother started to bite my neck like a vampire,i got upset and my head turned into a lion,then i woke up.
  12. So you became a wereSmelly?:p

    Lucid dreaming...never heard of that in witchcraft before. I became aware inside one of my dreams when I was flying. I was zipping around in the air, doing backflips and summersaults over the air above my house.

    When I woke up...I was like: Why stick around over my house?! I could have zoomed off to wherever I wanted! The pyramids of Egypt. Easter Island. But nooooo...backflips over my house was good enough for me.:eek:
  13. Are you reading my mind? lol. I had the same deal. Except I was flying over a huge wide river, with miles of pine trees on either side. When I woke up I though...man, I could have had more fun with that. hah
  14. Sorry to burst your bubble but the work by Freud is very open to criticism and especially his work on dreams.
    I do know what I am talking about I spent over quarter of a century working as a Psychologist and lecturer in Psychology. I have had to teach Freud's work.
    He was a very clever person who gave the world a great deal and and there are people who still think he was right but in the scientific world and in the world of Psychology many more think he was wrong on many issues.
  15. DaveS - you makes me quack up...in my dream I had the ability to fly, and that's all the fun I had!? Man, I won't have that dream for another 10 or 15 years, I should have done some exploring!:D

    Housesitter - it certainly is reassuring to have a psychologist on the forum.;)

    I myself would never trust Freud.

    Funny thing is...even when I become aware in my dreams (lucid), I don't change very much. The monster still chases me but I shut the doors behind me with my mind while I'm running through the halls...rather than just disintigrate him with some kind of an atomic decayer death-mind ray thingy.:eek:
  16. Of course it is debatable weather or not it's true. It is just his theory after all...I am just saying that it is a very good read.
  17. I'm gonna check it out then, -j-, thanks!:)

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