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  1. Grace to you all.

    I had a dream that's so complicated for me to interpret

    First one i saw myself busy taking best apple fruits from the tree and all the friends from my village could not reach the tree asking me to take some for them, when i try to take for myself the one that are looking good they will also claim that they are their own fruits i must give to them, i refuse put the best apple to my own pockets and give them the less best fruits. When i left the tree few miles from the the apple tree in front of me there was an owl and i had three ripe apples on my hands an owl swallowed them , the moment it had swallowed those apples the the owl stretches and became bigger, from no where i get angry i used my hand to destroy that owl and it dies it becomes very small and rotten, just woke up indeed it was a dream.

    Second dream.

    I was on the way to home in my village though i live in city current, when i was approaching my neighbour's house big and tall black dogs looked at me and approaching looking very angry could see they want to attack and bite me i asked one of the ladies there whom i grow up with to help me so the dogs don't hurt me they just watched me , from nowhere the other dog approached me at my back/ waist trying to bite me i catch it with my hand i squeezed and bit it. Behold when i look at the back its a big black serpent i had caught of part of the body and the head and it fell on the big tip/ hole though the other part of the body was out of the hole. Very amazed cause my body was very close to this hole but i did fell on that hole. Just realized that i have killed a big black snakes though firstly it appeared to be a dog. Apparently the dog became a snake and i fell that on my waist there was something tried to snatch me though it did nt succeed. Just woke up indeed it was adream.

    Kindly assist here my brothers and sisters
  2. It's known as a "Pizza" dream"
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  3. Hi Noblemen am very dissapointed with your answer, may the Lord grant you a purified heart
  4. T
    Your not as disappointed as I. Their is enough going on in the body of Christ that is strange enough.
    We're not some mystic group, we have been birthed by God, act like it.
    The world is watching, they don't need another freak show they have one already.
    Don't you realize how odd a thread like this looks, that was my point, not to make light of the situation.
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  5. Hi Thandi,

    There are two types of dream according to the Bible. First, one with no essential (due to tiredness, etc. of man) the second means God is warning you or giving you signs.

    I believe God wants you to know something. You are picking the fruits w/c were as you said best apple. you were able to reach them unlike the other. - these fruits come from God and you should find out what it means..

    when you are a few miles - as you go on having with you the apple then an owl appear and swallow them. - as you go on in life with these apples you will encounter a big problem. (are you sure the owl did swallow them?) but you were able to overcome it.

    to be continued...
  6. Glory day;

    This may be hard to accept, but God is giving you a very blunt warning.

    You are able to reach the good fruit; others want the good fruit too, but you hoard it away for yourself; this is not very wise. As the Wise One is always watching; God knows all, sees all, hears all.

    Father God freely handed to you the good fruit that you might bless others; but you are stuck in a selfish rut. If we do not give of the good fruit to others, God will take away what He has given us. The wise owl gulping down the good fruit in your hand, because you won't share it with others.

    Good time to repent and ask God forgiveness of your selfish behaviour and ask Him to help you be a better giver.

    The dogs attacking you is torment to come to you If you don't ask forgiveness and seek God's help; you must seek God, not someone standing near. He is our only true friend and seeking anyone other then Him will bring forth even greater destruction upon you; TRUST only God.

    Those you call friends are already pointing out your selfishness and talking behind your back.

    All praise glory and honor be unto God Amen
  7. Yes, the world is watching @Noblemen and we just watched your own love lacking; &ust because you haven't the gift to interpret, doesn't mean another has not received such a gift.

    They know we are His because we love one another. Amen.
    I love you enough to tell you; love doesn't kick us on down, loves reaches forth His hand to help us get back up.

    All praise glory and honor be unto God Amen
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    Thank you for your interpretation, am not sure but the owl took them, but i got angry i destroy and kill that fowl but i just woke up then
  9. Thank You for the interpretaion God bless, i will repent about i believe is what God is saying to you about me. You know am not trying to defend myself here correction is what i like when it comes on giving on family around me i tried , example i grew up in a disadvantage home when i got work , i build a better home for my family my fellow employees are drving and got nice houses but am behind them am still helping people back home i givee my mother money every month i have cousins who lost both of thier parents and am looking after them mean supporting them, i give out clothes to the people who are struggling around the church i pay my tithe , i give offering, i support the project (building)in church. Sometimes i cant have something may i see my cousin dont have jackect i buy for him if though i dont have it for myself cause he is student i give to him. When it comes to the friend i mean the kids i grew up with in the village there is contention in the spirit remember other dream i was carrying clean water with white backet they were busy attacking me wanting me to let that backet water fell down but i try to overcome them. When it come to these people i cant go far there is the time i was the time i was unemployed desperate for job i asked God why have i done if i went wrong have mercy on me and continue asked him to show me what is fighting my miracle Job. Behold i saw myself in the village these friends sorrounding me and by then i was just graduated from Varsity harrasing me even declaring that i wont get that job even though am graduate, but i told them the same God who make a way for me to study and graduate he will give me the Job. Few weeks indeed i get the Job. am not claiming to be better the truth is that by God grace am better off than them some they drop up on matric some they did not make itfew are graduates
  10. So you provide the worldly stuff and they have come to expect it; when what they need is the good fruits Jesus offers.

    When people learn that one is a pushover, they begin to take advantage of that person, rather then even try to do for themselves.

    Seek ye the kingdom of God, first; He will also provide the rest.

    People are found of God during hardships, crying out Abba Father.
  11. God Bless you Crown Life
  12. God bless you @thandi

    I speak honestly to you, in love, and from experience. Don't make the same mistakes I did. God has given me this knowledge to pass on to another who needs it.

    All praise glory and honor be unto God Amen
  13. Amen my brother. I know this was back in June but I just saw it today. I loved your response!!!!!
  14. I realize that your post was in June. I just saw it and I wanted to say to you that IMO you should pay attention to the advice Nobleman gave you.
    We at times refuse to accept the knowledge that can be learned from others because we are so sure that we are the ones who are right.

    The fact is simple. Your dreams are your dreams. Listen my friend, dreams cannot ever be allowed to usurp the authority of Scripture and there is the problem. We all want to think that God is being special to us so He is giving me a dream. Really????

    Dreams can come from the food we ate that does not agree with us. They come from medicines we take, stress from daily activity and wory over the things of life which does not allow our brain to turn off when we do actually sleep and therefore do not always come from God if at all.
    Is that what the Bible teaches us ??????

    James 2:1.........
    "My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons."

    Peter said in Acts 10:34........
    "Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:"

    Now you are free to believe as you want to, and most people will do that no matter what they are shown, but the truth of God's Word is that God is not a respecter of persons…He does not show partiality or favoritism, and neither should we!

    Why would you have a dream which God did not give to someone else and why would someone else have to interpret it for you?????

    My advice is that if you have a dream and feel that perhaps God gave it to you, prayerfully examine the Word of God and make sure your dream is in agreement with Scripture. If it is, prayerfully consider what God would have you do in response to your dream which is what we see in James 1:5......
    "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. "

    Now, to take this a step further, in Scripture, whenever anyone experienced a dream from God, God always made the meaning of the dream clear.
    When God speaks to us, He makes sure His message is clearly understood so that no one has to tell you what is meant.

    Now just one more thing and I will leave it with you.

    Hebrews 1:1-2 seems clear to me.
    "God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds".

    Please feel free to reject all of this or accept it and grow in the knowledge of God. We do not depend on dreams or visions to learn about God today and His will in our lives. We depend upon God's revelation in His Word.
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  16. Major i really appriciate your word of Wisdom i believe are the words you percived from the holy spidit cause everything you say you have reference from the Word of God may the lord bless you
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  17. God bless you. I only tried to give you Biblical advice so that you can live according to the will of God and not traditions or your own thinking.

    We are all at different levels of understanding and hopefully if the advice is given is in a loving and friendly manner it will be received in the way it was given and that certainly seems to be the case here.

    Romans 14:5......
    "One man esteemeth one day above another, another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind".
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