Down at the moment

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  1. Down at the moment

    Hey all.

    Life doesnt seem that good for me at the moment.
    1 thing, I struggled with Lust, i would just be out and see some female out and would think "wow, shes pretty", or "wow, shes got a nice body" nothing other than that. But i have almost got over that.
    But the last couple if days, its weird, i think of anybody, and automatically picture a private area. I don't know where came from but struggling to stop thinking like that.
    And also, my speaking, I have really backed down on my speaking now, i talk so quietly, soft, and probably sounds like i talk with no confidence or fear. And i am really struggling just speaking in general too, can't say things properly ect.
    I don't know what to do.

    Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and God bless.
  2. Read the book "Every Man's Battle", or "Not even a Hint". Then get with some good accountability friends (other guys). And meet regularly to share and talk about your walk, strengths and struggles. Also Get X3watch on your computer with your accountability friends. And pray for and encourage each other. These things helped me a lot. I have a wife who understands my struggles and we've read a couple of books to understand each other better. If you are married, have her read the book "For women only". They are some really good books that can really help in this area.

    for your confidence in speaking. Just keep practicing. Do you know what you are scared of? or What caused you to talk that way? I know I get that way sometimes when I'm in environments I'm not comfortable in. When I'm with a bunch of the guys at work and they talk about drinking and and having sex with strangers, I get kind of quiet not really volunteering my opinion unless they ask. Maybe your just the same way a little.
  3. This will sound undoubtedly harsh, but I always wonder why people in the western culture spend so much time feeling sorry or bad about things like lustful thoughts, smoking, drinking, etc...

    Whenever I find myself spending too much time obsessing about things of these nature, I think about the atrocities going on all over the world and what I REALLY should be praying about. Suddenly the fact that I had a few too many beers last weekend seems unimportant when viewed in the same light as ALL of the topics listed in our News Forum. The Chinese destroying churches, Christians being cricufied in the middle east, Pastors being shot, genocide in Darfur, abortion, etc. THESE are issues that deserve our prayer and action first and foremost. Then again, this is merely my opinion.

    I don't mean to downplay personal sin, but I have been called to recognize things that just seem so much more important. Please note, I totally believe that INFIDELITY, DRUG ABUSE, THEFT, etc are serious personal sins and must be addressed!


  4. Waslost,
    for one thing, there is no measure to sin, in God's eyes.
    If I intentionally tell a lie on you I am equally as wrong as a murderer.
    So yes, our personal struggles are every bit as important as world news.
    If we belittle these struggles within us then our character as a Christian will soon fade more and more.
    None of us are perfect but we are to strive to be like Christ!
    We are to pray for one another, for strength, wisdom, comfort, peace, knowledge and so on.
    Please don't think I am being harsh because I feel heart broken when I read what Christians are enduring across the globe, and innocent non believers as well.
    But what does this have to do with personal struggles?
    How can we make a rational comparison?
    Blessings to you~
  5. I have had my struggles lately (who doesn't?), but I do know that "all things will work for good to those who love God."
  6. Let me preface this by saying that I'm enjoying this discussion. This is meant to be a discussion and NOT an argument. Here goes...

    If sin has no measure in God's eyes, then a lie is no worse than murder by that definition. In that case, God weeps just as much for the 3-year old who lies to his mother about sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar as he does for a murdering rapist. Is this true? Or do sins carry conditions based on age, environment, understanding, etc? If all sins are truly equal in God's eyes then every one of us is no better than Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Manson, Dahmer, and every other covetous deviant who lurks in the dark. Every time a husband tells his beloved wife that dinner was delicious when it perhaps wasn't...every time a hungry homeless person looks covetingly at those more fortunate...every time a teenager thinks they hate their parents...

    I seem to be very confused about the entire concept of sin! Keep in mind, I spent most of my life as a Satanist. :badidea:


  7. I believe there is a time and an age in our life where we are held accountable.
    It depends on the person's maturity level, IQ, knowledge and the like.
    So no, a 3 year old lying does not even count!
    The Bible does say that if we hate someone we are a murderer and that there there is no measure for God to sin.
    Now, is this speaking of the average person who is old enough to be held responsible?
    I certainly am not disputing God's word or contradicting myself but someone like Hitler must have a special place in hell, in my opinion.
    I do believe that God was talking to the masses of every day people.
    Also the scriptures would imply that he can forgive murder as easy as a white lie.
    I hope I made sense!:)
    And yes, I enjoy these discussions too because I will never stop learning!
  8. Let's go in the other direction for a moment. There are 5 crowns that we can obtain. One is for faithfulness, one is for being a martyr (very few will get that one. I can't remember what the other three are for, but my point is that there are different rewards for believers. Can there not also be different punishments (for lack of a better word) for sin? Or am I missing the point entirely as usual? I have to agree with Violet. Surely there is a special place in hell for people like Hitler, mass murderers and people who prey on the innocent where the torment is perhaps a little greater?
  9. your only young,you have to get past the look of a women.says me who struggles himself,lol.but you need to find a good soul.
  10. Everytime you say something to me, i always have a big smile on my face, because its good and it cheers me up.

    Sylvanus: I am Great today, didn't have many bad thoughts at all today. Work was brill, although i got a bit sunburnt again from being out in the sun all day, worked hard, and very tired.
    Been at church again today for the worship team practise.
    I do the sound desk.
    And the electric guitarist is very well gifted in the music area, and he wasn't playing in one of the songs and he walked round to see how it sounded and he was extremely happy with how everything soundedm he congradulated me and after the song had finished told everyone else and they all congradulated me too and it felt so good inside that i was doing something very well. Im really happy with how that is going. :D
  11. I have also, (yesterday) started helping out with the Youth Group at church. I feel great when serving in the church! :)
  12. B2LY, I am really proud of you!!!:israel:

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