Doubts In My Mind.

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  1. I am 16, turning 17 in one month.

    So I was baptized in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. I attended a Catholic Church but I never yet confirmed. At age 7, I stopped reading the Bible, Praying, and religion all together.

    In high school, some friends invited me to a Baptist Church. At first I felt uncomfortable because it was so different than what I was used to. But after I attended their Bible Studies week after week I felt like I was already 100x closer to God.

    I did some investigating just because I am completely aware of some false Christian Churches and cults out their that I couldn't take the chances. I found out that they believe that Christ died on the cross for our sins even though we weren't worthy, baptism, the same basic ideas of salvation, the KJV which I do prefer, confessing and repenting of our sins etc.

    I finally became baptized in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit and was able to take on several jobs including: junior preaching, cleaning the church, teaching the kids, singing in the choir etc.

    I eventually joined their camp and that experienced totally changed me that I always have to remember that the camp didn't change me but the Almighty God in Heaven worked in me. I hunger for God's Word, prayers, devotions, worshiping, praising and glorifying His name in songs and in prayers. I feel like this has changed me and the course that God truly wants me to follow.

    The youth is also very helpful, understanding, and seem to have a very personal relationship with God. I truly did bond with them and we've been through many tough times.

    The problem starts at conflicting thoughts in my mind. First I started to believe that I know that my first baptism washed me of the original sin and allowed the Holy Spirit to dwell in me and that the second baptism was more of a confirmation at best, or in other words, a public profession of faith, and for church membership which was the least of my worries. They also use grape juice for Communion rather than wine which I truly believe we should use wine. I also believe that the bread and wine actually becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ but they do not.

    My deal is that I don't want to leave a church in which I was able to praise and glorify God so much that if I go back to a Catholic Church, I wouldn't be able to show my emotions towards God as I did in the Baptist Church. They also provide rides to go to church for those that don't have transportation, including me. I wouldn't mind taking the bus because it is all for the Glory of God. It would become a several mile obstacle in which I would have to worry about the bus times and being late when I could just be worshiping God on time.

    The Baptist Church consists of probably 99% Catholics, at first glance, who came to that church so I can see how the Baptist Church has many similarities. I also stay at church from 8-5; however I know that works do not get you saved, I am just merely stating a fact. I also learned from the preacher that the name of the Church, "Baptist", really doesn't imply that they are baptist but is just simply a name they call themselves. Which I can kind of understand because I don't see too much churches simply called a Christian Church or at least in my area.

    I just hold onto both beliefs of Catholics and Baptists that I'm thinking of going to the Catholic Church simply for Communion and maybe confess to the priest to let it all out once a month or so and mainly attending the Baptist Church during the majority of Sundays.

    I have prayed on this and I am just excited for God to show the path that I may be able to walk alongside Him in His will that He may be able to work within me.

    SIDE NOTE: I do not consider myself a Baptist, but rather a Christian who holds onto some beliefs of the Catholic Church and some beliefs of the Baptist Church. I just don't favor having to be pulled in two different religions when I should be focusing on the Heavenly Father above. This may not seem like a problem to some but right now my mind is clouded and that isn't a good sign.

    God Bless You All and please pray for me as I get through this endeavor. I am also happy to pray for you guys too.

    ~Soldiers in Christ~
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  2. Good for you. I wouldn't worry about it. Lean on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide you. You have a fire for the Lord and so now it's time to put it into practice by trusting He'll guide you. God never intended there to be so many denominations. Keep in the word of God and in prayer and sensitive to His teachings to YOU and you'll do just fine. The rest is just gravy. Ask yourself, if Jesus were alive today, what would be His denomination? NONE! He'd go where the Spirit leads Him because God is only interested in heart transformation, not behavioural modification. Go where God leads, and remember:

    Psalms 37:23 (KJV)
    The steps of a [good] man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

    Take it one obedient step at a time! God bless!

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  3. It is sad that you're having doubts over such menial things. I went through the same thing though so I can understand where you are coming from. I suggest becoming objective to your experience with the Catholic church and praying and reading the bible a lot and researching your questions/doubts in order to strengthen your faith. It seems to me that God has been blessing you lately and from what you've said it doesn't seem like when you went to the Catholic church you were getting much blessings. I think God is making it pretty obvious for you on which one to stay at.
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  4. Though I don't know what you should do about the church situation, I do hope you know that no matter where you go to church, if you truly believe what you have clearly expressed you will be saved. You are His.

    Hope you can get things figured out. God bless!
  5. I find this all very interesting and personally fitting to my day.
  6. YOU are the Church if you are a born again saved child of God. It sounds as if your 'faith' and 'religion' are contending with each-other.

    Seek out God's religion, not man's. Where are you being used? Are you involved in ministry at the 'Baptist' church? If so; have you sought counsel in prayer and with the Pastor and elders about your position? Maybe God is telling you to move?

    But don't forsake your Brothers and Sisters in Christ over 'feelings'. Seek and you will find, but don't seek alone. Test God....

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