don't teach two of every animal: ark

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  1. There is this ignorant view that two dogs, two cats, two giraffes, two etc of every animal went onto the ark,
    scripture does not say that,
    it says,
    7 pair of clean animals, for example 7 pair of sheep, 7 pair of cows etc
    and 2 pair of unclean animals, eg pigs etc
    and 7 pair of birds, 7 pair of doves, 7 pair of kingfishers, 7 pair of storks etc.
    People get the idea because
    its a male and female so they assume its only one pair of a male and female so
    they put two and two together and get the wrong answer.
    And often its sunday school teachers trying to get kids to see pretty pictures that are
    scripturally inaccurate, then those kids grow up with a false impression which is then
    taught as a mythical fantasy to atheistic society.
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  2. That's a lot of animals.
  3. Why didn't Noah's family eat more fish while on the ark?

    He only took two worms.

    This post made me remember this joke.
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