Don't Take It So Seriously

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  1. Hello everyone and firstly apologies again for my lack of input over the past few weeks. We have been on holiday and I'm just catching up now, just so good to be back among you so I thought I'd share a little thought.

    I remember a story about DL Moody, he was just about to preach and a man walked up to him and passed him a note as he walked up on stage. The note said "FOOL!". In his typical DL way he stood up and said - "I am very used to receiving horrible messages with no signature but this note has a signature with no message!".

    I wouldn't advise we use this tact in every situation but I hope you know what I mean. Despite the hate, DL made light of it and was all the stronger for it. At times we're so quick to react and defend when sometimes, if we just take a step back, allow the Lord to soften our heart, we can find we can make light of even the toughest criticism....
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  2. Good to have you back around :)
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  3. One time, I read a post on another forum and was completely incensed. I took some time to just swallow what had been written, doing a little housework before answering. When I finally came back, I reread the post. Oddly, I saw it in a completely different light. It was not at all what I had first read into it. Was I ever glad I walked away, taking some time.
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  4. Hey Tez, thanks for taking the time to post, i hope you're well. Yes I do tend to word messages like that as carefully as possible highlighting the 'I wouldn't use this tact in every situation', I must admit I just liked it, even if we make light of a terrible comment thrown in our direction on the inside then I'm sure it will do us a lot of good. Good to be back, I missed you Tez!
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  5. Thanks David I really appreciate it. I think we'll be back on a little more now so I hope for some good fellowship soon....

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