Don't Let Your Eyes Fool You

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Warren-Michael Ferguson, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Your faith is your true eyesight when it comes to serving God. Your physical eyes will fool you and make you loose faith. That is why the Word says "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God" Rom. 10:17, and "We walk by faith and not by sight (phsical sight) 2 Cor. 5:7. God wants us to believe the Word of God, and then not just believe, but know that the Word is true. I have been through so much but I come to realize that without faith I can't even satisfy God, or please Him Heb. 11:6. So I need faith just to connect with Jehovah God, then believe the Word to activate God's presence to enjoy the covenant promises He gave us through Father Abraham. Don't let the devil, or your eyes fool you, the world would say "don't let the smooth taste fool you". Walk by faith and God will show you your covenant place in Him, and fulfill His promises in you just because you said you will believe and stand on God's Word for no reason at all; just God said it I and you believe it and that setltles it for us, yes it is settled!
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  2. I like this guy already. We have so many doctrines based on mans failure and what they have seen. Not based on What God said.

    Hearing one older man tell his story about how his son died at 43 and they prayed and prayed but said it was not the Lord's will to heal him.

    We determine the Will of God before the Outcome, not after the Outcome.
  3. Amen, I pray for that father that he will keep on keeping on in His mighty Name, and carry on the work of Jesus Christ and not get depressed to the degree he forgets who he is and what he is suppose to be doing for the Lord. There is still a work to be done here and that father is needed for his current family as well as others.
  4. Welcome. I like your introduction. I hope that you bless and are blessed by many here.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  6. Thank you and God bless you also in the Great Name of Jesus Christ.
  7. Thank you and God bless you also in the Great Name of Jesus Christ.
  8. Welcome aboard! It is nice to see a vibrant new face! :)
  9. Thank you and God bless you
  10. Hellooooo Warren my brother from another mother. Welcome to CFS. All ways good to see a new face around here :)

    I like your intro. God Bless you sir

    Chili out.
  11. Thank you brother from another mother, lol. And God bless you and your family in Jesus Name, take care man.

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