Don't Be This Guy

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  1. This is the person who shouts at the right time and knows how to talk God Talk and can quote scriptures while brushing his teeth.

    But when calamity hits , he is found crying out to God why me, why does this happen to me. It's not right. Don't you even care......

    Yep head knowledge, about as useful as a rain coat in the shower when it comes to walking from victory to victory.


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  2. There is more truth to this then most care to believe.
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  3. The written word of God says If You Believe but it does not stop there.
    It goes on to say Believe in Your Heart and says If You don't doubt in your heart.

    So reader take note.....there is different types of believing and only one will get the desired results you seek through the written word of God.

    Folks this is not something I am making up. This is what God says in His written word. See it does not matter if a million people think differently . .... it does not change the way of God and if you want to see the results He has promised through His word then you are going to have to do it His Way.

    Note to reader
    Find out the difference between
    Head Faith and Heart Faith
    It changes everything.
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