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  1. When we donate, can we have a different color than yellow?
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  2. I am sorry, I cannot change it for one person. If there are more members requesting color change from yellow, then I will definitely look into it. Is it not a good color? :rolleyes:
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  3. I love puce, myself! Just kidding!
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  4. I love blue. That's why CFS is blue. :D
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  5. Thank you Jeff for the response. I vote for a blue banner. I will rally up the members.
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  6. Blue is an awesome color.I vote blue.
  7. I like mellow yellow. it matches the I in Chili LOL
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  8. How about a rainbow color for WitM?
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  9. blue wuld be cool
  10. Wow, blue has a lot of supporters. What type of blue? What about the ladies? :)
  11. [​IMG]hehehehehe I still like this 1 :)
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  12. A darker shade of blue would be nice.
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  13. I'm still new so I'm not sure what's being discussed but I like blue better than yellow! :D
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  14. Pink I say. Pink! lol
    But seriously, blue is nice.
  15. This is interesting because pink isn't such a bad color, but it is associated with girls so no guy will pick it. It's kind of weird how blue has always been a color associated with boys and pink with girls, I mean they're just colors when you think about it. I'm actually fine with pink. It's crazy how much society dictates what we think about something.
  16. I'm also ok with pink. Any guy who thinks it is sissy is a sissy. :D
  17. I know right. Oh well.
  18. Blue would be fine. Cornflower or Indigo would be best.
  19. blue works. the color blue that harry wears on his tuxedo in dumb and dumber, it's only fitting

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  20. What about those who would like to be a contributor but do not want a banner saying they contribute? That banner really would bother me.

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