dog vaccines

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  1. dog vaccines

    i have read ,the vaccines do no good for your pet,and that infact the opposite,also that dog food isn,t as nutricious as people think.?anybody got any info if this is true or false.?
  2. I have worked in animal rescue for over 10 years and I can tell you the vaccines make a big diferance. The prevent a lot of spread of disease and save many animals lives. Not to mention saving peoples lives as well, rabies has no cure and controling its spread is very crucial.
    There is no perfect dog food in my opinion but there are some that are definitly better then others. A bit of research and you will be able to learn the differance. There is a lot of online infor on dog foods.
  3. Well, with any vaccinations it is a win/win situation. Viruses and diseases are known to mutate so at many times vaccines must be updated because of mutations in certain diseases.

    Dog food is also an if and but situation. My dog is a 13 year old Carin terrier mix with a sensitive stomach who needs a low-fat, low-sodium diet or he'll get a really bad case of diarrhea (and when I say really bad I mean - really bad). I know it is a pain at times but I cook for my dog plus give him specific and reliable brands of dog food; I usually make either sausage, gizzards, liver (it stinks but you get used to it), brown rice with green peas/carrots, chicken breasts, or turkey, switching up after three days. It keeps him at a reliable weight and he is also healthy, happy, no bad bones, really nice coat, so on and so forth. He also likes to steal the bird seed from the bird feeder so he gets some good seed-based oils in his coat to keep him from having bad dandruff.

  4. LOL..I love your post.

    My dog is 13 also and i often cook for her also as she too has a sensitive system and is prone to bladder stones. I had to laugh when yo said your dog steals from the bird feeder. My dog loves bird seed and squirel food and will always go hoovering around were the feeders are to look for little morsels she can snag up:) Gotta love them old furbabies:D
  5. Hee hee, thanks! :)

    It's good to know there are other dog owners out there that cook for their pets. I felt like I was the only one - ah!

    I've been feeding birds around eight to ten years or so, and we have numerous birds that come back every season. So, when my dog, Ozzie, moved in with us to our new place, we had to start giving him the bird seed from the feeder so he wouldn't chase the birds. Now he lets the sparrows and finches come and drink from his water bowl when he is sitting right there. It's hilarious!

  6. I have heard of this kind of diet from my Philpino friends. They also cook for the dog. In nature wild animals change up their diet to balance their system..guided by God of course. Eatin "OL ROY" dog food forever has got to take a toll. Even my Iguana changes up every couple weeks from dry cat food to veggies then fruit. She is very healthy and is 12 years old, has layed 2 clutches of eggs first 1 at 64 eggs and the 2nd at 54. I had to eat em all cuz I didn't know what to do with the babys! Tast like chicken eggs. :) Now that is funny!! hehe but it's true. Chili out
  7. Yeah, the regular meat, proteins, starches, and vegetables we give him help him have a balanced diet. I sometimes also give him a little pasta (macaroni usually) with some meat so that he doesn't get bored with the food and stops eating it. Another meal I give him is to go the butcher's, get a large bone with the marrow, boil it, season it with a little garlic and/or low-sodium beef or chicken stock, and even vegetarian substitute flavoring, and give it to him. The marrow is really good for him and replaces any other marrow he might have lost. He's one happy dog! :D

  8. Hey thar, Smellycat - I've had critters in and out of the place here fer 40 years and I'm sayin' that without regular vaccinations and shots and stuff, none of my dogs would have lived as long as what they done.

    Always a good idea ta follow the vet's suggestions...


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