Does God Want Everyone Healed?

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  1. So I know healing is being talked about on the Joyce thread, just thought we could do something here about the discussion. The debate is does God want us well and if so why aren't Christians being healed all the time or for that matter like Major had said, why aren't hospitals being cleared out with healing. So far there are two sides to this discussion.

    God allows us to go through death, sickness etc... for his Glory or to make us a better Christian or God wants us well and it is our faith that prevents us from receiving the supernatural healing of God.

    Does God cause illnesses in our lives to test us or does this come from Satan and nature taking its course?

    I would like people to present their case with scripture and maybe real world situations that you have encountered. After some nice discussion and everyone presenting their case others that are stuck in the middle of this can take the info, pray about it and see what God tells them. I believe there are versus that support both sides, I just don't want heated arguments about it. Let people ask questions from both sides and have a good debate. Thanks.
  2. God's will for his children will be done. Whether that is sickness, or health, life or death, but it will all be for their own good.

    Sorry I didn't look for scripture, I just know that because of Romans 8:28. He can Chastise us sometimes, and strengthen and test us not only for ourselves but for the sake of another's faith.
  3. Most of the time I think it's lack of faith. Listen to how anyone talks and you can see how much faith they have. None. Without listening to what Jesus said about his disciples, we would think his disciples had a lot of faith, but we know they didn't based on what Jesus would say about them. Every time the disciples couldn't cast out someones demons (that may be causing blindness, dumbness etc), or walk on water or some miracle, what was Jesus's answer? It was never because, "Well thats just what God wants." His answer to them was ALWAY because lack of faith.

    However, we do have the time where Paul was praying for himself to have a thorn removed, and God gave him a different answer. I think in this situation it was because of a few things
    1. Paul says to keep himself from becoming conceited.
    2. Normally when we heal someone it's to glorify God, and show his power. In Paul's situation God says this, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
    3. "When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures."

    What is faith? Trusting in God. If we are always trying to heal ourselves then how do we trust in God in those situations? And how is that faith? We should be more like Paul.

    Healing others though, I think would be to glorify God, and show his power. And not being able to heal others would be based on lack of faith.

    Just my humble opinion.
  4. Think about it like this.. As a parent how would you respond to your child asking for things all the time, verses your child asking you to help others. One is going to spoil your child.
  5. I believe Paul was being persecuted and a demon was causing this unrest to happen. Paul was constantly being persecuted and was also stoned and left for dead. Paul was asking God to take away the persecution he was under when preaching the Word of God.
  6. Yeah I agree it does say Satan was allowed to torment him in that passage. And that was part of my point, which was when we heal others it is to glorify God. And what you're saying also makes sense because scripture says we are to be persecuted and we glorify God through that and receive blessing.
  7. I agree with you that healing others Glorify God but I feel He wants us healed as well.
  8. So, here is my personal scenario. I have been dealing with an ailment for over 7 years which I have to take medicine for. If I don't take my medicine I start going through withdrawal among other things. My ailment is not life threatening and I have prayed in the name of Jesus that it be taken away and it has not. I have to now lean on the medicine when I really don't want to, I want to lean on Jesus and humble myself before Him so that He can rid me of my issue. Now, since I still have my ailment, is it because I lack faith or something else?
  9. One thing I have understood is belief and faith are two different things. It is like this, I have faith God can heal me, but do I believe he has already healed me? I am by far not the most knowledgeable on this subject. Have you had someone pray with you on your ailment?
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    I've experienced a bit of sickness where I think God was completely at work behind it, or at least working it all together for good. I had gotten myself wrapped up in some patterns of sin in recent years like the dog returning to its own vomit and tried to block God out of my mind. Then I began to notice some strange emotional and physical symptoms about six months ago. These slowly grew progressively worse and strangely enough in the exact areas and types of things that after a few months finally caused me to break down before God and beg for forgiveness and for him to restore me. And He answered that prayer immediately. He took away all those sinful things for me again and restored in me a yearning for Him and Holy Scripture. My energy levels are quite low, but I really feel God is restraining or slowing the healing for my own protection, since I simply do not have the energy to engage in those sinful behaviors right now.

    [ I misread the order of some of the words in the first post that put me on the wrong track so I updated my post :) ]
  11. Thanks for the post. First off this is on Healing not Curses :) just trying to keep it on track. Paul's thorn wasn't an injury or sickness though, it was persecution.
  12. I could only think of the two scriptures I posted, but I'm open minded about.

    And I guess Paul, who had a very good understanding of scripture, thought there was a chance he would be healed and that's why he prayed it.

    So I guess unless God tells us directly no, then we should expect to be healed.
  14. That is where faith and belief comes in. Lets say we pray for healing. Gods promise is it is already done, but does that mean the healing is instant or will we need to wait a day or a week or longer? I believe there are things that can keep the healing from us. Unbelief from others could possibly be a hindrance. Our faith after a few days when we don't see any manifestation? Even though we pray for healing and we have faith we are healed we need to continue to praise God for the healing He has performed. When I prayed for healing with my marriage I continued to praise the Lord and thanking him for saving my marriage. My wife had plenty of doubts and mocked me once. I didn't get discouraged and continued to stay positive and constantly told her God already saved the marriage. I even had a pastor tell me it was over between us. I rebuked His unbelief and continued to praise God. My wife had her bags packed and was ready to go. Two weeks later she told me she loved me and wasn't going anywhere. I know this isn't an illness type of healing but it is along the same thinking.
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  15. Interesting that Abraham prayed for a man to have babies and God healed the situation, yet Abraham was still waiting on his promise on the same issue. That's the first example of healing in the scriptures! I say believe God and His goodness, Abraham waited many years and it is written he did not consider the weakness of his own body... Learn the grace of God and then you will understand that healing can come in many ways...But always trust God. I have family members that I know are not in a position to receive "healing" in a super-natural way...But I have seen God answer so many prayers in regards to their health. God will meet folks where they are able to believe and trust Him....some folks cant believe divine healing, but they need to trust God through other ways. Be honest about your faith and the place where you REALLY BELIEVE that God will work. And don't be so prideful that you wont go to those who have entered into higher realms of faith than you.
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  16. Pray, but at the same time, know who you are in Christ---a son of God, and have been given Jesus' authority over this thing. Speak (out loud, as your words of faith and belief have GREAT power) to the ailment and tell it to leave, that it has no right to be there, that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and it doesn't belong there. Be consistent in commanding it to leave. It will go. Hold to your faith and your God-given authority, and choose to believe in the end result, and watch things change. Will it happen overnight? It could, but if it takes time, that is no measure of lack of faith. In fact, the more persistent and consistent you are reveals strong faith---the kind that pleases God.
  17. Does God want everyone saved?
  18. Read my original post. Explains what this thread is about.
  19. I understand completely what you are asking. The answer to your question is the same answer you will come up with if God wants everyone saved.
  20. 10 Reasons God Wants YOU Well…

    10. The Bible says that His Name is Healer (Exodus 15.26) – it is important to God that He is always faithful to His name.

    9. Jesus wants us to enjoy life in abundance, and if you are sick you cannot be living life to the full. (John 10.10)

    8. God created Adam sickness free and declared that it was good that man was healthy (Genesis 1.26ff)

    7. In heaven there is no sickness (Revelation 21.4), and we are told to pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matt. 7)

    6. In Deuteronomy 28, sickness is a curse and health is a blessing and Galatians 3.13-14 says we are totally set free from the curse and we have the blessing. Sickness has not suddenly moved to the blessing side!

    5. Jesus said healing is the children’s bread (Matt. 15.22-28), and we are the children of God (John 1.12)

    4. Jesus went around healing the sick and doing good (Acts 10.38) and Jesus has not changed (Hebrews 13.8)

    3. Jesus Christ carried our sicknesses and our diseases on the cross (Matt. 8.16-17) and we should not carry something that He carried for us.

    2. Six one syllable words that it would take someone to help you misunderstand and misinterpret their plain and simple meaning: By His Stripes, We Were Healed (1 Peter 2.24)

    1. The number one reason I know God wants you well is that you are beloved of the Father, and if you ask your Father for bread He will not give you a stone (Luke 11.11). It is that simple: God loves you as a Father and every Father would want their child to be well. That is just a fraction of how much God wants you to be well.

    All you have to do is believe and receive (Mark 11.23-24) and you can enjoy divine health for the rest of your life.

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