Does God Punish People For Some Bad Things?

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  1. I have a lot of intrusive thoughts about Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit too, and sometimes it feels like these intrusive thoughts are intentional even though I don't want to think or say anything bad about Him, but these intrusive thoughts just keep coming. And nowdays, I keep getting this bad luck that I accidentally bite my lips or tongue often, or I trip on something and fall on the floor, or my toe hits a corner, and other small accidents that hurt physically, and I wonder that if God is doing these things just to punish me...

    Do you believe it's God that is punishing me like that?

    Also, I always get this problem once a week that I cannot sleep at all even if I am tired. Last night I couldn't sleep at all because first the demons were abusing me again and then my cat wanted to come to sleep sticked to my legs that it's difficult to move, and then the demons left, but first I fell asleep, but I only had 1 short dream, and it was a nightmare, and even if I was really asleep, it felt like I was really awake still and just hallucinating, then I went to sleep again at 10 in the morning, and I fell asleep in 2 HOURS! And I slept for about 4-6 hours, and I had a very bizarre dream that I was forced to get pregnant and in the dream I had to go to some blood test where the blood is taken from the lower abdomen to see if I am able to get pregnant, and then I woke up, and it felt like even if I was asleep I was still awake and just hallucinating the dream...

    Why do I get this thing that every single week there is one day that I cannot sleep at all? Is it the thing that I don't need sleep everyday, is God testing me, or is it a demon causing me severe insomnia?
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    God never punishes. His time for punishment is reserved for Judgment Day. God is all about mercy right now for the sake of His Son, and what He has done on the cross.

    Anything adverse that is happening is either happenstance or it is to be attributed to whatever you think is going on in your life---which you claim is the demonic.

    Let me tell you a true story. It was in the early 90's and this wonderful strong Christian family wherein the husband was being used of God mightily in leadership had a little girl, Shekinah, who was about three years old. She was standing at the top of the stairs, and all of a sudden, she went flying down to the bottom in an arc, not touching one stair, as if thrown. The ambulance came and took her and she had a major head injury and was unconscious. My brother-in-law was called immediately as he was their pastor, and he went to Shekinah's bedside, where the doctors were telling the family that she was in a coma and the outcome was not determinable at that time.

    The doctor left the room and my brother-in-law stayed with the family and prayed over Shekinah, declaring her whole in Jesus' name, and immediately Shekinah sat up and said, "Hi, pastor Dave!" She was discharged and sent home with a perfect bill of health that very day.

    It was determined by the family and by my brother-in-law, who is gifted in deliverance and was being used by God in that area for a number of years, that it was a demonic attack to divert the family from the track the family was taking in their service to God. The devil hates Christians and especially those in leadership, and he seeks to stop them from their ministries by attacking their children. He tried to stop our family in the same sort of ways by attacking my own children---and myself.

    So, these physical bumps and falls you are experiencing are nothing new out of the devil's bag of tricks. He typically attacks a person's sleep, when it is God's design that our bodies and minds have restful sleep at night! (Our spirits never sleep, however! Praise God!) Anything to get you to renounce your faith or to stop pursuing spiritual growth and victory against him! You don't have to let him win or give him any ground! Just keep on seeking God, and worshiping Jesus Christ! Claim God's promise for sweet sleep!
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  3. I see. Can demons even hack computers? Because I once saw a very mysterious drawing in my deviantART's draft folder, and that drawing had like 3 weird symbols. I did once talk to a demon through the Internet when I was a witch, the demon was named Sitri.
  4. Yes, and you know it full well.

    I was working with a young woman a couple years ago (this has happened a few times with others also), and sometimes in the middle of our talks using IM, her computer would act like it wasn't working, but she kept typing---to her it was just gibberish, but on my end, I was reading something very different---it was the demons in her talking to me. I kept a record of the conversations to show her later and she was shocked at what went on. Sometimes, she went into a kind of sleep mode but the presence that was trying to rule her was actively carrying on a conversation with me. I was able to detect when it was her and when it wasn't by what was being said. All I kept doing was declaring Jesus Christ as King and Lord over all, and after a minute or two of that over and over, it would give up and then my friend would come back! Sound weird? Well it is totally true.

    By the way, she is now free of demons and actively serving the Lord Jesus Christ with her life.
  5. I agree with Euphemia on this. Polly you need to stay focused on Christ. Satan will find and use things against us. We all receive attacks and when we do we can't fight it ourselves. Pray in Jesus name and fight them spiritually. I might be harsh with you sometimes and I'm sorry if it seems I don't care. We all care for you and want you to live free in Christ
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  6. Wait, the mysterious drawing in my deviantART draft folder was a demon's creation?
  7. I very well could be. You would do well to delete it.
  8. Is God saying to you that it was a demon's drawing the drawing I found? I am scared if it was a hacker though. I deleted it though.
  9. I think so but I also believe that Satan can persuade people to do things like that. I'm pretty sure he directed someone to hack my web site during one of my rounds of troubles.
  10. From my experience, it COULD be demonic...or it could be a demonic hacker...or just a nasty person who hacked in. Either way, it was not of God and the purpose for which it was done pretty much succeeded at getting you more convinced of the devil's power to impress and oppress you. Just getting you to focus your thoughts on him is success to him.

    You need to focus on Jesus and all the good things He brings to your life---out loud, which will be a big eye opener to the enemy that you mean business.
  11. Ok. And by demonic you mean a possessed person? I don't find it nice to call people demonic, that sounds like accusing and judging.
  12. Nope. I said demonic and meant demonic. Jesus in us gives us the ability to make righteous judgments, which means we can see spiritually what is happening around us and others---it's called spiritual discernment---and that is what I am doing. Identifying the source of your trouble as demonic doesn't mean I am judging you or accusing you. that you know this, you can cease accusing people here of judging you personally.
  13. Then that's like calling an Atheist as Satan.
  14. Not really, although an atheist is a deceived by Satan.
  15. What is punishment?
  16. Allowing them to continue in their iniquities?
  17. With punishment I meant something that if you say something bad, then God pushes you or makes you trip on something or makes your toe hit a corner etc.
  18. LOL, God doesn't push his children. You probably are just clumsy.
  19. I think so. I think Matthew 23:12 is an example of that.
  20. Haha, I think she was speaking metaphorically.

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