Does God move people out of your life for a reason?

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  1. Jesus said a lot about forgiveness because so much of it is needed. We can try to help others with the best intentions and still be mistaken in our motives. We're all imperfect vessels trying to get along with each other. As Christians we know so much more than the citizens of the world.

    We know that we have to forgive, that it's not an option. People do move in and out of our lives and we theirs. Since not the smallest sparrow falls without the Lord how much more we who are called by His name?

    After He came and saved me then baptized me in the Holy Spirit I realized something. Nothing that ever happened to me again would be by chance. Every meeting, new acquaintances, experiences were all designed by Him who framed everything from the stars down to the smallest bug and microbe.

    Interruptions are divine instructions.
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  2. I was so blessed by this. Thank you. :)
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  3. Good point cturtle.

    I want to do what's right and what feels good still, but before it was just the flesh, and I'm at the stage now whereby I'm being able to start telling the difference between the hard at the moment as it's always been a habit. But I'm not 100 percent filled in Gods Word yet there's so much to take in. So I don't do anything when I'm stressed except stew lol
    What's good seems to come from desire or the flesh and what's right I sense comes from Gods Word.

    I have faith that when I'm filled up with Spirit first and led by Him and remember His prompting s I'll do right and it not come from the flesh
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  4. For me its a day by day, moment by moment decision, to practice what light from the Word that I know, and to remember that the Holy Spirit is in me reminding me of Scripture and leading me in the right direction. The biggest and most important is walking in love... which i am growing in. And i have been a believer for 40 years. And just now learning this.

    All God asks of you is to daily walk in the light (knowledge) of what you know. None of us knows everything and will never know everything. Even the apostle paul said he only knew in part.

    Sometimes the hardest part is knowing that I'm walking in the flesh and not making the decision to walk in the spirit.... or the ugliness of the flesh comes out, and I have not yet taken the initive to repent and change directions.

    I am learning much by reading 1 John over and over (trying to read it through everyday).

    If you can make the decision to give all the issues that are stressing you out, over to God (even if you have to do it many times in 5 or 10 minutes) it will help you more than just stewing.

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  5. I was very blessed by a similar sentiment today in Romans 12 (v 4-8). Verse 6 is basically saying we all have different gifts, and to use them "in proportion to your faith"

    I read all of the gifts listed, and one was encouragement (a gift I believe I posses). I was in the word at the time, just praying to be used, feeling the ugliness and pervasiveness of my flesh, desperate to be led and used in the spirit. And suddenly, after reading that, felt compelled to encourage a man I met, who I was very blessed by in his heart for God and how much he was like the husband God has set in my heart from the time I was a child. I met him at a time when I was stepping out in faith away from ungodly men. He was an encouragement to me that the man God had set in my heart was possible. He helped in the Holy Spirit's conviction of my heart to conduct and present myself in a more feminine and modest way, as God's treasure and that of my future husband.

    Since meeting him, God has moved me through consideration of the idolatry I held a husband in, submission of my will to His in bringing me to a man if and when he chooses, and consideration of the spiritual implications of my divorce. I have been waiting on God to move in my heart before speaking on any of these serious matters.

    But in the spirit after reading that in Romans, I told him simply thank you for being part of that conviction, and I hoped it would be an encouragement to him to know he was used in that way.

    And now he wants to call me tonight to chat. I allowed myself to praise God and be joyful, and am now steeping myself back into his word and wisdom before he calls.

    This may seem off topic, but my point is that God WILL move in our lives when we seek him earnestly and use what he's given us in proportion to our faith and understanding. We're more prepared to act according to His will than we realize sometimes.
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  6. Just wanted to shout out to Fish Catcher Jim and Cturtle . Your replies on this thread were very encouraging and uplifting in Christ. :)
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  7. Hi James Carroll ,
    Thank you for the kind words and most definitely give that Glory to God!!
    We just share from what He has worked in us and taught us.

    Far too much of it was learned the hard slow way but that would have been my fault. Lol

    Welcome to cfs once again and truly thankful for you.
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  8. Thank you sir for your kind words. We are honored to be able to serve Jesus this way. All the glory goes to Him. For if it were not for Him and His love for me... we would not be here

    God's blessings surround you abundantly! And His favor follow you everywhere you go and flow freely in all that you do.
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  9. I believe this to be true. My best friend from childhood was really ugly towards me when we were in our early 30's. We stopped speaking. She came back into my life out of the blue not long ago. It was weird. But i have forgiven her and we do speak. I did ask God why all this happened and why now she is back in my life. It's interesting. It's all in Gods hands and i am trusting him with it.
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  10. Over 40 years ago I lost a very close friend because I had decided to follow Jesus. I had tried to tell her of what God was doing in my life and it literally blew her away. It was something that just couldn't be fixed even though I did try. As the years went on God replaced this friend with true friends who also loved and followed Jesus. I have never forgotten her although I forgave her years ago and continued to pray for her and her family. Truly it was a relationship that the Lord interrupted. I thank God to see it now more clearly.
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  11. Greetings,
    Even as Spirit Filled Believers are concerned, God Will Remove if need be.

    Sometimes other people including Spirit Filled Believers are holding one back or pulling in the wrong direction and God knows He won't get you to where He wants to take you as long as they are in your life.

    On the flip side, God will Remove you from some ones life because you are holding them back or getting in God's Way.

    In the end, if you listen and obey......All Is Well !!
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