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  1. God created the devil knowing that he would lead us astray, He let him tempt eve knowing that she would fall, he created a tree to tempt them, knowing that they would eat it, and then punished everyone for it. People are quite blind and easily deceived, so I don't see them to culpable. God's actions are responsible for a lot of the sin in the world.
  2. Accidents, act of nature such as hurricane, volcanic eruptions, even death itself.. you consider them evil as well?

    A similar thread where you asked similar question seems to be deleted…..

    Reason i asked: the question/argument/problem you are asking seems to fall in this category what people coined a phrase “Problem of Evil”….
  3. People abuse their free will, how is this God's fault?
    Will you own up to your own sinfullness? or is that God's fault also?
    God has done no evil, ever. You need to apply a little wisdom and humility to your reasoning.
  4. And for what reason was it deleted? It wasn't the same question. It was, if a human father shouldn't behave that way, why are you okay with Our Heavenly Father doing the same thing.
  5. Yes I'm a sinner. But I asked God for help and to take temptation away and make me a good boy and he did nothing but leave me in confusion. Yes, GOd created the devil knowing that he would lead us astray. God punished us because some people ate some fruit that he tempted them with knowing that they would fall prior to tempting them. And then he decided women need to be in agony when they give birth because they ate fruit they weren't suppose to and we are all condemned to suffering because of it.

    Sounds great!
  6. How do you explain Psalm 139:16 & Jeremiah 1:5?
  7. "Our fate is clearly dependent on us" & "Him not changing who He is, does not mean He does not change His mind" You do realize how unbiblical this is right?? Also, if God limits his omniscience, then was he evil before he limited it? Your arguments are erroneous.
  8. The same way I explain Rom 9. God being able to do anything does not mean He then does in fact proceed to do evil.

    I can kill an ant, but do I? I can read my wife's diary, but do I?

    God does what pleases Him Psalm 135:6. Do you think it pleased God to form Hitler, Judas, Nero, Saddam in their mothers womb? See I believe it pleases God to remove Himself from knowing our free will decisions. That is why He declared to us that ''the whomsoever will'' may be saved. Was God lying?
  9. How so? 1. We are told to bend the knee. If we don't we don't get salvation. 2. God is good. He considers our prayers. He was en route to doing nothing until we prayed. You need to try grasp that.

    James 4:2-3 You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God.

    Just read it ''''as is''''. We place assumptions in. We assume God has total omniscience. When scripture points toward limited omniscience.

    Not sure how you are picturing Him being evil before if He limits it? Him limiting it makes Him good. How do you explain Him creating someone with full knowledge of them being tormented in hell for eternity? Would any sane person on this planet call that God good?
  10. I want to show you the mistake you are making 'God is love' with an equation:

    Scripture says:

    God is omniscient (all knowing) + God is omnipotent (unlimited power) + God is good + God does what pleases Him + God created hell + God died for us = God gives us true free will / limits His omniscience = God can do anything, even limit His omniscience to uphold who He is, a good God.

    What you are doing is only taking half of those!!! and then assuming. Your mind stops at '''God is omniscient'' and goes into blind-fully excusing God of all evil that exists...when scripture does not point in that direction.

    Your equation:

    God is omniscient (all knowing) + God is omnipotent (unlimited power) + God does what pleases Him + God created hell + God died for us = Calvinism. (if not Calvinism....then, when you say God is good, people in the world think you are mad as eternal torment = eternal torment).

    Now we can be forgiven for not grasping how God's mind work. We are an ant. I am not saying you are wrong and I am right. I am just saying, let's look at where scripture points and not quote half of scripture and then assume.
  11. "Not sure how you are picturing Him being evil before if He limits it? Him limiting it makes Him good. How do you explain Him creating someone with full knowledge of them being tormented in hell for eternity? Would any sane person on this planet call that God good?"

    Considering God created everything and knows everything you would have to conclude that at one point he knew that Johnny or whoever was going to go to hell. You are saying that God would be evil to create Johnny knowing he would go to hell and that he limited his omniscience in order to not condemn Johnny. My point was that if God was considered evil for knowing who was going to hell and then making them, then 'before God limited his omniscience' he would have known that he was going to make Johnny go to hell, making God evil in your book.
  12. When He made or thought about making Johnny. He had only good intentions for him.

    1 Tim 2:4 who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth + Matt 19:14 God wants no babies in hell.

    The ball I want to knock back in your court is....if God knows all + all babies go to heaven....then are we justified in killing our babies / killing babies = we send them to heaven? Or do you believe some babies go to hell?
  13. that is not I observed in your examples in that thread....

    I remember your example is the children behave that way (evil acts) towards each other...

    my question is: do you consider hurricane, volcanic eruptions as evil as well?

    why I ask that? because I like to understand first what you consider as evil...
  14. Pulled straight from the 10 commandments, "Thou shalt not kill".
  15. That is a cop out though. Killing my baby when it goes to heaven at the risk of me to hell for ''murder'' is very noble of me. Probably get a high position in heaven for it. You probably knew this was coming ;).
  16. No it's not a cop out, it's in the Bible, unlike any mention of God limiting his omniscience. Stop trying to teach things that aren't written.
  17. C'mon even that statement is a cop out.

    So when God says ''whomsoever will'' and ''I will that all be saved'' ...He is lying? He should be saying John, Bob and Tod will be saved.
  18. Refer back to Jesus himself.... Matt 7:6

    You will know a tree by it's fruit... No one picks Thistles from a fig tree.... No one picks Grapes out of Thorn bushes....

    In this case - Jesus is making a specific distinction - things that ARE fruit vs things that are NOT fruit.....
    It's not a distinction between "Good fruit" and Good fruit that is diseased or infested.....

    Realize this... When you Tend and Nurture and Encourage and devote resources to a Thistle.... All you get are HEALTHY thistles that sow MORE thistles..... When you "Cure" a diseased Thistle - you get Healthy Thistles.... and they are STILL Thistles!

    Say, on the other hand... you tend and nurture and encourage a pear tree that is producing "Diseased fruit".... What happens - you cure the disease and you get Good Pears..... The pear tree does not start bearing Thistles.....

    So... Investigate the FRUIT of their ministry... Not what they SAY it is... but the ACTUAL fruit.... Are they creating people who "Look Spiritual" - but have no interest in Jesus as Messiah and God.... Are they "Sowing" discord among the faithful and creating divisions and hatred where none existed previously? Are they preying on the weak, sick, and lost to accumulate riches, power, and position?

    What are their "Disciples" doing? This is often a good barometer - because THESE are the "Seeds they Sow"... A really skillful Deceiver can hide themselves exceedingly well... They can "Appear" to bear good fruit... but look at their Disciples.... Do they foster disciples whose mission is to declare all others Apostates and to sow Hatred among the churches? Do they foster disciples who preach "Spirituality" - but not the Blood of Jesus... Do they foster disciples who ONLY use the word of their Master - or are their disciples PROVING everything by the Word of God..... Are their disciples moving towards lives of Service and Love for other Christians and the Unsaved - or are they just looking to go out and make money, power, fame, etc....

    You get the idea....

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