Does God choose to limit Himself?

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  1. Yes.........but doesn't "glorified" bodies = NO FLESH AND BLOOD?

    Scripture says that we worship God in SPIRIT and truth and it is our Spirit that goes to heaven after the HUMAN body is buried.

    Then we also need to remember that the Scripture says that "we are a NEW CREATION in Christ Jesus".

    I am getting a headache!!!!!
  2. :) I have a headache too, but not from this discussion.

    We are new creations right now. We will still recognize each other in heaven. If my mom turns into an angel, will I recognize her? Humans were created in the image of God. We were created with the final product / purpose in mind.
  3. No human who enters heaven as one of the redeemed turns int any other creation, least of all an angel. That belief is a myth created by religious people, out of ignorance of the scriptures, you can be sure.

    In the resurrection, if we are in heaven at that time, our soul/spirit will be reunited with our dead bodies, but changed, made new, and made incorruptible, which means unaffected by time (immortal) and disease or wasting. We shall have glorified flesh bodies---just like Jesus! Why? Because we must have them in order to live and rule with Jesus in His earthly Millennial Reign. That places us over the angelic in authority.

    For those who are still earthbound people at the resurrection--we will change, in that "twinkling of an eye":

    1 John 3:2 (NLT)
    Dear friends, we are already God’s children, but he has not yet shown us what we will be like when Christ appears. But we do know that we will be like him, for we will see him as he really is.
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  4. We will be like Jesus and His scars are still visible. We'll be recognized by those who knew us as they choose to see us. We will represent ourselves as we want to be seen to others. All will be known in heaven. We will still be able to eat, as the Tree of Life there with a new fruit every month and it's leaves will heal the nations after the tribulation. Since we will be like Christ, we will be given the task of being judge over the nations and the angels. We are to be priests to Jesus. Now, today, we know only in part, but when we see Him, we will be as He sees us. Just my opinion.
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  5. :LOL:
  6. Good thought!
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  7. Paul was not being sarcastic.
  8. I think there is sarcasm in the way Paul spoke, but that there was a greater truth in his discourse.
    Paul use a fair bit of sarcasm at various times.
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  9. Yes, he did, but not in this discourse, in which he was reprimanding and teaching.
  10. Agreed.
  11. Not so my brother. The idea of a "slice of divinity in us" is actually a Gnostic myth. They speak of progressive revelation, of each person having a spark of goodness within that just needs to be fanned into a flame, and of each soul or spirit existing before in heaven and returning there upon death. That is also Mormon doctrine.
  12. I am going to hold onto the idea that he just may have been a little sarcastic.
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  13. Even if he was being a tiny bit sarcastic, what he said was the truth. We will be adjudicators over the angelic realm, making determinations of some kind.
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  14. I really do not believe we have a "part" of God in us. We have the real thing in his fullness. I guess I worded my response without clarity. :)
  15. No one is disputing this.
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  16. Agreed!
  17. I agree with you.

    Without a doubt.... we can learn from 1 Corinthians 6:2-10 is that we, as God’s children, will be given a higher position than the angels. We’re not only created in God’s image but redeemed by Christ. Angels are not created in God’s image and are not redeemed by Christ. Also, God sends His angels to serve His saints, i.e., those who are to inherit eternal life.

    Now, I am not trying to be too technical but only attempting to try and explain why I said Paul MAY HAVE BEEN trying to be sarcastic. That does not remove the truth that would be found in that sarcasm.

    Context is always the key to understanding and if we continue on in the 6th chapter to verse 4 we see.......
    "Set them to judge who are least esteemed".

    In the original, that may either be understood as "indicative" or "interrogative". IF it is interrogative then it would definitely be understood as sarcastic. That is.......if you are going to go to a civil court, you might just as well put your least qualified members as jurors.

    In other words the sarcasm would be.........."Are you setting them to judge who are least thought of in the church?"
  18. Agree! Truth was not in the pudding but was an accepted fact.
  19. I would say God does know but chooses to go talk things over with His covenant partner Abraham so that God would be able to save some. If Abraham had kept going he could likely have made it just for Lot's sake and they never would have been wiped out. Sort of like God getting Jonah involved over Ninevah or talking with Moses multiple times about destroying Israel because of the Law but Moses pled for their lives and God was able to save them because of his intercession.
  20. Yeah, we ARE the BODY of the Anointed One and His Anointing after all. Whatever He would have us do on the earth requires His Body and we are His body and the bkdy of His anointing (yoke-destroying, burde-removing power of God).
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