Does Anyone Use "conversation" Feature?

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  1. I see this forum use the conversation of this forum. The conversations are private but can include more than one person and are essentially unmoderated (I think). They are not publicly visible and people have to be invited to them but anyone can be invited to them.

    Hypothetically one may be able to use this feature for "hot topics" that moderators feel uncomfortable with in public forums. What you think?
  2. We use it all the time..I don't believe they are completely not be bad mouthing the mods....:eek:
  3. I used to have conversations.. But no one wants to talk with me in private :)
  4. If you wanted to start a private topic on something interesting I would put my hand up. We could ask for who would be interested in a public thread and invite anyone who was interested.

    (I'm not sure whether anyone can invite to a conversation or just the person who starts the conversation.)
  5. That would be wonderful.. But I can't think of anything that is too secret to do in private :) But if you think there is anything we can discuss, I am game
  6. Well, my thinking is not so much that. Personally I feel exasperated when I read through a "hot topic" thread and most of its pages are personal insults that lend nothing to the topic at hand. Usually its only a few that take this tack but they sound like the majority because they are so vocal. There is no reason why a "private" conversation couldn't have 20 people (as far as I know) that are able to discuss on topic.

    It would also foster the view that being part of those conversations is a privilege (rather than a right) so I feel that it sends a good message and not a message of "we are having a secret conversation and that is bad because its not in the public view" with all that associated thinking.

    Maybe it has something to do with me not being an American and not part of the culture that likes to air everything in public TV reality shows. (Not suggesting that all Americans hold to that view but what I see on television suggests its prevalent.) I am a bit old fashioned and believe in privacy in some things. My nation is actually quite reserved.
  7. Mods don't have access unless invited.
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  8. That's sad. Why not? You're one of those straightforward folks?
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  9. :) may be I don't have anything to talk in private.. I was just kidding.. I am happy participating in public as well
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  10. Mods can use an add-on by waindigo to see anyones conversation with xenforo. Maybe they don't know about it :whistle:

    Nothing is private on the internet. Any encryption can be undone. If man can make it man can break it.

    Cell phones were always monitored. The cell towers do it automatically. Every high techer knows that.. All that happened is the slow poke government just figured it out and started collecting the data.. The internet was started by the military they had been using it years before the general population even heard about it. It was never private.

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