Does Anyone Here Refrains From Buying Products Manufactured In Certain Countries?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by 福井舞, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. I generally don't buy things made in countries that are well known for their pollutions, and consistent lack of ethical manufactiuring practice.

    I can think of a few Asian countries that fit the bill.
  2. I won't buy fish from anywhere but Alaska.
  3. I don't pay attention to it. I trust God to bless me where I won't get sick off of a food.
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  4. good idea.

    but I think you should expand that to only shallow water fish from Alaska.

    deep water fish like Salmon travel a long distance.

    I read somewhere that USA ( maybe other countries as well), routinely dumps nuclear waste in certain oceans and refuse to reveal the location, for some reason, I always remember this when I am tempted to eat salmon.

    I just cant get that image of those fish might have swam through those radioactive region out of my head!
  5. Japan has also been dumping a lot of nuclear waste into the pacific ocean, so I'm actually planing on not eating fish at all.
  6. well, I admire your faith....

    but I still wont buy items, especially food made in a certain countries.
  7. If I pour bleach into your food will you still eat it?
  8. really, I didn't know that.

    I know that their nuclear accident in Fukushima has definitely polluted the ocean quite a bit

    I love seaweed, but I wont even touch the ones from South Korea now!
  9. Haha. If I was starving and God told me to eat it then yes.
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  10. I love your faith.. Sounds like Elijah! We all know Elijah was fed by ravens.. It all sounds great.. But we should really think what ravens would have brought him! Roadkill!! But Elijah did not complain.. When God gives, it is a blessing..
  11. Thanks. For some reason the ravens feeding Elijah reminded me of Ace Ventura: )
  12. Greetings:
    I avoid buying stuff from China,it's almost impossible,but I do make the effort.Their record of torturing Christians turns me off.
    You can get 18 million Chinese torturing sites on google.Hey,what are you going to do,apathy is rampant.

  13. I generally don't buy stuff from China if I can help it. It's just lower quality stuff and generally a waste of money.

    Most of the stuff I've gotten from countries other than China had been fine though. German made items seem to be made well from my experience. American can be great too depending on what it is.
  14. yes, I know what you mean.

    most Chinese stuffs seem to fall apart really easily.

    but for me that is not the biggest concern.

    the biggest concern is their manufacturing practice

    they seem to have a real gift in including super toxic stuff in their materials.

    I read this articles few years ago on how this man was poisoned by the fume that came out of the Chinese furniture he just bought or something, it was so bad it was not even funny.
  15. That's true. It's just bad overall.

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