Does Anyone Else Love The Old Hymns?

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  1. I am not asking in derision, but I am curious. My children (@ ages 40) think they are useless. The pastor I work for says they have their place but he isn't into them. Most of the people younger than me do not like them.

    I love them as well as some of the newer music used in worship. (Although when singing around the house, I tend to belt out the spirituals.)

    But I would love to see your short lists of your favorite hymns, spirituals, and modern worship songs.

    I will start:
    Spirituals, for "belting out" and for hearing:
    "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child"
    "Didn't My L-rd Deliver Daniel."
    "Jesus Lay Your Head in the Window"
    (This poor nearly white woman tries, anyway!)

    The Love of G-d
    I've Anchored My Soul
    Great Is Thy Faithfulness
    Master, the Tempest Is Raging
    Morning Has Broken

    Modern (or, in my case, more modern than hymns) Worship Songs:
    Blessed Are You O L-rd Our G-d (Eternity's Holy King)
    Ezekiel 11:19, 20
    Ancient of Days
    He Has Shown Thee O Man
    (in English) And His Name Shall Be Called
    (in English) Day of Atonement
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  2. Personally I love them. I have an old time's hymns channel on pandora. :D

    Besides, they're pretty much the only song I can sing to with real worship. :ROFLMAO:

    #1 How Great Thou Art
    #2 It is well with my soul
    #3 I'll fly away
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  3. I like many the 'old' hymns as well. Many seem to have lots of 'meat' in them that focus far more on G-d than the believer. I like being able to think about the lyrics while singing them.

    I don't know how old these are but some I really enjoy are Just a Closer Walk With Thee, The Victory in Jesus, and of course Amazing Grace.
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  4. Love the old hymns... they seem to focus on the deeper things
    of God. Among them my favorites are:

    1) Here Is Love, Vast As the Ocean (Welsh revival hymn)
    2) And Can It Be
    3) Lily Of the Valley

    More modern songs:
    1) The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want
    2) How Beautiful
    3) In Christ Alone (My Hope is Found)
    4) Love's Sacrifice
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  5. Have to add one more... :) 'I Will Glory In My Redeemer'

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  6. I love both the old time hymns and the new songs. Maybe because my mom would always play them when I was little to this day.

    Some Hymns are:
    Great is Thy faithfulness, Amazing Grace, Lord wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.

    Some of the new ones:
    In Christ alone my hope is found
    I can feel you all around me (by Flyleaf)
    Beautiful ending (Barlow Girl)
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  7. How great thou art... I can never sing this all the way thru. I end up tearing up and getting choked up.

    I dont know if its a hymn but its sung around Christmas, O Holy Night. The one that goes..
    Fall on your knees,o hear the angels voices,
    o night devine, o night when Christ was born,
    O night, o holy night, o night devine...

    yea, you know the one.
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  8. Oh, holy Night.

    My brother-in-law sang it and sang, "Fall on your fees!" :)
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  9. I enjoy the old hymns. I inherited the religious record collection my parents collected back when Christian groups would tour and sell their albums. Yes, albums. ;)

    This collection of classics starts with one that was a favorite of my dad. :love:
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  10. One song which shook me! There is a testimony attached to it as well.. Whenever you have time :)

    I was thinking of starting a thread on this! One of the things I love about our Church is, we mostly use hymns for worship.. For some reason, I just love worshiping with Hymns than modern songs.. Hymns are more profound and rich..
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  11. Is this one a hymn, it goes....

    Glory glory halelujah
    since I laid my burdens down.

    Mississippi fred mcdowell - when I lay my burden down on youtube to see one of my favorite versions, its blues.
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  12. I recently copied a program that played in the night about several hymns, one of them being about this hymn. . . .
  13. When I lived in Mississippi, I heard this song. Thank you for reminding me.
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  15. I think the modern worship songs are useless. Give me the old hymns and the Psalms in the Bible.

    Modern worship songs lack meat. And, speaking as a guy, they're too feminine. I think modern worship songs also tend to be too much about the worshiper and not enough about God.

    Give me "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty..." over "I worship you. I give you praise. I adore you..."
  16. We should distinguish between the old hymns and the REALLY old hymns.

    I like the ones that go back to the renaissance and even earlier, some of the ones based on plainchant are heavenly. "O Come O Come Emmanuel" for example, beautiful.
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  17. I appreciate the spirit true Christian musicians commit to their song ministry. Not the atheist group that recently made news stating they lied the whole time they realized they'd turned from God just to make $.

    The real Christian musicians are reaching a demographic that may not be inspired by the older generational songs.
  18. I hadn't heard about that Atheist group. I don't follow any music scene, including the Christian music scene. But, thanks to Google, I know that group is As I Lay Dying. They'd tour with other Christian bans, and their singer said, "I would say maybe one in 10 Christian bands we toured with were actually Christian bands.”

    But, this singer also says that all the members of his Atheist music group started as Christians.

    This reflects why I like the old better. Modern Christian music, including praise music, is often about entertainment, not reverence. And, there may well be many Atheists leading churches selling religion (often while preaching against "religion" to conceal their own irreverence) for a buck, giving the people what the people want, rather than what God wants.
  19. It's worse than just being an atheist.

    Convicted Heavy Metal ‘Christian’ Singer Admits Being Atheist, Duped Fans to Sell Music - June 18, 2014

  20. I agree, although I love modern christian music, when it comes to worshipping God ,I like songs that focus on God rather than the worshipper or what He can do for you'''but simply his traits.
    And again, I side with you on that todays christian songs lack meat and are just pleasing to the ear.

    When jamming at home I'll listen to Marisa, casting crowns.... but when reverencing gyms will do just fine.

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