Does any one know about you tube

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Dusty, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Does any one know about you tube

    I have a friend who want to showcase his 30 yrs plus experience as a professional photographer on you tube and wants to make videos about the books he has written and all the art work that he has done with also some explanation to go along with them . He also wants to give tips for photography as well but he doesn't have any one that knows how to set it all up. Is there anyone who knows how to do that ?
  2. Hi, Dusty!

    I'm a member on YouTube for a year now (no videos yet, just a bunch of crazy friends, lol).

    I'm not sure what you a video with tips added in?

    What kind of computer does he have? Mac or a Windows?

    Mac has iMovie - it's not as easy to handle as Windows Movie Maker, most of the people I know who makes videos use WMM, but some of the more professional use iMoive with added software.

    I've put script/words on some of my movies but its been such a long time since I've done that that I'll need to go back and see how to put that on there.

    There's speed, time limit, and fonts on the iMovie so you make subtitles and all that.

    I can find someone who knows if he likes?

    :) Open to Help

  3. Let me know when it's up.. i need to watch that ish.
  4. I will send this on to him and maybe will pm you when I get more info as to what he wants to do. Thanks Oh and by the way he is a Christian. He told me last night that he wants to put music in the back ground and make a video telling about all his bussiness.
  5. Ok will do . He has some amazing photographs . In fact I have purchased 5 already. He does have a website and a blog if you are interested.
  6. *cough* *cough* If those are Christian videos, then he can put 'em on too. :D
  7. Yeah, I agree!

    While YouTube is highly popular, they don't have any restrictions with what people say. He'll probably have to disable comments on his videos or pre-approve them...people are nasty on there.
  8. i ,am seriously thinking of getting a web cam and putting on a play for you all.:D.but i,am sure it will be sensored.:)
  9. Thanks Jeff but they are more about his photography work . Don't know if that is suitable for the forum or not.

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