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Do you use social media to pray for your friends and family?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by prayter, Nov 20, 2011.


Do you use social media to pray for your friends and family?

  1. I use Facebook

  2. I use Twitter

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  3. I use Prayter

  4. I prefer to ask about prayer needs in off line

  1. There are many ways how you can pray for your friends and family (with them) using online social tools. I mean to share prayer needs. Please answer do those websites really help you in prayer relationship with people you know and trust.
  2. I use what ever I can grab a hold of. Skype, FB,1 on 1, phone ect. :)
  3. Yeah, that's true everything can work well. But in general social media become such a great tool to share prayers, requests, encourage and etc.
  4. that's true, use what ever you can. but in general that's amazing how social media can serve christian family in prayer communication. before i used email sending prayer letters, now there are tools to keep in touch with people who care about you. I want to share about brand new microblogging website called Prayter. You can post prayer requests on your prayer wall. Check it out.

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