Do You Struggle With A Certain Sin?

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  1. If you say yes to this question, I have another question.

    How strong is your relationship with Jesus Christ and his word?

    I struggled long with a certain sin, and it's gone now that I have a strong relationship with Jesus. I read his words to know him and try to follow him. I pray to him when I need something. It's all about him.

    When I was sinning (Even if only once every week/month) I wasn't taking any of Christ's words into my heart. I wasn't seeking after him as a sheep does his shepherd.

    John 15:4
    "Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me."

    John 15:7
    "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you."
  2. Jesus prayed in John 17:17
    17 "Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth."

    The words Jesus spoke were from the father. So we are to be sanctified by them. Amen?
  3. Yes, but this one is fairly new BC the event happened not too long ago,I think near the end of July.

    But what I struggle with is, anger , toward the person and God, resentment and bitterness...

    and my rship with God is on the rocks sadly...

    I don't want to say what happened BC I feel II'm sorta getting better with each day, but if you pm me I might. BC its hard to understand something with missing pieces..

    but my rship with God ,before the event ,was strong. Sometimes it feels impossible to get back to where I was.... like I'm picking up the pieces by myself and trying to glue them back together again.
  4. If we were sinless we wouldn't need to be sanctified. We get sanctified when its our hearts desire to fight.

    Cosmic, you have got temporary victory over this sin. It will come back and bite you in the near future. You will need to fight it that day too.

    Pride, porn and swearing are daily battles for me.

    I am so good at my job that it gets to my head. I want to curse about the fact that I am in employment and not running my own business most of the day. Every-time I go onto the internet in the evenings, I have to fight watching porn. I feel like I am losing this fight at the moment. I think its time for fasting from the internet. The problem is, the other day when our line was down, we were so bored! We stream series, movies and you-tube every evening as a family.
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  5. We all do that Pancakes. Whatever goes wrong in our lives, God is the first person we yell at. That's not all bad as it shows we are running to Him / consider our lives in His hands.
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  6. I would say for me is cursing. When I'm around other co-workers that swear I sometimes catch myself speaking like them. I instantly ask for forgiveness but it is something I'm aware of.

    Far as my time with the Lord? I would say I think about Him constantly, read the word daily either on the computer or my bible. Fellowship with some great friends I've made on here daily.

    My feeling is we are all a work in progress and will be until we meet our Lord.
  7. I struggle with Pride and sometimes Wrath.

    My relationship with Christ grows, but I wish it was better. My faults cut me off from Him sometimes. The sins I commit.

    Not trying to change the subject or pitch anything, but this is why I've found great value in the sacrament of reconciliation. We recently had a thread about confession. The purpose of it is never to embarrass or exploit, but to examine one's self and where they stand with God. Its point is to think about what has been dividing you from Him and bringing your relationship forward, not backwards.

    Confession is more commonly known as Reconciliation because confessing the sins is the means while reconciling your relationship with God is the ends. It's a shame more people don't take advantage of this gift more often.
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  8. For me perhaps outside drink, it's lust.

    I'd probably better clarify that by saying I've never been addicted to porn and only had one physical relationship in my 50 odd years (and that was a mistake - I wound up with someone who had a boyfriend in prison!).

    I'm just talking about the casual, passing (and supposedly male) thought's like "she's got a nice bottom" or "a nice pair of legs". I say casual and passing but I've been around long enough to believe that many bad things can start of small, passing and casual. To attempt to go biblical, there is bad seed and things can grow from what might seem the smallest of wrong thoughts.

    I actauly wish I was like a child on this, before I grew up and noticed the female form. If in some sort of strange way (if it makes any sense to anyone) I could marry anyone these days I'd marry Jesus (not that I can get my head round that one) and feel more and more certain as time goes on that I neither seek nor desire a female companion.

    Yet I still can find myself (before sort of being pulled up) for example not only receiving the thought (which I think may come from Satan) but sort of passively agreeing. Only way I can think of expressing this would be say ?Satan? "she's got nice legs" and me "yes she has", ?Jesus? "should you be thinking that?" me "no I shouldn't"

    Just wish I knew how to ditch the whole thing.
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  9. While you say my victory is temporary, it really depends if I endure in my current relationship with him.

    I'm telling you, I've been experiencing great victory just by focusing on Jesus and his word, listening to worship music, and so on.

    Before when I was sinning, I didn't care too much about what he said.

    I urge anyone struggling to care!

    Temptation has come to me no doubt. But by wanting to follow Jesus I've been able to battle it better than I ever have! Before it was more of a "I will battle because I have to." now its "I battle because I want to win for Jesus!"

    I was so shocked by what he said to the blind man he healed. He said bascially to stop sinning or something worse might happen.

    When I read that my perspective changed, because I knew everytime I sinned I would feel deep seperation from God.

    I love Jesus and want to walk in his light. But some Christians don't feed that desire.
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  10. Even if you think you already know what he has said, if those words aren't dwelling in your heart by the time the devil attacks, you won't have anything to stop you from your flesh taking over.

    You need to feed your spirit with Jesus words, he said himself his words were spirit and life!
  11. By the way, I am in no way saying we work our sanctification. What I am saying is our spirit is strengthened by following Jesus through his word, and praying to him for whatever we need.

    I believe somewhere in the bible it says his word is like milk for my bones or something like that. I'm at school so I can't look it up :)

    I've conquered sin the past couple days by investing in his words, even if they aren't relavent. Just hearing his voice allows me to recognize it when sin comes my way.
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  12. I think the point KingJ is making is not to deny self responsibility. We cannot say anyway I am going to fall and not put the effort to walk in spirit and truth. But our lives are going to be filled with ups and downs. That is what KingJ is saying.
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  13. All: Understand that we are NOT warring against flesh and blood... 100% of our problems, after salvation, is in our thinking - I'd heard it stated: Sticking Thinking. If you look at all the verses that are encouraging, it speaks about thinking, the mind, or the heart. Thinking is your brain, but your mind and your heart are what you believe based on the calculations reached by OUR mind. Since our mind is unreliable and easily influenced by almost everything, we MUST have a foundational reasoning based on the word of God.

    2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)
    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    Ok, so what. Well, now I need to realize that the fear I have about what others think of me is not from God. So when a thought presents itself from my flesh (mind/heart) I must reject it and at the same time, hold onto this verse that I have God's power, God's love and a sound mind.

    We don't lack any information, what we lack is acting on that information. Find and study any verse that speaks of fools or foolishness and see if you do any of them, then do the opposite.

    Start with the first one:

    Proverbs 1:7 (KJV)
    The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.

    The word fear here means respect, reverence, be in awe of Him. And knowledge means perception, skill, discernment. According to this one verse, I need to be in awe of God, respect Him, meaning to believe His word and by doing so, I will begin to perceive and skill and discernment about issues in my life.

    You must hold onto the word of God and replace the stinking thinking so we can replace the wrong judgments stored in our bodies (mind/heart) and be saved.

    Salvation means: deliver, health, salvation, save, saving one suffering from disease, to make well, heal, restore to health not just the change of our destination of hell. This is working out your own salvation. YOU must renew your mind so you can correct the feebleness of our judgments.
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  14. Yeah, and I believe we best do that by trying to know and be known by Jesus.

    To know him we read his words. For him to know us we seek him in Prayer and action. Almost as if he is still physically here on Earth.

    I imagine myself as someone from Judea at the time Jesus lived. His words held eternal life, and so I seek to hear what he says.

    Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
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  15. I don't understand the porn addiction thing. I have looked at it before and it gets boring quick.

    Also it is like a premeditated deliberate sin. It's not like the porn is right in front of you. You have to deliberately type in a Web address to view it.

    It's kind of like being a peeping Tom going around looking into people's bedroom windows.

    I'm sure if an unclothed woman crossed my path I would have some impure thoughts but I sure am not going to go around looking in windows just to have to fight those sinful thoughts.

  16. If you are addressing me. Outside maybe a couple of mags at a teenage stage of life when I might have made a couple of purchases (I'm not even sure I did that but do remember looking at a couple) I've never bought any and I don't trawl the net or search tv channels looking for it.

    It just concerns me for example that I might see a woman in a swimsuit on tv and think something I'd rather not.
  17. As for addictions in general, I don't think you ever understand unless you have been there. I go through fights with drink and can see a bit that way but can't understand a need for porn magazines, gambling or heroine or anything else I haven't been through.

    I see it on the level that some people for some reason fall into certain traps and that some things are hard for some to get out of but I don't understand the attraction of the poisons that, thank God, I've not fallen into.
  18. I was not addressing you specifically.
  19. post deleted
  20. For a long time, as a Christian, I loved gambling at the casino, for a couple of years I was keen on race horses, a guy even gave me a greyhound, lotto, powerball, keno, one arm bandits, I did them all. Probably blew about 30 grand over a period of a couple decades.
    I LOVED gambling, that love, I would go on holidays just to gamble. But I HATED losing, so in my sorrow I would pray to God,
    I said: "God, I am too weak to overcome this sin, since I LOVE IT, but you overcame sin, so take this sin from me, take its desire and power." something like that. and overtime it withered like a dying tree till one day I just never went to the casino again.
    I can still go, I have the freedom to take it up or play it, but I don't want to.
    God has blessed me more than the casino or riches of lotto or powerball,
    I value freedom, Sin is not freedom, its slavery and bondage.
    and ALL sins are bondages of some sort I reckon. But my point is: I didn't have the power or the desire or the will to repent, only the understanding that I needed God to do something.
    If you ask your Father for a fish, will He give you a snake? Ask and keep on asking.
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