Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear?

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  1. Daily my eyes see, and my ears hear the ways of the world, which are a reminder of the warnings of our the Lord our G_d Yeshua of the last days that approach quickly. So many things people don't see and turn a blind eye too. The symbols, the slander of Yeshua, the persecution of the believers and followers. Satan has his hand in everything to deceive even the elect.

    My journey started with wanting to look into Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness. This led me to Freemasonry, and on to the occult, symbols and how brainwashed we are. I latched on to one strand of the never ending spider wed Satan has weaved. I have become a watcher and analyzer. A man who has come to see the symbols, and deceptions through Media, news, music, Christian denominations, and so on. It is EVERYWHERE bombarding the mind to follow the beast in the coming days.

    Yeshua said seek and you shall find, knock and it will be open, ask and you shall receive. Study and show yourself approved. See I have studied the History of the churches we know today. We are up roughly 41,000 denominations who believe they are the correct way. We have only two paths to chose from. Good or Evil. I have had many struggles with my life and MANY trails and tribulations through my journey to understand.
    There are many ways of deception. Example the theory of evolution Charles Darwin, and the first woman the Neanderthal having 40% of fragment of a skull found in Ethiopia. Interesting enough they named her LUCY. I find it interesting that "Lucy" means: Light. Lucifer means: " bringing light". See where I am going with this. So mans evolution is from Lucy? I think not...

    Also if you look into the music industry. The untrained eye doesn't see the symbols they flash. There are the obvious ones like the devil horn hand sign. There are others like the 666 hand sign. which looks like what we were told to be the Okay hand sign. There is the pyramid hand sign also, or the covering of one eye. It is everywhere I look. Example Google Chrome logo is the 666. Apple computer with the bite out of the apple of knowledge of good and evil, and I (eye) phone. The first Apple computer they were selling for $666. (look it up)Interesting huh? Then we have Disney and the mind melting world of MAGIC brainwashing us as children and our children/grandchildren. Ever wonder why we call out children kids? (kid is a young goat) hmmmm. Let's look at the movie Maleficent with Angelina. I find it interesting that Angelina was the daughter of Hermes. Hermes is the messenger of the gods. Angelina also mean: divine messenger, a messenger of god. She played a demon looking like Baphomet (goat headed, hermaphrodite demon) in the movie. So many links to go with.

    I am just brushing the surface on so much out there... I have been led to see this through the Spirit. I give Yeshua the praise and Glory, forever and ever. Hallelujah.
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  2. Yes, symbolism and 'signs' have become prevalent in popular culture; even when dealing with my own Pastor I am amazed at how little he does know concerning the 'wiles/ devices' of the devil.

    On one hand: I believe that trying to expose hard fact physical truths of evil around us will help people come to the realization they are in trouble and need a Savior.

    On the other hand: if they won't believe the '(physical) things of this earth'; they will never believe the heavenly (Spiritual) things.

    We have to live the Christian life; not being ignorant of God's Word or the devices of Satan; 'Wise as a serpent; gentle as a Dove'.

    I have worked in the government, been in the military, and I can tell you from personal eyewitness testimony things are always much worse and far closer to the end of days than we can imagine-but people don't listen. However; GOD is in control. We live in His mercy to preach the Word and learn to be more like Him. I feel like such a failure typing this now-not having truly taken God's Word seriously enough in my life.

    If we would just 'be doers of the WORD'; we will be okay. Our Heavenly Citizenship is secured in Jesus Christ.
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  3. From one veteran to another, thank you for serving. On another note that is what scares me about people including supposed leaders of the flock. There is so much going on to deceive the masses. Sigh...
  4. We cannot allow Satan to rule or dictate our lives. Praise Jesus and speak holy words; this will torture Satan.
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  5. I agree the world in itself is evil, satan is the prince of this world and it has been in opposition to God since the beginning. The things you see did not just come about. Darwin set an arrival point to disclaim creation, all though it was just a theory the world which is in opposition to God continues to try to support it. Darwin in the bookOrgins of species states it is not proven
    Neanderthal was the name of given to skeletons found in belgium. There were many skeletons found in following years. I need to research this but I think they did DNA testin on people in that area and found they were related.

    Lucy (Australopithecus) They found 40 % of her skeleton. Thee part of the skeleton that was the defining proof was a leg bone found a large distance from the rest of the bones. She was a knuckle walker
    Check out Nebraska man he is still displayed in museums there was one tooth found ........ later it was discovered it belonged to a pig
    Check out piltdown man


    There are only two paths to travel
    right and wrong
    just and unjust
    righteous and unrighteous.
    Regardless of what name you give them
    they are Godly
    Between the two there is nothing
    gray area
    allowances for any person
    Nothing short of the will of God
    can ever be or turn in to anything Godly
    The path of a Godly person is narrow
    every choice in their life is an intersection
    fork in the road
    with only two options
    I fall short under my power
    Thank You Jesus for Your love
    being my salvation
    The only way for anyone to do Gods will
    through Holy Spirit
    Whom You sent me

    Thank You Jesus
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  6. It all boils down to this; they will not believe (because they are unrepentant and choose not too) because they are not in the flock of Jesus Christ even though in the day of judgement many will say 'Lord LORD!' but Christ will turn to them and say ' I never knew you'.

    This puts fear into my heart; I don't want to be one of those. I want to hear 'well done good and faithful servant'; but I have not been a good and faithful servant....

    How can "Christians", much less the lost; deny Creation, the flood and Biblical history and truth and still stand up and say 'oh yeah I'm a Christian' with no attempt to be obedient to the LORD? It is folly.

    You either believe the Bible-or you don't. I have come to the conclusion if anyone believes evolution; they will believe anything. It is a disease. They will follow every false doctrine and never truly come to Christ because they don't REALLY believe it.

    What are we without belief/ "faith" in God's Word? Still sinners in need of salvation...

    So what are the primary false doctrines today (run by Satan-because Satan uses man's religion)? The #1 on my hit list is: 'Being free from the law' and still being able to live the life you lived before salvation. How can you if the Spirit is indwelling in you? YOU CAN'T! There is a CHANGE/ repentance. You will either go mad unto death or it is a false salvation. Trust me I know-I teetered on madness for several years because I tried to ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

    We are free from the 'law' when we are walking in the (Holy) Spirit, devoid of our old nasty selves. How many of us have truly emptied ourselves? It is a thing that must be done from God-a work of the Spirit in our submission to the Spirit. It is our choice how Holy do we want to be. But as a true Christian; seeking Holiness never ends -in this life (and perhaps the next?).

    So what false doctrine do you see destroying mankind? In the Church I would say #2 is 'Theistic Evolution'. Outside the Body of Christ, Evolution in the USA has taken a toll on Western Christianity steering the lost away from the Church. And all the humanistic baggage that is attached with it.
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  7. There's a cliche - "the world is going to hell in a handbasket". And I agree, it has certainly taken to new zeniths every time you look. Good advice: Look at everything. what you read, what you watch, whatever thru the Holy Spirit because even the best intentioned can be fooled. What I find interesting is that the Adversary is preparing the world for the Rapture. Shows like Leftovers and Resurrection are clues to what is being pepared. Millions of people have reported alien abduction experiences by the Greys. Ancient Aliens (TV show) is trying to sell that aliens created us by upgrading hominids/or monkeys to the intelligent human race it now shows itself to be (said with sarcasm). When the rapture happens - it will be said we were all taken by aliens. Hey!! This is fun.

    *****steps off rant box.
  8. My guess is that Satan will use technology to supplement his lack of an omnipotent nature to pull himself off as being our 'savior'. This will include some form of 'extraterrestrial' charade.
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  9. I know ppl that are actively planning this, they told me about it.
  10. I'll byte...what do you mean?
  11. He'll offer immortality through DNA manipulations via some technology, maybe even extraterrestrials - aka demons. It's gonna happen, and they'll hate it, Rev 9:6.
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  12. Belief in aliens is being promoted on TV and all those paranormal books currently all the rage.
  13. Not to alarm anyone, but even the computer I'm typing on is macbook (apple). And the WWW, world wide web, is being used for evil purposes (like a spider). When ppl all connected up, and all bank accounts online...or implanted in people, then it would be easy to flip the switch.

    We just will not be ignorant of satan's devices that's all.
    I reckon, while Jesus protects us we can't be sucked into satan's falsehoods. I think a lot of ppl be asleep or watching tv and playing games when it all happens...and ppl will be so deceived and lulled by tv and internet technology now cos its so hypnotic. We got to be watching and praying and not so reliant on technology that if it gets taken away we stuck. Rely on God, who has more power than all the electricity stations combined.
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  14. We nees to know more! Please, tell us more!
  15. Sometimes I consider evolution, even though I know that it is not true. To cure that, I do not push the thoughts away. I think about them more, and realize how foolish the whole thing is, and how God is the only possible origin that makes absolute sense. Praise God.
  16. This explains why so many people are Apple junkies. Apple isn't even all that good, but people still constantly buy their products. I found that all the things of Satan are bad, not only in a spiritual sense, though. A lot of times, if not all the time, Satan's tools to decieve the world are of poor quality.
  17. This is why the scriptures tell us not to look at the things seen, but at the unseen by faith, and to know no man after the flesh, but after the spirit. Our flesh is the easiest thing to deceive.
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  18. Yea its imitation.
    Real apples grow on trees.
  19. One of my friends, who already has an iphone and laptop, decided to buy an ipad. It was like 600 dollars. You dont really need one if you got all the others.
    I won one as a prize, but I wouldnt buy one.

    She also wanted the one in gold, but its not real gold, just coloured gold. IDK people want all these toys and get all excited, but the novelty wears off quickly. I feel for the workers in china who have to make all this junk. I hear working conditions are terrible.
  20. Its like going to church and you are entering a sound and light show. Where did all this come from? Thats not godly. Jesus not impressed by tricks and deceits.
    I remember one of the guys at church saying oh it would look better if it was in the dark. ???
    Hes in charge of lighting and sound. Since when did Jesus have sound technicians and image makers.
    They spent thousands on sound system, and still got feedback.

    Anyway, thank God for technology, but also that we can do without it and still live.
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