Do you like how CFS is now? Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by NearertoGod, Jul 2, 2008.


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  1. It's great the way it is

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  2. It's fine but needs a few changes

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  4. There's a couple of things that need improvement...

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  1. Do you like how CFS is now? Any suggestions?

    This is a friendly and non-demeaning survery I wanted to conduct to see how people like CFS compared to then from now.

    There are a couple of things that are bothering me, but I'd rather not discuss them publicly. If it worsens I will speak with the staff. ;)

    There is a poll that will be added on.
    If you do not a particular answer in the poll, feel free to write your thoughts out. I want them to be respectful, though, but this is also fun! :D So, we can have a little fun with this, too.
    Any suggestions? Please also put them in this thread. You never know, we may find something! :cool:

  2. I like this website soooooooooooo much. Just hope we can get more information here. Is it possible that we can get some vedio programes here ?
  3. Near, you can talk to me about anything via pm. ;)
  4. I personally can not say how it is now compared to how it was, because when I joined it was very soon there after that the site was changed to this format. I can say though that I am very impressed with this layout, and also more importantly the members. I have been and am a member of several different forums and this site has the best presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    As with everything in this world today, change is an everyday occurrence and it is something that weather or not we like it , it will happen.
  5. Thanks Jeff.

    forgivenWretch, I agree with the bolded part [above] totally.
    That is why I have stayed here longer. I love this forum and its members. This place isn't full of petty rules and people who can't handle anything except to argue and fight with you. I have also run into nasty, snobby staff members at other forums who I am sure when I left their forums talked about me behind my back (which I'm not surprised about).
    I also love this place because I don't have to debate with someone, or ask people to STOP arguing in my thread and return back to the original subject. :)

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