do you know peter

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  1. do you know peter

    Jesus said to peter,whatever you forbid on earth,will be forbidden in heaven.this is God,s word and only he can change scripture,don,t judge me without my response.:(
  2. Peter- oh yeah he was that guy that always put his foot in his mouth- he and I oft have that in common.
    Sorry Mike but you are mistaken in your premise. This was given to all the Apostles and Not One of them has the authority to change the very Word of the living God. To do so would make him an anti--Christ.
  3. what did he say to peter.i,m sure this was said.?maybe translation again.:eek:
  4. you would take a hundred lifetimes to translate the bible,it has changed that much.:eek:
  5. maybe only the elect have the proper translation.:eek:
  6. Am I missing something? I am confused.
  7. Do you not believe the Bible that we use today is the word of God?

    It certainly has been translated from the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) but there has been no deceitful editing and misrepresentations of the text.
  8. can,t be,mine says one thing,but other people tell me it,s wrong.:eek:
  9. That often happens with S.C., don't be surprised. You see, he has his own way of speaking that requires a little more time to understand, and an open mind. :D

    I'm not exactly sure that's what S.C. meant. :) Oh well, it took me a while to understand, too. But he's cool! ;)
  10. mikey, look, some denominations have different interpretations and some brainwash their own followers in that way but some ignorantly tell them wrong information.
    some tell them good information, how do we know? well it's about the feeling we get, I know that sometimes if I say something even though I say that it's right yet a feeling inside tells me no it's not right but I don't always listen to that until I learn more about the subject, so I research it.
    try not to research on catholic websites that's a verse they use to claim that the apostles have the power and therefore peter does and therefore the priests do and pope does, etc..

    research it on a non-biased website that loves God and is into the Bible only and not human interpretation.

    mike you said in another post that a while ago you did not know much but now your eyes are finally being opened. let that not stop here.
    I'll be honest with you I also still don't know the meaning of that verse, I have never really studied it, I might one day, but there are more important things now. let's not make in our minds an image of heaven or of something that is not said in the Bible and does not exist, because that would be called an Idol, which is something God hates.
  11. Aside from the spurious works interjected into your bible the problem is not the words you are reading but the interpretation that you have been taught Mike.
  12. Matthew 18:18 Bible Commentary

    If you take that verse into context you see that some misuse this verse as a key ingriedient to their false doctrine. Any scricpture taken out of context can give the wrong impression.

    "This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us." 1 John 5:14
  13. People have made the mistake of thinking the scricptures could be added to, and wound up deserting God to follow pagan gods, since they took pagan ideas to be 'revelation.' Whole churches have lost their way because they added to, or took away from the Word of God.
  14. There's something that goes like this:

    In the essentials we shold be united,
    when it comes to the non-essentials; diverse,
    and in everything, charity.

  15. Matthew
    16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I
    will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against
    16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and
    whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and​
    whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven
  16. My apologies Cat. I'm so used to other discussion boards where the bible being intentionally changes is a common accusation. I've got to adjust my thinking and realize everyone here is a Christian and has faith in God and his word. What a WONDERFUL adjustment to make!

  17. Amen humble :)
  18. i don,t try to make problems,but there are things we are unaware of,and if all are taught wrong meanings,then we would all be wrong.i have no problem with others diffrent opinions,but does not mean i have to change mine to fit them.sometimes i get frustrated and am sorry if i upset anyone.:groupray:
  19. Thanks , Mike .

    There are a lot of us who do understand you and love you for your different approach but please remember that we have people from around the world here and some even have English as their second I just ask you to read your replys very carefully before you post them .

    I know you don't mean any harm but sensitivity goes a long ways .

    God Bless :heart::heart::smile_anim:
  20. #
    Dear Brother/Sister No!! The earliest manuscripts of the Scriptures, translated today, without reference to any previous translations, would appear with the same message and meaning as they appeared in the first translation. They have not changed.

    The Greek Septuagint (Greek translation of the O.T.) made in 270 BC translates into English with the same meanings as contained in the King James and the NIV translations.

    God has, by His Spirit, kept the translation of the Scriptures pure. What we have to remember is that our own language is a living language and sometimes words change meaning, but with a little care this should not be a problem.

    I am a Classics Scholar, and often go back to the Greek if I am not sure of a particular word, but I can assure you that the main translations keep very, very close to the original meanings.

    As far as binding and loosing are concerned (Matt.18:18), the grammar points to the fact that Jesus is speaking to more than one person (Greek has two ways of saying "you", a singular and a plural), and more importantly look at the context in which he is speaking - regarding a brother who has sinned against you. If all else fails then the matter is brought before the whole Church and the whole Church makes the decision whether or not to exclude the offending person from the Church. It links with the following verse of what two or three agree on earth will be answered from heaven.

    Finally we must remember that all these agreements are made In The Spirit. God's Spirit leads us into all Truth.

    God bless you as we learn together.

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