Do You Have Oil In Your Lamp ?

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  1. Do You Have Oil In Your Lamp ?

    Matthew 25:3-4

    3The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them.
    4The wise, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps.

    The Foolish And THe Wise
    We all know the parable of the ten virgins so this is just little a refresher .

    The wise virgins worshipped God with their hearts and were always ready with " oil in their lamps."

    They were not self righteous but were willing to give Jesus all the glory because of their salvation. But they were also very careful to maintain good works . Their obedience flowed from love and gratitiude .

    The foolish virgins only thought about the outward signs of Christianity and probably went to church , heard a sermon , gave an offering and said repeated prayers . All outward signs but no faith living in their hearts.

    Likewise we should be prepared with the oil of the Holy Spirit in our lamps ready for the return of our Saviour , Jesus Christ. , not sitting around but busy evangelizing for the Kingdom. Working hard is to bring about the purposes of our living for Christ so that we will not be workmen that needeth not be ashamed. , when Jesus comes back .
  2. Good morning Dusty,

    I agree, o that we will be so sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and get to a point in our lives that we don't want to do anything without Him!

    Blessings in Jesus

  3. So true Albert ... I know in my own life when I don't stop first thing in the morning and do my devotions .... the whole day goes amiss. Sometimes we think we can do it ourselves but without the Holy Spirit's guidance , every thing else doesn't fall in to place. He is why we live and we live for Him .
  4. I try to be ready for him at all times.

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