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  1. See the Possibilities

    The waves of the ocean are a powerful force. They have the kind of power that can turn a ship over and bring destruction. On the other hand though they also have the ability to bring peace and joy into your life. The sound of the waves can bring you rest and the feeling of the ocean breeze can bring joy to your heart.
    As you face the situations that are around you my child, you have the opportunity to view them through my eyes. You can see these circumstances as a destructive force to fear, or you can view them through my eyes and see the joy that can come out of this situation.
    For it is easy to see the negative first and when your feelings are down, it is hard to see the joy in your situation. Yet my child, if you would only give me the situation I can turn it around for you!
    The very circumstance that you were sure would crush you can turn around to be a joy in your life! I can work all things together for good, but it is for you to start seeing things through my eyes. When you do this, you take the power away from the enemy and you put it into my hands once again.
    For I want you to walk in power and authority! I want you to walk in victory. So look at the waves that are crashing around you and realize that even though they seem so large, that I can turn them around. See them through my eyes and learn to ride those waves. See how I will take the impossible and turn it around to the point where you rejoice for those waves!
    I will turn all things together for good my child. Only put them into my hands and trust me. Then you will feel my peace deep in your spirit and you will look forward to the future ahead, says the Lord.

    Colette Toach
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  2. Watch out for the Stones

    It only takes a few stones on the road to trip you up or to destroy the wheels of a vehicle. They do not need to be big, but it is often the small and sharp stones that cause the most damage without you realizing it. You will be driving along, when suddenly your car veers off and you realize that your wheels are punctured.
    In the same way, the enemy does not always come as a lion, but often comes to put small stones in your path to trip you up. He will come with his lies and his fear. He will come with his accusations and although they seem like small things, if you keep trying to press on without dealing with them, they will take you off the road that I have put you on my child.
    With each little lie and accusation whispered in your ear, he will start to steal the life that I have given to you. So be aware of those little stones. When you are looking for them, they are easily found. Weed them out of your life and put them aside before you press forward once again. If you try to keep going without dealing with these things, you will find discouragement at your door.
    This is what happened to you so many times in the past. As you kept going, suddenly something happened to discourage and demotivate you. So rise up now child and remove these things from your life. Overcome the voice of the enemy and the fear that he would try to fill your mind with.
    Pick up the sword of my spirit and overcome. As you do this and clear all of these things, you will be able to take hold of the promises that I have given to you again. Then you can start moving forward again knowing that you will head for success.
    The enemy will no longer have anything to discourage you with. Then surely you will overcome, says the Lord. Amen.

    Colette Toach
  3. Stand in My Blood

    Can you hear the sound of the battle cry my child? For it is indeed time to go to war and to take back the land that the enemy has stolen from you. You do not have to sit and watch as what I have given to you is taken away.
    For your warfare is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers in high places! So rise up now and pick up your sword and overcome. Speak my word and stand with the shield of faith and then watch as you overcome.

    For you do not stand in your own name or in your own strength, but you stand in my blood and the enemy has to bow. If you stood in your own ability and in your own righteousness, then you would surely fail.

    But you do not stand in your own righteousness, but in mine. You stand in the knowledge that I already defeated the enemy many years ago. All you need to do now is to stand in my blood and to tell him to return to you what is rightfully yours.

    So many of my people just allow him to get away with his theft and destruction. They simply accept the bad things that happen and allow him to escape as a thief with the good blessings that I have given to them.

    Now is the time to make your stand child. To stand in authority and not to accept the theft any longer. For you rule and reign with me and when you realize this, then you will see that the enemy has no ground to do what he has in your life. So stand now in faith. Stand in my blood and see me work mightily on your behalf in this time of warfare says the Lord.

    Colette Toach
  4. A Hidden Work

    Just as a master builder does not start building a home from the roof down, but starts at the very foundation, so I am working in your life. You have asked me why I am digging so deep inside of your heart. This my child, is where your foundation lies. It is your attitude, your motives and your desires that every work of your hand produces stands on. If your foundation is strong, then whatever you put your hands to, will bear fruit.

    What I am doing in you right now is building that foundation in you for success. You cannot see it happening in the natural, you cannot see the fruit of it by the works of your hands, but you have felt me working below the surface, deep within. It is this foundation that I am building into you.

    Unless it is strong, unless you are rooted in love and in faith, how can your building stand when the winds come and when the storms beat against your home? You cannot. Just as a foundation takes time to build and you cannot see the building just yet, so I am working in you. As I finish this foundation, so then I can begin to build… then the building will come up quickly and those around you can see the great work that I have done in you.

    But let this process do its perfect work. Let this foundation be laid brick by brick. Then as it is laid, you can feel secure that whatever you build on top of it, will not be in vain. Your foundation will remain and no matter what happens, it will stand and you will always be able to rebuild on top of it. Amen.
  5. A Prophetic Prayer

    Today as I waited on the Lord, I saw someone sinking as though they were caught in a whirlpool and were being sucked down under the water. So I want to speak of word of prayer on your behalf.

    If you find yourself in this situation right now, your problems are overwhelming you and you do not know where to turn, then stop and let go, and I am going to stand with you in prayer that the Lord will perform that miracle you have been waiting for.

    Father I believe that what you showed me applies to many of your children right now. So I want to send forth your word now on behalf of the person who is reading this email. I want to speak blessing and deliverance to you right now in Jesus' Name. For the right arm of the Lord is revealed against the works of darkness, and He will fight for you.

    The Lord says,

    "My child I have seen your travail and your sorrow. I have seen how you have struggled, yet find yourself slipping deeper and deeper into despair. You have cried out for help, but no help has come. And now there seems to be no way out.

    "But I have heard your cry says the Lord, and I am rising up to fight for you. Do not keep your eyes fixed on the difficulties you face, but keep your eyes fixed on Me alone. And take My strong arm, for it will not be moved. And as you hold close to Me, you cannot be moved.

    "And though the storms of life may beat upon you, I will hold you close to Me, and I will protect you. For I am sending help to you in a way that you might not see right now. But as you continue to hold on by putting your faith fully in Me, you will soon see the way out.

    "Do not give up says the Lord. Do not believe the lies of the enemy when he tells you that I have forgotten you and that I do not care. For I have never left you. I have seen what you are going through, and I have made a plan to rescue you.

    "Keep a spirit of praise and hold on tight, for the storm will soon be over, and the waters will calm down, a gentle breeze will blow, and you will once again find yourself on solid ground.
    "And then you will find that the storm has in fact brought you to a new place. You will find yourself in a better place that you were and the future will look much brighter than it did in the past."

    Thank you Lord for your promise. I send forth the decree into the earth now in the Name above all Names. I speak to the forces of darkness that have been arrayed against this child of God and I tell you to fall back now and retreat. I release the forces of heaven to do battle now and to bring the victory.

    Thank you Lord for your ring of protection now, and for your wonderful provision. I know that you alone will receive honor and glory for this.

    In Jesus' Name
  6. The Uphill Is Nearly Over

    When you started up this hill you thought you could climb it easily. But after a time the going became more difficult, and now you are struggling to keep going. You want to stop and give up, and the enemy is there doing his best to discourage you and make you feel a failure.

    But look behind you My child and see the progress that you have made. Look down and see how much ground you have gained since you began this climb. Then look ahead, and you will see that the top of the hill is not far ahead.

    Take My hand and let me lead you the rest of the way, for when you reach the top of the hill you will come to a place that you forgot existed. You will see new things, and suddenly the heavy load that you have been carrying will no longer seem so heavy any more.

    You did not make a mistake climbing this hill, for it is I who led you to this place. Not to place a heavy burden on you, but to lead you up to a higher place in Me, and a greater experience of My glory.

    So do not regret that difficulties along the way. For as a woman who births a new child soon forgets the pain and sorrow and rejoices in the new gift of life she has received, so you will soon look back on this time with joy and not sorrow. And you will be glad, not only that you started this journey, but that did not stop or give up.

    Press on now My child, and make one last effort to finish this course that lies before you. And though it might feel even more difficult than the way you have been already, it will not last forever, but will soon be over.

    Then we will rejoice together, and you will enter into a new level of joy in Me. And new ways will open up before you, as I lead you into new things that you are now more able to do. For as you have climbed this mountain, you have increased your strength. And when the mountain is no longer slowing you down, you will suddenly accelerate and move forward at a faster rate than you have ever known before.

    God Bless :)
  7. The Storm has Ceased!

    The sun is rising even now in the spiritual realm to declare a new day, a new start in your life. The time of winter is over and the time of rain and storm is coming to an end as this new day dawns, says the Lord.

    You have cried out to me for new life, you have cried out to me for a new way. You have sought me for a long season and at times wondered if I was there and if I heard you. All you saw was the clouds and the lightning and all you heard was the wind and the thunder. You wondered if I had forgotten about you.

    My child, no matter how hard the storm rages in your life, I never ever forget you or put you to the side. I never leave you nor forsake you. I have heard every single one of your cries and I have been working behind the scenes to make your desires come to pass.

    You see, what you didn't realize while the storm was raging, what you didn't see because you were so focused on the storm, was that I was preparing things for you. Many things grew in you just like the flowers grew on the field and the trees started to bloom again even when the storm was blowing hard.

    Many things have been put into place and now as my sun shines once again and a new season starts, all these things will come into the foreground. All the hard times you pushed through while you were in the middle of the storm, will now turn into such blessing.

    You will look back and say wow, the Lord has been there all along. It was just me who didn't realize what was happening. It was just me who was too focused on the trouble. You will say: the Lord has done so much and He has given me so much. You will receive a new joy as the sun rises and shines its light onto all these hidden treasures and makes all these seeds that were planted during the storm sprout.

    My child I love you and I have never left you. Look up and rejoice now, for resurrection is at hand. The storm has passed and a new day has come. Give me your heart afresh and run off into the fields with much joy, says the Lord.
    God Bless :)

    Prophet Denise Jordan
  8. The Lord Will Break Through

    As you walk through life there are many voices talking to you and many noises that surround you. In these moments it is hard to hear my voice and you might even feel confusion in the way that you should go. Do not be afraid though my child, because if you only put your trust in me, I am able to cut through the noise.

    I know that at times you strain to hear me and the voices on the outside are so strong that they drown out what I am trying to say. So come to me then and trust me to break through the noise. When you can let go of your own striving and struggling and simply trust me to get through to you, a big load will lift from your shoulders and you will suddenly realize that it is for me to get through to you.

    All I require of you is faith my child. I do not require you to perform or to listen harder. Rather just trust in me. My servant Abraham trusted in me and even when he went the wrong way, I could step in and lead him once again in the right direction. In the same way, put your trust completely in me. Surrender to me. Allow me to get through to you.

    When you throw yourself at my mercy, I will not let you fall. Instead I will pick you up, speak into your ear and then show you the way that you need to go. So reach out, not with your efforts, but with simple faith and I will not disappoint you, says the Lord.

    Collette Toach
  9. Yes, I have storm in my life. For the past years, I have been suffering because of me brother's doing. He got addicted to some drugs that he almost ruined not only his life but most of our lives. And up to now, he still wasn't recover from those damages that he made to himself and to us. But I just can't ignore him, since he is my brother.Up to now, there is still time that I still experienced this storm in life because of him. I am just prying that God is still besides us.
  10. Heavenly Father, our Creater, YHWH, may Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Help us this day and may Your will be ours. Fortify a hedge of protection from our enemies, especially for Ian and his family. We so deeply appreciate everything you do for us, and I hope and pray that You Father share in the great joy we have in knowing You. Amen.
  11. Hebrews 13:5
    King James Version (KJV)
    5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
  12. And I say that same prayer today for dumpster man!
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  13. Look Up

    When the day is clear and the skies are blue, you cannot help but feel joy in your heart. In the same way I want to give you a clear day in the spirit today my child. Unfortunately though so often you are looking down at where you are walking instead of looking up towards the sky.

    So often you are analyzing what you are doing and if you are doing the right thing, that you forget to simply look up to me and to take my hand. For I am the one that is leading you and I am the one that is opening the clouds in front of you. However, if you never look up to see the good things that I am doing then you will not experience the joy that I have for you!

    So look up! Do not get bogged down with getting it right or by trying so hard. Look up and trust that I am opening up the way ahead of you. Have more faith in my ability to see you through than in your own to walk this road. For although I have called you to walk this way my child, it is I that made the road and it is I that am opening the skies before you.

    Never forget that I hold this world in my hands and if I could create it, then I am also well able to lead you in the way that I have for you today. So look up and let my hope start to fill your heart. You will see that I have never let you go and that I did not forget about you.

    You will see that I have gone ahead of you to prepare the way and that I have paved the road for you. You will see that I have taken everything into account. So look up and rejoice, for I am making the skies clear for you this day my child. Amen.

    Colette Toach
  14. Walk in Wisdom

    Even as a mother who carries a child inside her womb doesn't run around to do exhausting tasks, so should you not run around taking care of things that will harm what I am birthing inside of you. My child, stay in my presence and tap into the wisdom that I have placed inside of you. Do not just take on any task just because you see that it needs doing. Be wise about it and discern in your spirit what needs to be done.

    A mother is aware of the child inside and she wants to make sure that she protects that life more than anything else. She will walk circumspectly with everything she touches and also with everything she eats. So am I calling you to walk circumspectly as well.

    Do not just feed on anything that presents itself before you but be discerning. Refer to my word and evaluate carefully. Know that I am right there by your side and that I have what you do not have inside of yourself.

    Just take my hand and let me guide you. Do not be driven by any need, but be driven by my wisdom, says the Lord. Look to me for everything. Let me show you each day what I want you to do so that you may escape the snares of the enemy. Cling to me and you will know when you need to do what, says the Lord.

    God Bless!!
  15. keep your focus on the heavenly and not the worldly, and you will do well ..
    for all that is of the world, cannot save you ..
    God never promised us protection from the world, but rather protection of your soul if you love Him ..

    God Bless you ..
  16. Here's another one guys. Definitely a word in time for me. I hope this blesses you :)

    Do Not Regret the Pruning

    It is only the vine that bares fruit that I will prune my child, so do not get discouraged if you suddenly find me pruning you. It is true that you value the things more that you paid a price for and although you often face trying situations, it is when you overcome them in my name that you will surely appreciate what I have done in your life.

    So count it all joy when you face persecution or difficult times, for they are opportunities waiting to happen. They were not sent your way to burden you my child, but to prune you! The purpose is not to take away from you, but rather to bring out more fruit in your life.

    So do not compare yourself to others. Do not look at others and wonder why they seem to get away with things that you cannot. Do not wonder why you have to face hard times when others seem to escape these pressures.

    It is because I saw fruit in you my child that you are being pruned. It is because I saw the good in you and the efforts in you that I have put my hand on you - not for harm, but for growth. For the moment of travail will be short compared to the grandness of the fruit that will come from you.

    So press on forward my child. Embrace the pruning and the pressures. Look at them as opportunities and see that there is a goal to head towards.

    As you do this, you will find the strength you need to overcome. You will find the anointing that you need and in this you will discover that greatness awaits. Amen.
  17. The Silence is Sweet

    In a modern world it is hard to find a place where you cannot hear any kind of noise. It is like living next to a busy road. After a while you drown out the sound of the road, but just because you have drowned it out, does not mean that it stopped! In the same way there are many voices and a lot of noise that has made it hard for you to hear my voice.

    There are voices all around you telling you what to do, judging your actions and causing you to run in many directions. Over time you get so used to these voices that you start to drown them out and forget that they are there. It is only in the pure silence of my presence that you will realize how much has been coming at you.

    For what you do not realize is that all this noise has caused your spiritual ears to become hard of hearing. It makes it more difficult to get into my presence and to receive direction from me. My child, I have not stopped speaking to you. Instead all the other noise around you had drowned out my voice.

    So find a moment to come to me today and to sit in the silence for a little while. I do not need you to perform or even to say anything. I do not need you to try to put on a show or prove your worthiness to me. Instead I only desire for you to run to the safe harbor of my presence and to quiet all the other voices. Then in the silence, you will begin to sense my spirit afresh. You will begin to hear my voice clearly again and receive hope for your future. For it is only in the silence of my presence that you will receive the peace and hope you need. So come to peace now. Taste the sweetness of my silence and know that I am here to fill you once again with my peace says the Lord. Amen

    - Colette

    God Bless you
  18. Yes, I feel like hell now..I can't sleep. Pls just pray, if you don't mind.

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