Do you believe someone can be beyond salvation?

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by blessed, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Do you believe someone can be beyond salvation?

    Someone I know believes that one contact of mine who I care about is beyond saving, beyond salvation, that this person has turned their back on God for good and thats the end of it. I know God gave us free will too but do you really believe that there can come a point when there is no more hope for someone lost? Im really hoping people will say no and that theres always hope and God can move anywhere but if you really and truly believe that when someone says no they can close off all hope of them ever coming to christ then why and when do you think you could say that of someone?

    Also, should I not be praying for the person if I have feelings for them? I got the impression from someone else that they thought I shouldnt pray for the person as I might mistake my own thoughts for what God wants if ive feelings for the person. I am very careful to weigh things up though.
  2. Hmm .. well .. i was pretty far gone at one point or another in my life . the guy who told me about Christ years earlier gave up . but God did not give up on me .. so i never shake the dust off my shoes . i may get discouraged . complain .. and get irritated . but don't give up .

    as for having feelings for someone . regardless of the type of feelings . quite often there's an attachment to a particular outcome . so objectivity is lost . and the element of surrender is quite often compromised also . speaking of myself .
  3. He can save to the unttermore. Nothing is too hard for God. He said whosoever will come. So if they want to be saved they can be. He will deal with a person for a long time to bring them to Himself. As long as you feel impressed to pray for them then you should. No one knows but God when the point is that they will never come back to Him.
  4. God has told us to pray for one another and to stop just because some one tells you is not in my mind a reason . We need to listen to the Holy Spirit and not people . We are not the final judge .... God is .

    I think tha tis the problem with a lot of Christians They run to others instead of taking it to God . I know cause I did that as well but over the years have learned that if you go to God first and then maybe ask others to pray , He will honour that .

    As far as saying the person can never be saved ... we cannot say that . Only God can . We do not know what is in the person' heart . We do not know how down the line the seeds that have been planted will flourish . and grow and be watered by some one else . That is not our place . Some might take longer than others , some might take a life time but continue to pray cause the prayers of a rightious man availeth much . Salvation is up to God .
  5. Amen Dusty .

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