Do Women Take To God As Father Easier Than Men?

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  1. Firstly apologies if I went a little quiet in the past couple of days, lots of things have happened lately. This question is something I've seen come up many times and each time it seems to add weight to the belief that women seem to find it so easy to relate to God as a Father than SOME men. I've met men who struggle so deeply to relate to God as a father due to their past but yet when I talk to women, some with horrible pasts with their fathers, they instantly bond to the Lord so easily in this respect. Your views, stories and opinions would be really interesting.

    God bless you all as always.....
  2. It's been my experience that indeed women are more receptive spiritually than men. That's not to say they're better, just that they're more receptive to the Holy Spirit than men. My spiritual mentor and my wife will pick truths up much faster and I or my mentor's husband. I believe that it is the nurturing side of women that naturally crave El Shaddai (God Almighty - literally the nurturing breasts of God) like a child to the mother. They can relate to it more easily than men for the most part. Just my two cents...
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  3. When I was a child, G-d as a Father never got through to me. I thought He and Mother were just alike, and I didn't like either of them. I did everything I could think of to make sure i wouldn't spend eternity with Him, until I was 14.
  4. I am not sure, but maybe this question could be answered by looking at Gen when the Lord said to the woman....

    Gen 3:16 The LORD God said to the woman, "I will greatly increase your pain when you give birth. You will be in pain when you have children. You will long for your husband. And he will rule over you."

    Her desire would be to her husband whether physical or spiritual was something the Lord placed in woman because of her being deceived by Satan, and now wanting to be ruled and protected by her husband so that would never happen again. I am just guessing at this as I have never really thought about it before. I think, and I am only guessing, I think women want, and need to feel safe and protected by her husband in their marriage. This could be why women seem to be more sensitive to the things of God than men who are more logical minded. Who else is able to protect one from the evil things of this world more than the Lord God Almighty?

    Isa 54:5 For your Maker is your husband-- the LORD Almighty is his name-- the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth.
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    Yeah because society makes Christianity seem weak and to be an acceptable male in society you have to be strong. You know the stereotype is "men are tough and need no one and women can open up to anyone blah blah blah". It's just an obstacle to try to make it harder for people to reach Jesus.
  6. I would say both sexes take to God = Father the same after being saved. The difference comes in with men simply being less emotional / sensitive / spiritual / have less 'deep' prayer. Woman talk like they see visions and dream dreams daily, which they likely do.
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  7. I honestly think men are the same emotional/sensitive/spiritual as women, it is just hidden because of society deeming it as weak.
  8. Then again it all depends on the person though, each person is different
  9. It's difficult for me to say. I've always had a very good relationship with my father and continue to have a great relationship with him. I can understand if men struggle with viewing God that way if their own fathers were absent in some way.

    Though I don't know too much about the gender divide on this.
  10. Welcome back! I hope everything is working out good.. A very good question.. For which I think we will never get an answer.. I totally see your point.. From a wordly perspective, I think there is a difference in relationship between father-daughter, father-mother relationship. There is absolutely no doubt. How much impact does that have in the relationship between God and us? I think it will certainly have some impact on our relationship.. Of course God does not see man and women any differently.. Only we look at God slightly differently.. I come from India.. There women are not treated equal to men in most parts of the country.. Most of the married women are dependent on their husband for a living.. I find women having a greater trust on God for all their needs.. Whereas men (including me) have a tendency to take things into their own hands.. Women have increased burden when they see bad things happening.. Men don't get that burden easily..
  11. Absolutely agree, I have in our circle some tremendous Christian women who are very balanced and spiritually minded, they can put us men to shame sometimes but they just seem so responsive to God....
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  12. You've got a real interesting perspective coming from where you do and that is so interesting and I agree, us men do tend to take things into our own hands instead of trusting the Lord. My wife from day-one, just seemed to have a great trust in God that I just couldn't experience at the time even through she had a very difficult relationship with her own father. She just seemed to fall into God's hands and has stayed there ever since.
  13. Hi Tez, oh I missed you, your so open and to the point. Thanks for that!
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  14. Hello and thanks for taking the time to comment, you make a lot of good points, especially the part about security and logical minded. Someone once said to me that men tend to look at the bigger picture and women tend to look at the details, why men and women are so suited together in a relationship. I guess as a man I tend to look at God at times in a logical way, Sharon just sees him as her Father....
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  15. Like! Your right, I was brought up to be tough and not show emotion or weakness, when I look back it was pretty pathetic but we are Scottish, it's the way we talk. I think I was always more comfortable with God as my Lord, i could do the yes sir and no sir but when Jesus started to come close, I struggled to deal with that level of love. Again my wife, despite having a difficult relationship with her father responded so much more deeply and quickly than me.
  16. Hello KinkJ and I hope you are well. We've been a bit busy lately, missed you guys...I think your right, men are for the most part less emotional and sensitive at least outwardly but then isn't this the way we've been conditioned. My Dad expected toughness and I don't plan on making the same mistake with my son....God bless....
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  17. Hello and I hope you are well. So glad to hear of one who has a great relationship with their Dad, mine is good now but that only really began in my twenties. Not sure if there's a gender divide as such, it just seems to me that women respond much more quickly if you like to God as a Father figure, it took me ages!
  18. I think it depends on an individual's perception of and relationship toward God.
  19. Hi bud. Welcome back!

    Its the way God made us. There is no toughness with God. We are all ants. But we are different creations. There will be significant differences in how we respond to a relationship with God.
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  20. Depends on the person, not gender.

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