Do not ask God only for power

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  1. Do not ask God only for power

    Do not ask God only for power. Many a Christian has his own plan of working, but God must send the power. The man works in his own will, and God must give the grace - the one reason why God often gives so little grace and so little success. But let us all take our place before God and say:
    "What is done in the will of God the strength of God will not be withheld from it; what is done in the will of God must have the mighty blessing of God."
    And so let our first desire be to have the will of God revealed.

    Andrew Murray
  2. He already knows what you need before you even ask Him with your lips. He's wonderful.

    I was always taught: Don't ask God for what you want; ask Him for what you need. There's a big difference there.;)
  3. Yes for sure WW ... there is a difference. In other words don't ask Him for your greeds but for your needs.

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