Do Lutherans Have Somthing Equivalent To The Knights Of Columbus

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  1. Last year when I had returned to the Catholic church one of the things I was interested in was the Knights of Columbus. Since I have left the Catholic Church, I can no longer pursue becoming a Knight.

    Is there a Lutheran equivalent by chance?
  2. There are the Lutheran Franciscans, but no other "orders". The so called "Reformers" were not too fond of the idea of religious orders and pretty muched banned them amongst Protestants.
  3. Well, that kinda stinks!
  4. What is a knight of Columbus? How does it fit in the body of Christ? Is it biblical?



    I do believe that they are biblical, even if the KofC is a Catholic organization. As for fitting into the body of Christ, I believe the link will answer that for you.
  6. The Knights of Columbus are a fraternal order of Roman Catholic men who organize together
    to sponsor various charities within their community and promote the Christian Faith.
    The KoC have thousands of Chapters around the world.
    Sort of like the Masons but without the secrecy and satanic symbolism.

    Whether it is "Biblical" or not is meaningless. Forks are not "Biblical", but I bet you eat with one.
  7. Ok...... Not biblical but an off shoot of the church of rome like the knights templar, knights of malta, and so on.
    Just never heard of it before........


  8. We will have to agree to disagree on whether or not they are biblical.
  9. Why do we have to disagree? I have read my bible and I do not recall any of the such. I would like see the scriptures that support what you are saying.
    We are told we can not add to nor deminish from....
    We are told if anyone preaches another gospel.......

  10. Because I am not going to argue with you about it.
  11. Can't you comprehend that what you are griping about has NOTHING TO DO with the issue at hand?

    The Bible is not the "BIG BOOK OF EVERYTHING". It is a guide to salvation, no less, and NO MORE.
    There is nothing that the KoC have ever done that adds to or diminishes from the Bible. They are just as fond of the Bible as you are.
    They are not "preaching another gospel". "Gospel" BTW refers to the "good news", and does not refer to the Bible, which did not exist at the time.
  12. I asked the question if it was biblical......... that answer was no. Thank you for your input. Acts 17:11 speaks of those that welcome the word but search the scriptures to see if it lines up............ this did not......... the only fruit from this thread is I know what a knight of columbus is....

  13. Kmart isn't in the Bible so I guess we should stop shopping there. My Ford isn't in the Bible, I will stop driving it. In fact the Lutheran, Assembly of God etc... aren't in the Bible so I guess stop going to church. Your point @Ph8th is coming from someone who just wants to find evil under every rock.
  14. Amonishing the division of the Church is in the bible......... So why are there so many sects calling themselves Christian?......... Jus so we do not lose sight .... I just wanted to know what a knight of columbus was and whether it was biblical or not. I really do not care if you sacrafice chickens just do not call it christianity.

  15. Which is why I didn't want to argue the with him.

    There are many other things which aren't in the Bible. The internet that he is using isn't in the Bible. The computer or phone that he is using to access the internet as well as the keyboard isn't in the Bible. I can go on and on.

    I may not be Catholic anymore, but I recognize the good that the Catholic church does as well as the Knights of Columbus and doing good and helping out each other is certainly a Biblical concept.
  16. At what point did anyone say KoC were anything other than Christian?
  17. I never said they weren't. I am not looking for evil under every rock. I do not appreciate you attaching this to me. The name KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS sounds like a militant group and that is why I questioned it to start with.

  18. What you seem to be incapable of grasping is that the statement "it's not Biblical" has no meaning to a rational person in this context.

    It is the logical equivalent of looking at your lunch and saying "it's not Euclidean"
  19. My fighting days are over ..........
    You are welcome to continue if you would like
    again thank you for your input

  20. got hot fast. I dunno about men's groups being a woman and all. Wasn't the KofC started to counter Masonry? Aren't the shriners doing good too? Look for mission statements for organizations you may wish to join. The link given doesn't have one and it seems the org is taking glory for doing good things. Just sayin'.

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