Do Jesus Miracles Seem Hard to Believe ?

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Dusty, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Do Jesus Miracles Seem Hard to Believe ?

    The pharsees did not believe and that is why they missed Jesus in their life.

    Unlike people's lives today we find the so called " Wise " question and doubt Christ's work not for lack of evidence but they do not want to believe His works.

    God can defy the laws of time and space because He created them. Miracles are easily within God's power to perform . Remember we serve a powerful God who is the same yesterday today ,tomorrow. and forever.

    John 9 : 1----- 41.

    Do some people want to doubt Christ's work ? Even Christ's followers doubted because they asked " Teacher whose sin caused this man's blindness --- his own or his parents. ?" And Jesus answered " It is not this man's sin or his parents that made him blind , This man was born blind so that God's power could be shown in him ".

    How often do we say that this person's sickness is because of sin or their parents sin ? Clearly Jesus said it is not so and we do not know why some are healed and others not but must leave that up to God as He knows best . Our responsibility is to pray for them no matter what the situation.
  2. Good words that need to be remembered. Thank you, Dusty.
  3. One thing that all of Gods miracles have in common is that they were given to develop saving faith.

    Someone asked me once if I "really believed" all of those miracles in the Bible. To be honest, I don't understand why some people find them hard to believe.

    Parting water, making eyes that were originally designed to see, see again, making ears that were designed to hear, hear again. Bushes burning and not burning up, having really awesome timing....

    These aren't even descent parlor tricks to Almighty God the creator of all things.

    But when I see a 10 year old die, and the parents make it through, they find the strength in their faith to pull through a situation like that... WOW! Now THAT's a miracle.

    Or when a person who has been kicked, spat upon and abused all their life hears the Word of God and comes to the faith, and trusts in Jesus as a personal friend and savior, Again, Those miracles really grab my full attention.

    If God were to re-arrange the stars and spell out; "I am Here" in the sky, there would still be those who would refuse to believe, who would call it a coincidence, or an optical illusion.

    But when a non believer comes to the faith, or when a believer holds to the faith in the midst of tribulation, That's the stuff real miracles are made of! :)

  4. Amen and that's why we serve a big God who is bigger than all our problems.

    I was focusing on the blind man in John 9 where Jesus not only heals his blind eyes , he saved his soul and the man was healed from physical blindness as well as spiritual blindness which like you said is an even greater miracle. His parents said we know he was born blind but now he can see.

    When Jesus asked the blind man " Do you believe in the Son of Man ? ' the man said " Lord I believe."

    The the song comes to mind and the movie "Amazing Grace" I once was blind but now I see. When we come to Jesus our blindness is lifted by the power of the cross and we can see spiritually.

  5. You know what's hard for me to believe? That we don't see more miracles today. It's only because of our unbelief, for he gave us the power to perform miracles if we believe.

    Ask and you shall receive...
    Knock and it shall be opened
    Whatever you ask in my Father's name it shall be granted to you.

    Many, many promises...
  6. Amen again- the supernatural should be quite natural for a Christian.
  7. Amen , Don. And even tonight as we are told in the scripture to stay connected to the vine , Christ Jesus .... if we are really connected and know the heart of God we can ask Him for anything just as a child asks their earthly Father. He is still the same as He was in Bible times. Only believe.
  8. This is good to here that we all agree, as the old song goes there is power in the Blood. No one can deny that power no matter how hard they try.
  9. Since Jesus is God, I have no problem believing His miracles.
  10. I was just reading the definition of " miracle " and it says
    1... An extraordinary event , inexplicable in terms of ordinary natural forces.

    2.... an even that causes the observeres to postulate a superhuman personal cause

    3 ...An event that constitutes evidence ( a sign of ) implications much wider than the event itself.

    Miracles of God must be distinguished from the miracles of Satanic or demonic origin and should be distinguished from works of magic ( Math 24 : 24 ; 2 Thess. 2 :9 ; Rev. 13 : 14 ; 16: 14 ; 19 : 20 )

    Genuine miracles are always signs that teach a lesson. Every miracle of God is a part of God's great integrated system of revealed truth.

    In miracles of God the results depend wholly on the divine will , and the one who works the miracle is simply God's agent.

  11. Amen .... There definately is power in Blood and I love that old song there is power power ,power in the Blood of the Lamb .... The precious Blood of the Lamb. Thanks.:jesus-sign::jesus-cross::read-bible::heart::heart:
  12. Hello,
    As believers we should be surprised when miracles are not taking place. We are Ambassadors sent from a Kingdom where these occurrencies are what is normal.
    The Bible says miracles are one amongst the basics. For nonbelievers. A nonbeliever has the option of founding his faith upon what shocks by its supreme power of creation, love, heal deadly diseases, hold the entire universe to position (Since the universe doesn't have a brain of its own.)ect. All these unrelated things have a place they meet: In Prayer, which therefore becomes a clue to the nonbeliever, on how to go about solving the puzzle of what is in control of all, that is. The destination would be God Almighty. Only let him not end up subjecting God to a power, like they said; Jesus is able to do the miracles by the powers of the god of flies, to which Christ knew they have the truth necessary already, the will power is theirs.
    If anybody finds the miracles of Jesus which have lasted todate all through to future hard to believe, he is defensive of an oppositional force and is called upon to yield himself first to the powers of the Creator since he is created of Him, then make every considerations aided by the source of all powers.=Charles
  13. Dusty, you said:

    In miracles of God the results depend wholly on the divine will , and the one who works the miracle is simply God's agent.

    Doesn't our faith have anything to do with a miracle, our own faith, like the woman who wanted to touch the hem of His garment? I've always struggled with miracles today and healing. They seem to have no problem in Third World countries. I think that is because they don't have all the distractions like TV and even computers to deal with. They simply have the faith of a child, which is hard for us here in the U.S. We don't see many miracles anymore.
  14. Honestly God loves to use a vessel who walks in faith but the power and the glory are His. He spoke and the heaven and earth came into being. He does not need us nor does He really need the faith (which He gave us) but He delights in using His children to glorify His Name.
  15. We also do not know the will of God and why some are healed and others not and like in James 2: 24.....
    You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.

    I don't think it has anything to do with distractions. I think is devotion to God and His word and believing His promises. People here are so caught up in evey day living that they forget to put God first and at the center of everything they do.

    Having been on the mission field, yes the Faith of the people is greater and their belief because they are poor and God also says blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall see the kingdom of God . They are poor in earthly treasures but are wealthy in God's eyes because they put heir hope and their trust wholly in Him and depend upon Him for their daily bread , not only physically but spiritually.

    Also it says in .........James 2 : 5.......

    Listen, my dear brothers: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?

    God is still on the throne today in North America and we would see more miracles if we stopped and took the time to worship Him in spirit and truth.

    Great question , Bonnie and I hope I have explained it a little . Blessing to you .

    Only believe.

  16. Hi all i hope I am not out of line when i say, Jesus today still does the same miracles. But as for me and what Jesus has told me, to me its not a maracle at all, its the way its meant to be. For a christian to say its a maricle, is a statment that we are not use to such things. But as a member of His house hold we inherit all that jesus was and is, we once were orphans, and God took us in and said make yourself at home, but we like any orphan, sit on a chair, we become nervous to move freely, its only in time we relax and know what we have been given. wow imagine if we just got of that chair and ran with the gifts God gives us, really believed in it. I see the power and wonder of jesus Christ everyday, and love being apart of the love.

    Love you all, in his service

    T Man
  17. Good Posting TMan and welcome to the forum:goodpost::goodpost::welcome:


  18. This is for Bonnie .

  19. I have never disagreed with that - I only believe that faith must be the source of the woks, otherwise they are mere mental assent and dead religion.:)

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