Do Christians Need Guns?

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  1. Again....WOW!

    My wife and I go to Tenn. to visit her brother in Marysville. If you would post the location of that park, I would love to go!
  2. No, never have before now. I'm learning about it now though! [emoji41]

    I never knew NSB before a couple of years ago. Always surfed Cocoa Beach south to Sebastian. Got married and moved out here since my inlaws have a second home/condo here and they will eventually retire here. Lakeland is my hometown. Good ol' redneck Polk County!
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  3. From the day he registered for the draft until he returned from the war on May 29, 1919, York kept a diary of his activities. In his diary, York wrote that he refused to sign documents provided by his pastor seeking a discharge from the Army on religious grounds and refused to sign similar documents provided by his mother asserting a claim of exemption as the sole support of his mother and siblings. He also disclaimed ever having been a conscientious objector.
    - Sergeant York Patriotic Foundation: Sgt. Alvin C. York's Diary: November 17, 1917

    He was literate.

    Much of the movie of York, like the movie about WWII hero Murphy was dramatised to sell tickets.

    They took a bit of creative license, Hollywood speak for lying.
  4. Well Alvin, himself took care to make sure they represented the truth and of course there may be some creative license but this movie is a very good representation of this man and the events that occured in his life.
  5. Marysville or Maryville?
  6. I am not sure. Marysville I think. It is the one just south of Knoxville.
  7. That would be Maryville, or as us locals call it Mur vul.
  8. Thank my brother. My brother in law woks for a Mobil home manufacturer there. It is the one that gave the "Duck Commander" Uncle Si a mobile home but I can not recall the name.
  9. Probably Clayton Homes.
  10. Yes, that is it!!!
  11. I guess that whole 'thou shalt not murder' thing written by Moses from God is just a an old fashioned notion and we should be able to kill at will then...

    I would say God gave us life when He did not need to create anything-but since He did create mankind and 'saw that it was good'; maybe our 'right to life' as a gift IN Christ is an inhertance...not earned.

    Just saying; lest any man take it away from us....

    or we should be more like Christ and give our lives-inherited- back to Him in service; but not to be so bold (prideful) that we give it away on a whim or a 'wind of doctrine'.
  12. The point is that because of sinful nature we MURDERED The King at Calvary with our sinning.

    So for the crime of murder, we deserve death. It is the ONLY thing we have right to.

    Not food, not shelter, not wealth, not freedom, not peace, not anything.

    God gives these things because he wants better for us than we deserve.

    Just like he gives us Grace, a stay of execution.
  13. To be clear, the commandment condemns murder not self defense.
    When we are created in the image and likeness of God, and we are literally houses of the holy when we embody the holy spirit as Christians, are we to allow someone to desecrate that what God has given us? Are we to hold life that God granted so cheaply that we'd stand idle and allow evil to rip it from us?

    Or, our loved ones? Should we stand still and allow someone to murder, violate the commandment of God, our family?

    How would we answer to God for that when it comes time? Which would most likely be right after we watch our family be slaughtered. Because evil that would do that, and happily so meeting no resistance, will leave no living witness in most cases. Unless they figure that witness who stood idle as accomplice and standing in cold blooded indifference witnessing their loved ones die before their eyes, would never have the courage to report to the police.

    And how would one do that even? Yes, officers, this person slaughtered my entire family while I stood there in honor of God's commandment to love that neighbor as myself, dared turn the other cheek, and refused to murder or kill while it all took place before my eyes.

    Look at the bright side, anyone of that spirit. Afterward you can assume the pitiable shadow memory of Paul. An accomplice to murder as a Pharisee, and of Christians no less, and who spent a great deal of time in prison.

    Hey inmate, why are you here?
    I watched my family get murdered because I thought more of scripture than them. Praise God they're in Heaven now...And I helped!
  14. John 15:13

    Here is the instruction by The King.

    Not the will of man still sipping old wine.

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