Do Christians Need Guns?

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  1. Let me start off by saying I'm all for guns. Guns are fun! Guns are fun for hunting, sports, and things of that nature.

    My question is for the Christians that buy guns for protection. If you buy a gun for protection, what does it mean to you to trust in God? How can you say you trust God will protect you, but still feel the need to have a gun to protect yourself?
  2. I have a gun. I trust God but that doesn't mean that there isn't a chance someone will come into my house. I'd rather shoot somebody than watch my wife get raped before and killed before getting killed myself.
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  3. So are you saying you trust God, but He doesn't have enough power to warn you and your family of danger? Or God does not have enough power to stop evil from entering your home?

    Not arguing, only curious. :)
  4. People have free will and God doesn't always stop or warn us of evil. It has nothing to do with His power. Christians die or get killed all the time, especially outside of America. Do you think God sent them a warning? Obviously He didn't stop them.
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  5. I don't personally have a gun, but I have been thinking for about 6-7 years about buying one and have gone to a gun shop to look at one. A hand gun. Talked to my husband about it about three years ago but haven't gotten around to buying one yet.

    David trusted G-d and had five smooth stones, a sling shot, the jaw of an ass, used Goliath's sword and kept it on hand, had bows and arrows . . . . If they'd been available, I am sure he would have had a gun.
    Jael used a hammer and a nail.
    Peter used a sword.
    Warriors in the Bible who were left-handed hid their swords at their right sides. (I'm left-handed.)
    Some used ox goads. (Can't find mine.)

    . . . .
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  6. Do you think if the prophets, and apostles in the Bible had guns, they would of fought back?
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  7. "Put your sword back in its place," Jesus said to him, "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.
  8. In regards to selfdefense:

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also."

    Should we not let God handle the situations?

    "Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord."
  9. There is a difference between dying because of your faith in God getting raped and killed by some sicko.

    I don't know if they had weapons or if they would have defended themselves against attacks that had nothing to do with their faith.

    Honestly, even if it was sinful, I'd still protect my family. Property can be replaced but my wife can't. I would put a bullet in the brain of anyone trying to hurt my family.

    One of the many reasons I left the police department is because I didn't want to have to put myself in a position almost daily where I might have to kill someone. It really wore me down at the end when I knew God was calling me away. I was having more and more issues with people having guns and shootings were becoming more popular. There was a few times where I would pray I wouldn't have to hurt anyone on the way to a call. I remember one pretty clearly. The dispatchers were saying they could hear gunshots and screaming in the background. I prayed the whole way there that I wouldn't have to kill anyone. Then the dispatcher told me that the caller was saying there was blood all over the front door. I took a deep breath and accepted that I was going to have to kill whoever was doing the shooting. Turned out there wasn't even a gun at the scene. Someone was trying to break into a house and had cut himself. The "gunshots" in the background was the guy banging on the glass window.

    There are many other times where I thought I'd have to kill someone. I would have hated to, but I wouldn't hesitate if the time came.

    I'm guessing I probably have a different view of it than most since I would have been justified in killing quite a few people. Most people don't have those experiences.
  10. Fair enough, I totally understand where you are coming from. It would take the power of God for me to not want to kill someone that hurt my family. I think it would be a sin, but it would be hard to forgive someone that harmed my family, it would be a lot easier to kill them.
  11. The Lord provided the means for me to have a gun.
    Someone broke into my home and killed my family and me.
    I stood before the Lord and asked Him "why did you not protect us?"
    He said "what do you think the gun was for"?
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  12. Like everyone else, I'm not sure where the line between faith and action is to be drawn.

    Huntingteckel's point is very strong. Since I am a Christian, should I not defend myself? Should I turn the other cheek while a member of my family is being threatened? If I protect my family, am I demonstrating I have no faith on God?

    If I take a family member to the doctor, am I saying I do not have faith that God will heal?

    If I hold down a job so I can buy food and clothing for my family, does that mean I do not have faith that God will provide for me as indicated in Matthew 6:25-26? If I don't hold down a job, how am I supposed to tithe?

    Obviously, I meant those as rhetorical questions. I don't believe anyone would honestly answer 'yes' to those. I believe a person needs to have faith that God will never leave their side and will see them through all situations. That is not to say that bad things will never happen to a Christian. The Bible teaches quite the opposite. The world hates us, so being a Christian is a very difficult endeavour. But nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. God gives us the tools and the skills necessary to lead our lives according to His will, whether that tool is a sling or a Glock.
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  13. The subject of Christianity and guns is a good and fair question to ask. It isn't so much a question of justice or morality -- it's more a question of prudence.

    One should love himself -- not overstepping himself above God, but in the moral sense. It is immoral to not love yourself, and this means loving one's own right to life. And this should be extended to everyone else.

    But what about an aggressor? If we shoot an aggressor, does that mean we don't love him? No, of course not. If a man in self-defense uses more than necessary violence, it will be unlawful: whereas if he repels force with moderation, his defense will be lawful.

    CCC 2265 - "Legitimate defense can be not only a right but a grave duty for one who is responsible for the lives of others. The defense of the common good requires that an unjust aggressor be rendered unable to cause harm. For this reason, those who legitimately hold authority also have the right to use arms to repel aggressors against the civil community entrusted to their responsibility."

    When it comes to guns or any form of defense, prudence is especially necessary when practicing defense.
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  14. The turn the other cheek is being attacked for your faith. I will die for my faith in a heartbeat. God allowed Israel to defend itself and slaughter her enemies. Jesus is coming back to destroy His enemies. I have two guns and many knives in my home for protection. Do I need them? Maybe not because God does protect my home. Now I am human and may do something that causes sin into my life and that bit of weakness could be the in satan needs to cause someone to do my family harm. Therefore I have my physical means of taking care of business.
  15. That was specifically over faith though. Martyrdom is different.

    I probably should have worded my post better. I would only kill someone if they were actively seeking to hurt my family or me. I think there is a fine line between protection and murder. If someone is running from my house with my computer monitor in his hands he isn't a threat to anyone. Granted, if he just stabbed my wife I would probably shoot him in the back. That would probably be murder in God's eyes but I don't think I could let him get away knowing he could come back to our home.
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  16. There will be times when God expects people to actually do something, get their hands dirty.
    6 million plus Jews went to the camps praying all the way, they would have done much better if they'd shot Nazis
    As we speak, thousands of Syrian Christians are being terrorized by evil men with guns. Should they sit and pray or shoot back occasionally?

    Historically speaking, pacifism leads to victimhood. It is much easier to have a just, peaceful, prosperous society if you use the weapons at your disposal to dissuade the evil doers.
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  17. I'm 1/4 as likely to get murdered living in the UK as I would be living in the USA and we have very strict gun control. I'm pretty sure I could not use that statistic to prove people are safer without guns (although on a personal level, I'd feel less comfortable in a society where gun ownership is common) but I think it's reasonable to use it to illustrate that sweeping statements like the one I think you are trying to make do not work.
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  18. I would only shoot cans and other inanimate targets. Guns are dangerous, though. One of my friends almost killed his cousin while playing with his father's gun. That episode hunts him to this day. My brother and I used to shoot drug addicts who tried to break into my home, but we used an air rifle that would never kill anyone. The pellets wouldn't even kill a cat (unfortunately someone shoot my cat with a similar rifle and the pellet got stuck to its skin, but that's all).
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  19. There's nothing in the Bible, about NOT protecting oneself. Mark 14:48, 1 Thessalonians 5:2, John 10:10, Revelation 16:15. A gun is only a tool - an inanimate object. 200 years ago, in America, it was a common household item and greatly valued for hunting and protection. I and my family do feel safer with a pistol bedside and a rifle in the closet. I practice safe handling of firearms, and both my sons know how to handle a gun.
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  20. I think when it's your time it's your time, whether you have a gun or not.

    If faith can move mountains, then surely faith is powerful enough to protect Gods people.

    To say you trust God will protect, but still need a gun to protect your own life doesn't make sense to me. We either trust God will provide and protect, or we buy a gun and protect ourselves.

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