Do Babies Go To Heaven When They Die?

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  1. I agree that all children go to heaven. Some will argue that since God knows who will and will not accept the Lord Jesus, then a child who dies who would have grown up to reject Christ is therefore delievered to hell.

    I for one can not accept that. IF anyone wants to think that, fine with me but I can not wrap my head around that kind of thinking. I have burried to many precious children, and counseled too many parents to believe that God would do such a thing.

    Also, children DO NOT BECOME ANGELS. Children are born human beings and angels are created.
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  2. That doesn't even make sense. God doesn't judge people for what they "could have done." He judges based on what they have done. There is no judgement for "potential" crimes lol.

    Yeah, I don't know where this comes from. Nowhere in the Bible does it say anybody becomes an angel. It says the saints will judge over the angels.
  3. To be guilty of sin, one must be able to commit willful sin.
    Original sin is the inherited tendency towards sin, but is not sin in itself.
    So, the innocent (for whatever reason) do not go to Hell, they have not rebelled against God.

    Angels are a different sort of created being and are not, nor ever have been/will be humans.
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  4. I believe the confusion is in the definition of "angel." Not all angels are celestial created creatures (Pre-Incarnate Jesus, Moses and Elijah at the mount of transfiguration, etc), but all celestial creatures are angels (Seraphim/Cherubim). The word "angel" simply means "sent ones" (sent from the Father). The word "angel" is a job description. Not a race or ethnicity. It all depends on context though.
  5. Over the summer I asked this very question of my friend R. See, one of the couples at church, their newborn passed away. I don't even think he made 2 weeks of age. So I was very disturbed by the idea that the baby never had a chance at this life and what would happen to him now that he was gone. And my knowledge of the bible is very shallow at this point, so I ask these things of folks I trust. Anyway, he flat out said yes, that baby is in heaven.

    I don't have any bible verses handy that says that though.
  6. That's what my post is for.
  7. Oh <blush> hhmmm ...
  8. Theres a verse that may shed some light.

    Mark 10:13 Niv
    The Little Children and Jesus
    13 People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” 16 And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.
  9. I agree. I KNOW it makes no sense my dear friend and I certainly do not agree with, only that we have discussed it right here not long ago.
  10. As usual my good friend, we are in agreement.
  11. If you look into it just a little more you will I see underwtand that the word "angle" means only one thing......
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  12. There really are no verses that come right out and say that children go to heaven. It comes more out of the teaching called....."Implied Truth".

    It would be like the teaching on the Trinity or the Rapture. There are not any verses that expressly spaek to those but they are spoken of by IMPLIED TRUTH.

    It also has a lot to do with how we view God. Do look at Him as our loving Creator and heavenly Father who only wants good for us.
  13. Major posted:
    Very true Major, very true.
    How can we look at God as a mean sadistic Ogre who would BBQ babies?
    How can we see ourselves as being more righteous than the source of righteousness Himself?
    If we know God in part even, we know that babies and infants are safe in the arms of Jesus.
  14. I thought my post implies I knew that lol. Were you saying "you" in general, or "you" as in I need to look into it more?
  15. This may shed more light.

    Jeremiah 32:35
    New International Version (NIV)
    35 They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molek, though I never commanded—nor did it enter my mind —that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.

    It did not enter Gods mind to roast children.
  16. Yeah that verse was floating around in my mind a little while ago.:)
    BTW did you work up in Sydney about 15Years ago? y'look familiar.
  17. No i have never been to sydney.
  18. Because babies are not able to exercise their free will to reject or accept Jesus, yes definitely!

    I personally believe that babies and the mentally handicapped will come back to live on earth (not rule like the saints) in the millennium after the tribulation and be tempted towards the end when the devil is released from the bottomless pit. It makes sense to me that all humans receive equal and fair opportunity to exercise their free will.
  19. "Tilly" by Frank E Peretti, though fiction is a good read.

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