Do angels have free will?

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  1. God created man in His own image and hence we ended up with freewill.. Let's leave the question of what is freewill for some other thread!! Did angels have freewill? Because it was angels who decided to act against Lord and we have fallen angels.. Do they have freewill? Is there a possibility of angels falling again?
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    Just a thought, not to judge the angels : )

    I think I can relate as a human being: our mind and spirit war against the flesh…..we are double minded so to speak, that we ache for salvation…

    The angels (maybe) is single minded… they decide*. It’s final.

    *That is: they have freewill as well....
  3. Maybe!! I don't think we have conclusive answers for the question I posted. I just wanted to get people's thought on this and what scripture indicates..

    Another thing I always wondered about.. We are living in sinful world and tempted all the time.. We are in flesh and we give in on many occasions.. Angels were with God himself.. They were in the most holy place.. A place where there was no sin.. No temptation and no flesh.. How did they end up making such a bad choice!!
  4. And I remind you of the angels who did not stay within the limits of authority God gave them but left the place where they belonged. God has kept them securely chained in prisons of darkness, waiting for the great day of judgment. (‭Jude‬ ‭1‬:‭6‬ NLT)
    This reads as though they chose to give up their position of authority in heaven.
    As for the other question, the possibility would be there since it was possible for Lucifer and the others to sin in the first place. I don't have scripture to validate this, it's my reasoning and assumption.
  5. Yes, angels have free will. All beings with even a modicum of intelligence have free will.
    All the angels that would have fallen have done so, so the remainder is completely loyal.
    Yes, fallen angels have free will, and abuse it constantly.

    According to tradition, the "fall of spirits" was brought about when God brought the entire "Host of Heaven' together and was discussing His plans
    relating to the creation of mankind and the part that angels would play in it.
    Samael, who found the idea of serving a lesser creature disgusting stated "non serviam" ("I will not serve"), thus Samael rebelled against God and became Satan, and 1/3 of the angels agreed with him and rebelled also.
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  6. 1 Corinthians 6:3 (KJV)
    Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

    So it seems they're not infallible either...
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  7. My wife and I have pondered this many times. Yes, of course, angels have free will, else they would not have been able to revolt or rebel. I believe God created the angels, and then at some point later created this universe. Lucifer and his rebels saw how pleased God was with his creation and became envious (this was their temptation), Lucifer selfishly thinking he knew better, started a war in heaven. At the time, Lucifer must not have understood the complete power God had and has, and thought He could be defeated. After getting kicked out, these fallen ones were left with trying to corrupt and destroy this creation.
    We know Satan deceived Eve; fallen angels(sons of God) took human form and impregnated human women before the Flood which caused the "mighty men of renown" to be born, ushering in the horrendous violence and evil which caused God to destroy all of them with the Flood; these fallen angels are probably the ones mentioned in Jude, as gonefishing quoted; Satan still had to report to God as to what he was doing and thought he could make God wrong about Job; Michael the archangel contended with Satan over Moses' body; angels took human form and partook food with Abraham, and then also with Lot in Sodom, so we know for certain they could appear in human form.
    Could it happen again? Yes I think so, although the loyal angels now have a great reason to remain loyal, after seeing what transpired with the fallen ones.
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  8. Yes. Angels are persons. They can think, reason, and indeed have will.

    You acknowleged that Angels at least USED to have will because so many of them have fallen. But God never changed them, even those who stayed obedient. Which means they must have will and must be capable of still falling.
  9. Yes to free will and Yes to them falling again. Though highly unlikely as they properly grasped the decision when the devil fell. In the spiritual realm things are clearer and decisions firmer.
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  10. Can we fall again? Do we have free will in heaven? Will there be annoying people in heaven :giggle:?
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  11. You made me laugh at "annoying". Two questions.
    1. Why does the "giggle" emote look like he is bowing with his eyes closed? Maybe that's just me.
    2. Will people in heaven be like, "OUR denomination was right about baptism!" - and another group will be like, "Yeah, but OUR denomination was right about <insert belief or tradition here>!"??
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  12. Good interesting thoughts.. I think pretty much the common message I am getting is angels do have free will..
  13. If they didn't have free will, how could they have fallen?
  14. 1. It does look like that, its not just you.
    2. Yes, lol. I believe many will say such things. We are who we are / a final product.
  15. It goes back to the classic question of what freewill is :)

    My original inclination of the question was this.. Adam was created in the image of God.. Which is why we believe man has this ability to choose.. But angels were spoken to existence (at least that's what I believe).. If that is the case, how angels got the same attributes as man in terms of free will. And being in image of God, what distinguishes us from angels?
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  16. I would say, just off the top of my head, that angels were created as spirit beings. I guess, from what I heard, and what is in the bible, that angels some how were able to take on more form. As in 'the sons of God came into human women and created giants'.
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  17. I think you are unnecessarily confusing the issue. It is as simple as not giving an intelligent creation free will = evil. God is not evil.
  18. Great question. Off the top of my head, we were given dominion over this realm, and we are able to grow and learn and create within the abilities God gives us. This leads me to wonder, what is the angel's purpose? God could do everything himself if He wanted. Maybe they were meant to be a conduit or connection with humanity, since we cannot handle being in His presence. They spoke to the prophets and Mary and Joseph concerning direction and instruction from the Lord. Apparently they sing well also.:)
  19. We ought to remember what angels really are. Angels are persons, though they aren't human. They are bodiless souls in service to God. And one of the most important parts about angels is that they love God.

    I think one of the fascinating things about angels is that they do have a will. They can make choices. If they didn't and were strictly limited to doing what God says without any sort of choice (despite the fall of Lucifer of course), then would angels actually love God? Or rather, could they love God? How can love be offered if it isn't voluntary?

    If angels love God, that means they have a voluntary nature, and if they have a voluntary nature, that means they have free will.
  20. Very good.. So spiritually speaking and limiting ourselves to Word of God, what would distinguish humans and angels? More from characteristics perspective.

    Freewill - Both have
    Love God - Both of them love God
    Service to God - Yes, both of them are obligated

    What are the differences?

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