Dixie Cup Vision.

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    Being raised a Roman Catholic as a child, I had always believed Jesus died for me, but I did not understand how someone could die for me that could give me eternal life. Later in my life at the age of 27 a friend asked me to come to his Church. He said it was an assemblies of God Church. I had always wanted to know what these guys did in their services, because they did not have any statues or candles and cool looking pictures on their walls. Catholics really get into a lot of bric-a- brac, with lots of eye candy that could keep a young kids eyes busy in amazement.

    When I arrived at this Church it was already filled to capacity, so I sat in the very last row in the back. The preacher preached something that I really did not understand, and then asked if anybody wanted to get saved. I jump to my feet and literally ran down the isle to the alter, I was the first person there. I don't know if you have ever been in a Assemblies of God Church, but every one goes to the alter, yet I was the first one there. Some old guy came up behind me and put his hand on my back, and told me to repeat after him the sinner prayer, man, his hand felt real hot on my back. After praying this prayer I stood up and it felt like I floated back to my seat. I was smiling ear to ear and every one was looking at me, I could not help but to wave back.

    A few months later while praying in my bedroom the Lord appeared to me in a vision. I did not know what to do, or say. What do you say to the king of kings, and creator all of things? “Hi, how is it going”?, “Hi, my name is Curtis”? I had just finished reading in the Bible were Jesus told the woman at Jacobs well, “If you knew who it was that was speaking to you, you would ask me for living water...”

    Since that was fresh on my mind, I said, “Can I have some living water?” The Lord pointed in a direction to the side. I looked over and saw a 3 tier water fountain, with water flowing from each tier. I walked over to this fountain, and the Lord followed me, and stood next to me. I wanted to drink but I did not have a cup to use. So, I asked the Lord, “do you have a cup” the Lord again pointed to the other side of this fountain, and what I saw caused me burst out laughing over, and over. I could not stop laughing. What I saw was a Dixie cup dispenser filled with those little cups that my mom dad use to buy when I was very young. I did drink and was filled. Then the vision ended. The thing that I was not expecting in all this was while I was there with the Lord in His Kingdom, I felt like I was at home. I could just be myself along with absolute joy and peace. No fear what soever, just peace, and joy.

    That was 37 years ago, and I have had many, many visions since then, but this was my first one. It is so much fun, the Lord truly has a since of humor.
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  2. Awesome! Praise God!
  3. Have you thought about the "three tier water fountain" that interest me some?
  4. Not really, could be some connection between Father, Son, Holy Spirit though.
  5. d
    Did you draw from any certain portion of these three?
  6. Anytime someone is given a vision, all three are involved.
  7. I am kinda of a silly person. I do not like to play jokes on people, but being a cheerful joyous person all the time, so I can see that the Lord meets us where we are, and is able to relate to each of his children in a way that makes them more comfortable.
    Being that way is more of us being like him more than the Lord being like us.
  8. I didn't ask that. I ask if you drew from all three or just a part of one of the three? By the way it don't represent what you think.
  9. Oh, OK, no, just one. But I can say the water itself was luminous in that it looked like liquid light. As John describes in the Book of Revelations....

    Rev 22:1 And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

    The word "clear" means "radiant, shining". The greek word is "lampros" which is were we get the english word "lamp"
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