Divorced, To Find Ex Lost Her Faith In God :(

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  1. So, my wife left me in February 2013.
    I know, it's been 1+ years already, and I should get over it, but I couldn't.

    I had left my country of origin, gave up my career, paid her school debts, and bought a house for us, when all of a sudden, she walked out on me.
    I was perplexed, angry, sad, everything at once and feeling-less at the same time.
    I tried acting tough, but deep down inside I was totally battered and torn because of the issue.
    I hoped for a year that she might reconsider, but she didn't.
    I never treated her bad, which she acknowledged, and even asked her why then she left?
    She said it was her fault, and that I did nothing wrong, but somehow I found it hard to believe.

    Only recently 1,5 years later I talked to her, and it became aparent in my conversation why we split up.
    My ex-wife had become judgemental, towards church, pastors, and people. And she started to despise everything. Not only that, but friends followed, and family.
    And lastly, myself, as the only person that loved her the most!

    She left me, and went back to live with her mom; and when I spoke with her recently on the phone, one way, a big burden lifted from my shoulders, knowing I did everything in my power to get her back; but the more, knowing for sure it wasn't my fault.
    Yet on the other hand, a deep grief, and sorrow rose up.
    The one thing that brought us together when we where young, 10 years ago, she lost;
    and because she lost Him, she stepped out of the relationship.
    It's been a terrible time, full of pain, and confusion.
    Promises of a better future all where meaningless to me.
    But today the curtain has lifted, and I believe that in this desert, God will have someone else very special for me.

    It is peculiar to see, that my friends chose women because of their beauty, job, music interest, or other common interest. And some of them stayed together, and some did not.
    I thought, a triple chorded strand is not easily broken; surely I will be safest to look for a woman that loves God just like me.
    And the Lord blessed me tremendously with her, until the day she walked her own path.

    This day, my pain no longer is about if I did something wrong.
    My pain is about a beautiful young girl, that once used to be my wife, which I loved, and still love very very much; that no longer wishes to remain married, and had left God, left the Lord.
    Yes, my pain is that she, which was a beloved of the Lord, sparkling in her beauty, now no longer holds true to that which made her so extraordinary beautiful!
    And it makes my eyes tear and weep.
    It's a different pain I'm feeling. A different sorrow.

    I just hope that some of us, who had a wife/wives that once knew the Lord, will remember their beauty. Each one of them, and bring them to the Lord; so that He might complete His work in them, and that they might re-gain the love long lost due confusion.

    It's a great season in the flesh, the economy is booming, spring is blooming,
    but in the spirit, it is a dark season, for mankind tend to forget their creator in the midst of prosperity and wealth, and earthly happiness.

    And mankind forgets why he needs saving for, because all is well with his soul, he thinks...

    I just wanted to share this story with you.

    God bless you.
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    i just happen to read the parable of the lost sheep... made me think that it can be one of the many reasons why sheep gets lost from the flock.... they may see some hypocrisy in human organizations... they wander...

    Matthew 18
  3. i mean, the title suggests "she lost her faith in God".... and yet seems your observation/example given is limited only to judgmental (lost her faith) to human organizations/ leaders...
  4. Yeah, she says she still believes in God, but rejects the idea of hell.
    She also, by her actions, does not show she believes in Him, or she would pray, which she doesn't, or read bible, which she doesn't, and would not break a marriage just because she feels like she wants something else, without thinking of the consequences to her left behind husband, and her relationship to God, which undoubtedly will be affected because of this.
  5. I cannot imagine what you're going through/what you've been through my brother. I will tell you this; I did not become saved until year 5 of my close to 7 year marriage. My wife said (recently which I never knew) that she took Jesus into her heart when she was younger; early teens. She has since shied away from Christ and considers herself someone who can not confirm nor deny a 'god'. It makes me sad, but I think through my love towards Christ and my every day actions, she will finally come to. God does indeed work in mysterious ways. I always heard this cliche, but never believed it...until after I was saved. We will miss those for whom we once loved, but may never forget. Have faith my friend. You are both still breathing. The Lord may polish her like He has you to once again be together. Have faith and pray on it my friend.
  6. Nameless Traveler... I am sry to hear of your situation. There was once a time I was in part of your shoes. My husband wanted a divorce & in my prayer time the Lord said... "Roger, loves you" I in my sarcastic way, told God.. "well you sure could of fooled me" Being a young Christian in situations I didn't know then what I know now. Which is, God knew if He told me that .... that I would remind Him of what He said & how He is a God that does not lie & How then His Word says this & that & how He said no weapon formed against me shall prosper & that my husband & I are one. & that no man will put my marriage asunder etc etc etc. I learned that a Word from the Lord is a True if U faint not ....
    Now I AM speaking about me & my Word that the Lord gave me.... but I want to encourage you to continue to seek the Lord on the salvation of your ex & pray the prayers of Paul that her eyes of her understanding be enlighten.... & who knows .... a couple yrs down the road you may be saying she's back knowing the Lord personally again & maybe even married again to her..... if that is still your desire.
    THE WORD DOES NOT RETURN VOID.... but prospers where u send it & the love walk is very very powerful..... God is love & so its the anointing that breaks the yoke & bondages & lies that the enemy puts on us & tells us.
    Remember the Blood covenant .... cover her ... crown of thorns was shed for her mind.... blood was shed in Christ Jesus side for her to know the truth... and by the Blood (stripes) on His back for her hurts & healings & His feet for her steps to be ordered of the Lord & His hands for Her to see the Lord in things she puts her hands to...
    Jesus never did anything w/out a reason.... always was a purpose.... remember the garden when He spoke not my will but thine (Father)..... Jesus shed drops of Blood there.... why those Particular Words..... because satan the god of the world can steal take control of our thoughts & will w/out us even knowing it... we think its our decision but we have been lured asleep & he comes as an angel of light & deceives us still today like eve........ (sounds good .. looks good ... so it must be good) wrong.
    sry for going on & on... but I believe it sounded like you care for her and want the best for her which is God... who is the one of TRUTH, PEACE so I just wanted to encourage you & let you know God saved my marriage, my husband is saved. God was Faithful to the Word & His character. & I know God loves her too.:)
  7. Nameless Traveler~

    Yours is a real love. Any woman would be so blessed to have you as her husband! I pray the Lord's continued blessing on your life and on your journey. The testimony you share reveals a heart that God desires for us to have---like His---like the Father's heart toward the prodigal.

    Even now as you seek to pick up the pieces and go on with your life, looking to the future and what God has in store for you, you can still afford out of the richness of your godly character, to extend love, compassion and forgiveness toward the one who has hurt and robbed you.

    God has a wonderful future for you!

    Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT)
    For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.
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